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Shackelford Clan Magazine

Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords

Editor: T. K. Jones 716 Ave. A Lubbock, Texas

$1.00 A Year Published Monthly 10c A Copy

Lubbock, Texas April1947 Vol. 2. No. 12


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



In the name of God, Amen:

I, Richard Shackelford, of the County of Madison, and State of Alabama, being of perfect mind and memory, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament.

First: My just debts to be paid, and then the residue of my estate to be disposed of in the following manner and way, to-wit:

I give and bequeath to my son-in-law Isaac Mitchell, one negro girl named Merinda, and feather bed and furniture and what other property I have heretofore given him.

Third: I give and bequeath unto my daughter Frances Landrum, the money that a certain negro girl named Lucy, was sold for, which money John Landrum, her husband, has received. Also one negro boy named Laurents, with the rest of the property she has heretofore received.

Fourth: I give to my son George Shackelford, one negro girl named Esther, together with all the property I have heretofore given him. I also lend him during his natural life the lot of ground whereon he now lives, including ten or twelve acres to be laid off in an oblong square so as to include the spring of water on the Windham quarter section; and also all the land of the

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said quarter lying east of the said spring branch. To hold and to occupy during his natural life, and after his death it is my will that the said land shall be equally divided between my sons James Shackelford and Richard Shackelford.

Fifth: I give to my son-in-law - Abner Pyles, one feather bed and furniture, with all the property I have heretofore given him, except a negro girl named Jane, with all her increase, which I give and bequeath to his daughter Mathilda.

Sixth: I give to my son James Shackelford, one negro boy named Pompey, together with all of the property I have given him heretofore.

Seventh: I give to my daughter Margaret Cook, one negro girl named Catey, one feather bed and furniture, with all the property I have given her heretofore.

Eighth: I give to my son Ritchard Shackelford, one negro boy named William, with all the property I have heretofore given him.

Ninth: I give to my son - William Shackelford, deceased, and to his heirs, one negro man named David, together with all the property I have given him heretofore. And I give and bequeath unto my daughter - Rebecka Petty, one negro woman named Malinda, one negro boy named Isaac, and one other child named Able, and all the increase the said Malinda may hereafter have. I give and bequeath to my little grand child - Mary Elizabeth Petty, a negro child named Siney or Liney, and one feather bed.

I now give to my beloved wife - Mary Ann Shackelford, the tract of land whereon I now live, except the part heretofore named; also four negroes to wit: Lucey, Abram, Zilphy, and Tasco, together with all the household and kitchen furniture that is not heretofore bequeathed; and all my plantation tools, and stock of all kinds that I am now in possession of, to have and to hold and to dispose of at her pleasure during her natural life, and after her death it is my will and desire

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that my daughter Rebecka, and son-in-law Zachariah Petty, shall peaceably possess, inherit and enjoy the said land with all its appurtenances, free from the claim or claims of any person or persons forever. The balance of my property, if there should be, it is my will that it should be equally divided between my children heretofore mentioned, except two negroes - Zylpha and Tasco, which is left entirely to her disposal, to do what she may think proper with.

for the true performance of this my last will and testament I do constitute and appoint my son George Shackelford, and my son-in-law- Zachariah Petty, Executors to this, my last Will and Testament, and I do hereby revoke and make void all and every will or wills by me before made; and I do acknowledge this to be my last Will and Testament.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this the twenty ninth day of December, one thousand eight hundred and twenty three, (December, 29, 1823). Signed, sealed and acknowledged in the presence of William Wright, William Smith and Samuel Hopkins.

Sig - Richard Shackelford

The above document recorded in Probate Record Book # 3, page 70, File #647, dated December, 29, 1823, in Madison County, Alabama.


"There were not so many accidents in the horse and buggy days, a fellow never turned the corner on two wheels while driving a buggy" --


This issue of the magazine is Vol 2, No. 12, which marks the end of the second mile down the pathway of time for our little leaflet. And may we say again, as we said a year ago, that we are grateful indeed for the help and splendid cooperation of yours, some of the very finest people any one could imagine.

We are happy to report that much new data has been collected through your help, and in several

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cases we have been able to help others in establishing their own lines, and in furnishing the necessary information for membership in the DAR.. But, while we have genealogists working in no less than three difference places at this time, and others of the Clan collecting information for us, there are still some of you who have promised extra data many months ago that have not as yet sent it along. So won't you please do so as soon as you possibly can.


This month we have only one new subscriber to report, that of Mr. B. L. Shackleford, of Waynesboro, Va. And we are happy to announce the following renewals: Mr. R. J. Shackelford, of Richmond, Va.; Miss Dorothy E. Albertson, of Tyler, Texas.; and Mrs. A. C. Ellis, of Los Gatos, Calif. And to all of whom we are grateful, and say again "Thanks a million".

We are also indebted to the following for additional data sent in. Mrs. George Fisher, of Lexington, Tenn.; Miss Pearlie Scott, of Lexington, Tenn.; Mrs. Edgar L. Smith, of Washington, Ga.; Mrs. B. L. Kirk, of Medina, Tenn.; Mrs. B. W. Gandrud, of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.; Mrs. Blanche G. Dickson, of Austin, Texas.; Mr. J. R. Buchannan, of Greenwood, Miss.; Miss Ora Tanquary, of Van Wert, Ohio.; Mrs. Julia S. Dillard, of Atlanta, Ga.; Mrs. W. W. Shackelford, of Bates City, Mo.: Miss Della Shackelford of Elmwood, Ohio.; and Mr. Thomas J. Dillingham, of Boonville, Indiana. To all of whom we are grateful and hereby express our appreciation.


"The only scraps around a happy home are those that are left on the table." -


This month we have only one birth to report, but the shortage is more than offset by the pride we take in reporting this one. Little Miss Mary Evelyn, arrived in this troubled world Sunday March, 30, 1947, and will henceforth make her home with the proud parents - Mr. And Mrs. Melvin Wayne and Edith E.

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Hunter-Jones, of 716 Ave A., Lubbock, Texas.

Melvin Wayne is the youngest son of ye auld Editor, which accounts for the additional pride we take in reporting this particular birth. And the daughter was quite a lusty little lady too, tipping the scales at 7 ½ lbs. And since she is our first grand child and will probably be the spoiled brat of the Jones Clan. Mother and baby doing fine.

Congratulations to the happy parents, and as for the old grand dad he is taking them for granted on general principles.

This month we have one marriage to report, and the announcement of the approaching marriage of another. February 16, 1947, Miss Sarah Jacqueline Geeslin, lovely daughter of Col. William Fleming and Julia Adelaide Dillard -Geeslin, of Macon, Ga., became the happy bride of Charles Barry Neill, Jr., son of Mrs. Gladys DuPasic, of Alachua, Florida., and Charles Barry Neill, Sr. of Greenville, S.C.

Mrs. William Calvin Shackelford, of Birmingham, Alabama, announces the approaching marriage of her grand daughter - Miss Margaret Jamison Shackelford; to Mr. William Travis Simms, son of Mr. And Mrs. William H. Simms, of York. The marriage to take place in the spring, exact date not stated.

And to all we extend our sincere congratulations and very best wishes for long and happy lives together.

But now we are saddened because it becomes our sad duty to tell you of the death of one of our most venerable and beloved members of the Clan.

Rev James Elliott Shackelford first saw the light of day August, 22, 1854, in Tishamingo Co., Mississippi; and he passed to his eternal reward at the home of his daughter - Mrs. J. M. Tombes, of Paden, Mississippi, February, 16, 1947.

Born the son of Willis Arnold Hopgood Shackelford, and his wife - Frances Riddle, and he was a great grandson of Richard Shackelford, whose Will appears in this number of the Clan Magazine.

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James Elliott Shackelford was indeed a man of the old school. A combination of minister, farmer and professional man. He was a minister of the gospel of the Primitive Baptist Faith, and went about preaching the gospel as he saw it, without thought of money or other worldly compensation. He was generous, kind and gracious.

This writer, while doing genealogical research in that section, had the pleasure of spending a night or two in the home of this good man, and shall always cherish the memory of him, and his kindness and courtesy.

He married Mary Josephine Ryan, October, 5, 1873, to which union were born eleven children, all of whom reached maturity, and are or were a credit to any family or community.

Mary Josephine, his beloved wife, was born at Bay Springs, Miss., October, 3, 1857, and preceded him in death August, 9, 1932.

He is survived by nine sons and daughters, and a host of grand children and great grand children. In 1941, the last this writer saw Rev Shackelford, he had at that time, eleven children, forty eight grand children and forty three great grand children.

A good man is gone, and may He who does all things well comfort and ease the aching hearts of the bereaved. God bless you every one.


"Men who drive with one hand are headed for Church, some of them will walk down the aisle - others will be carried". --


Now for our questions this month; and we will be grateful for, and will gladly purchase any additional information that any of you are able to pass along to us, of the persons mentioned.

Richard Shackelford, whose Will appears in this issue of the magazine, was born the son of Roger and Carey Baker-Shackelford, in Hanover Co., Va., December, 14, 1750; and died January, 12, 1824, in Madison County, Alabama. He married about 1768/70,

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Mary Ann Roberts, daughter of William Roberts of Halifax Co., Va. She was born 1748, and died May, 13, 1832, in Madison Co., Alabama. And to them were born the nine children mentioned heretofore in his will. And it is of the descendants of a number of those children that we seek more data.

The eldest daughter was Sarah, called Sally, who married Isaac Mitchell. And to Isaac Mitchell and his wife Sally, are know to have been born the following children:

Frances., ----------born 1793.

Mary., -------------born 1794.

Richard S., --------born 1796.

Daniel., ------------born 1798.

Isaac, Jr.,----------born 1802

Query: Who did the Mitchell children marry, where did they go and where are their descendants?

Rev. John Landrum was born May, 10, 1765, in Chatham County, N.C. He married Frances, second daughter of Richard Shackelford, and to them were born ten children, as follows:

Lucinda W., ------------------(married Winburn Asa Lawton)

Elizabeth C., ------------------(married Major John Swearingen)

Rebecca S., -------------------(married Allen Bartlett Mims)

Dr. John J., -------------------(married Margaret Lucretia Smyly)

Mary S., ----------------------(married Lewis Miles)

Narcissa., ---------------------(no further record)

Nancy., ------------------------(no further record)

Harriet B., --------------------(married Aquilla Miles)

Benjamin Franklin., -----------(married Rebecca Miles)

Geaorge., ---------------------(died in childhood)

The Lawton family lived in South Carolina. Major John Swearingen moved to Alabama, as did Allen Bartlett Mims; Lewis and Aquilla Miles are said to have lived in the vicinity of Chatham County, Georgia. All the others lived in South Carolina.

We will be happy to purchase or exchange data with or from any one, for additional data of descendants of Rev. John and Frances Shackelford-Landrum. Present address of any of them will be appreciated.

8 (190)

George Shackelford, son of Richard and Mary Ann Roberts-Shackelford, mentioned third in his father's Will, and was one of the executors. He married Mary Ann Davis, and is known to have had the following children:

Permelia., --------(married Mark Whitaker Izard)

William H., ------(married Martha L. Westmoreland)

Nancy Jane., -----(married 1st ________McLean)

2nd John Fondren)

There were perhaps others, but not positively known. In an old Bible in Texas, the old Bible of Richard Shackelford, Jr., appears the names of the following:

Betsy Johnson Shackelford, born Dec, 20, 1799

Davis Shackelford, ------born Sept, 17, 1804.

The two whose names appear last above were in the same group with the children of George, but no parentage or relationship indicated.

Information as to parentage, relationship, and of their descendants, if any, wanted, and will be greatly appreciated.

George Shackelford did not remain in Madison County, Alabama, long after the death of his father Richard. He was in Giles County, Tenn., 1828, and in 1840 he was in Lawrence County, Tenn. But we would like to know when and where he died so as to secure a copy of his Will or settlement of his estate, if possible. Any information as to when or where he died, or a complete list of his children, will be a valuable addition to the record.

In 1827 there was one John D. Shackelford, in Lawrence County, Tenn. No other information of him or his family, if any, has ever been found. Any or all information of him will be greatly appreciated.


And we are still asking for reports from you of all births, marriages and deaths. Also present address of any members of the Clan who are not receiving the magazine, or who may be able to supply additional information, or who may be seeking information for themselves. Also old letters, Wills, or other documents of interest.

Until next month, Adios - The Editor

Transcribed by Phoebe Larne, May 25, 1998

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