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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords.

Editor: T. K. Jones, 716 Ave A, Lubbock, Texas.

.60c A Copy. Published Monthly. .10c A Copy.

Lubbock, Texas. November 1945. Vol 1. No 7.

Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



In discussing the two John Shackelfords, the Editor has a specific purpose. Two men by the name of John Shackelford or Shackleford played a very important role in the early settlement of America, and separating them, giving each of them their proper ancestry is very important from a genealogical point of view.

As we discussed the immigrant in the October issue, and as you know, The Editor holds to the opinion that the immigrant was Roger, and that he came to America prior to 1658, as Edward Palmer was granted land at that time, specifically for the transportation of eight persons into the Colony, among them being Roger Shackelford. This we know.

But there are those who have the opinion that the immigrant was John, and that he came to America in 1649, and that he settled in King & Queen County, Va., that it is not known whom he married, but it is supposed that it was late in life. And he is said to have married the eldest daughter of John Livingston, of South Carolina, and is known to have had two sons--John and Benjamin.

Now the Editor of The Clan Magazine does not wish to start an argument with any one, but we are interested solely in facts, and shall be happy to

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accept facts when they are proven as facts.

Roger, the immigrant, came to America prior to 1658, and with him was the sister of Edward Palmer, Mary, who later became the wife of Roger. But it is not definitely proven that Mary Palmer was the wife of Roger, but available records indicate she was. They had four sons--James, Francis, John and Zachariah. Since Roger is known to have come to America prior to 1658, and was granted land prior to 1678, it is very probable that he married during that that (sic) time, or from 1650-1670. His sons then were probably born from 1655 to 1665-70, and began to be married between 1680 and 1695.

The Editor of "The Clan" holds to the opinion that the John who married Miss Livingston, was the above mentioned John, son of Roger, and that he was born about 1655 to 1665, and married about 1695.

Now then we shall discuss this John, whom we believe to be the son of Roger, the immigrant.

That he married a Miss Livingston seems to be an accepted fact, although we have never located a marriage record. But he is said to have had a brother-in-law--John Livingston, who married a Miss Muscoe, of Essex County, Va.

Records in Essex Co, Va., show a deed between Francis Shackelford, of South Franham Parish, and John Shackelford, of Petsworth Parish, for 150 acres, dated March 1706. Another record of 1706 empowered Zachary Lewis to appear at Essex Co, Court House to relinquish in the said 150 acres, that my husband sold to John Shackelford, and you will oblige your loving sister. Signed Sarah Shackelford.

This shows that there were two men old enough to be dealing in land as early as 1706. But they owned land much earlier than this. They were probably brothers.

Francis Shackelford owned land in Bath County, N. C. (Bath Co, created 1712-13.) and later it was Carteret Co. His name appears on several land deeds from 1712 to 1726, at which time he is mentioned as deceased. John was also here at that time. At the same time and in the same community one John Shackelford lived also. This John was in

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Carteret Co, N. C., as early as 1713, and owned a property known as "Shackelford Banks". His will dated 1734, mentions wife Ann, sons John and James, Mary, Sarah, Hannah, Ann and Elizabeth.

This John under discussion here is said to have married a Miss Livingston, of South Carolina. The Miss Muscoe that married John Livingston, was of Essex Co, Va. The above mentioned men, Francis and John were of Essex Co, and both later moved to Carteret County, N. C., and their descendants later moving on to South Carolina. So it is the opinion of the Editor that here we have the sons Francis and John, of the immigrant Roger.

Now then let us discuss the John who married Anne Lyne, daughter of John Lyne.

This John was born about 1700, and married Anne, daughter of John Lyne, of King William Co, Va., and a sister of George Lyne, member of the House of Burgesses. Who was he?

James Shackelford, son of Roger, the immigrant, married Elizabeth Robbins, daughter of Christopher Robbins, in Abingdon Parish, Gloucester County, Va, July 14, 1687. James and Elizabeth had the following children: James, James, Mary, Roger, Charles, Robert, John, Jane, Diana and Richard. Probably others. (It will be noted here that the first two were named James, so probably the first one died before the birth of the second.)

This John, son of James and Elizabeth, was born about 1700. And the John who married Anne Lyne was born about 1700. And John and Anne lived in King and Queen Co, which adjoins Gloucester, where Roger the immigrant, lived, and where James and Elizabeth lived also.

James Shackelford, son of the immigrant, died before 1734, and his widow Elizabeth, with her elder son James and other children moved to Spottsylvania Co., but it is not known if the son John went with them. John would have then been about 34 years of age, and most likely was already married and living in Gloucester County, or had moved over

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into King and Queen.

Now this John, according to the Hord genealogy, by Rev Arnold Harris Hord, is the same John who married Anne. They had the following children: James B., Lyne, Benjamin, Samuel, John, Richard, Zachariah, and William; and perhaps a George.

The above lineage is contained in a manuscript pedigree left by the late Dr John Shackelford, born 1800, of Maysville, Ky., and genealogical notes furnished by the late Mr Joel Shackelford, of Denver, Colorado.

So here we have the two Johns, John, son of the immigrant, having moved to North Carolina, and the son of James being the one who married Anne Lyne.

If any one has authentic proof that this is in error, the Editor will be happy to have it, and will be equally as happy to make the necessary correction.




"If you care who you are you will care what you do"--Gates.


Here we wish to welcome the following new subscribers, and to thank them for their subscriptions and interest in the Shackelford genealogy.

Mrs Lillie Shackelford-Donahew, of Owingsville, Ky, who also included one for each of her daughters--Mrs John E. Robertson, of Portsmouth, Va.., and Mrs James G. Perry, of Owingsville, Ky.; Also one for Mrs John Adams, sent in by Mrs A. P. Frisch, of New Orleans, La.; W. L. Shackelford, of Chicago.; Mrs O. M. Morrison, of Eagleville, Mo.; Mr I. M. Shackelford, of Eden, Miss.; who sent in for a three years subscription for himself, his brother Walter M. Shackelford, of Eden, Miss, and his daughter--Mrs Cooper Blanton, of Hollywood, Calif; Mr Blair Jones, of Pell City, Alabama.; Mrs Sibly Johnson, of Alvarado, Texas.; Mr George Edson, of Olathe, Kan., Editor of Stewart Clan Magazine.; Mary G. R. Alfonte, wife of General Alfonte, of Ogden,

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Utah; Mrs W. M. Weir, of Salt Lake City, Utah.; who also included one for each of her sisters--Mrs Nadean Sheridan and Mrs J. P. Huffman, of Fresno, California. Thanks to all of you.


We wish to take this method and opportunity to again thank all of you that has answered our request for their data. Such co-operation is very fine and greatly appreciated. And we also wish to beg you that have not yet replied to our request for data, to do so. Much or little, all will help.

We will also ask you again to send along the names of those serving or having served in our armed forces, and particularly do we wish to know of those who have been decorated or cited. We also wish for the names of those having been discharged. We also will appreciate a report of births, marriages and deaths among our clan.

Those of you having information please send it along, those of you wishing information please ask for it, if we have it, it is free.


This month we have only one question from a subscriber.

Any one knowing anything of the ancestry or of the family of Mack Shackelford, last known to be living in or near Springfield, Mo., please send the information to Mr Cecil A. Shackelford, Rt 1, Box 485, Garden Grove, Calif., or to the Editor. Mack Shackelford was one time sheriff at Springfield.

And people living around Dpringfield (sic), Mo., knowing anything of the family of Richard Carter, whose wife was Addie Richards, please pass the information along to the Editor.

The Editor also wishes information of the following families:

Isaac Mitchell, born about 1765, married Sarah (Sally) Shackelford, daughter of Richard and Mary Ann Roberts-Shackelford, and known to have had the following children: Frances, Mary, Richard S., Daniel and Isaac, Jr. Last known address--Madison Co, Alabama. There was a Daniel Mitchell, born 1798, in Henderson Co, Tenn, 1850. Was he a son of Isaac?

--6 (54)--

Descendants of John Landrum, born about 1765, in South Carolina. He married Frances, daughter of Richard and Mary Ann Roberts-Shackelford, and had the following children: Lucinda, Elizabeth, Rebecca, John J., Mary, Narcissa, Nancy, Harriet and Benjamin Landrum.

Lucinda Landrum married Winburn Asa Lawton; Elizabeth Landrum married John Swearingen; (probably lived in Madison Co, Ala.) Rebecca Landrum married Allen Bartlett Mims.; and they also lived in Ala. John J. Landrum married Margaret Lucretia Smyly; Mary Landrum married Lewis Miles; Harriet Landrum married Aquilla Miles. The two Miles families lived in Chatham Co, Ga. Benjamin F. Landrum, married Rebecca Miles, and lived in South Carolina, probably in Edgefield County.

George Shackelford, son of Richard and Mary Ann Roberts-Shackelford, married Mary Ann Davis, and had the following children: Permelia, Davis, William H., Nancy Jane and probably John D. and Betsy Johnson. Permelia Shackelford married Mark Whitaker Izard.; Nancy Jane married first--McLean, and second John Fondren. They lived either in St Francis or Phillips Co, Ark. Nancy Jane had three children by McLean--Permelia, Alice and Molly McLean; and she had several children by John Fondren.

There was a John Shackelford in Lawrence County, Tenn, in 1827. Was he a son of George?

Abner Pyles lived in Laurens Co, S. C., born June 9, 1772, and died Feb 3, 1847. He married a daughter of Richard and Mary Ann Roberts-Shackelford. What was her name and the names of their children?

James P. Shackelford, son of Richard and Mary A. Roberts-Shackelford, born in Virginia Nov 5, 1780, and died in Henderson Co, Tenn., about 1850. He married first Mary Ann Roberts, his cousin, and they had the following children: Calvin, Elizabeth, James Madison, Louisa, Eliza, William D., Martha S., and Mary Ann Caroline.

Calvin married Emily ?; Elizabeth married Jack Martin, and lived in Tishamingo Co, Miss. Eliza married first Dr McClain, second Perry Hill, and

--7 (55)--

third, Cage Luna. They lived in Giles or Lawrence County, Tennessee.

Martha S. married William Counce, and lived in Giles or Lawrence County, Tenn. Mary Ann Caroline married James W. Mackey, and she died in Henderson Co, Tenn. James W. Mackey died in Clark County, Ark.

And person having any information of a genealogical nature, of any of the above mentioned families, such as Bible and cemetery records, or present adress of the descendants, please pass the word along to the Editor of The Shackelford Clan Magazine. We will be forever grateful.



Edgar Miles Tarver, of Dallas, Texas.; last month we reported Lt Paul A. Shackelford, of Kew Gardens, Long Island. And in this we wish to make a correction, for it should have been Captain Paul A. Shackelford. So congratulations for the promotion Captain Paul.

William Thomas, son of Elmer and Lula Shackelford-Thomas, test pilot at Lockheeds, Burbank, Calif.; Lt Claud O. Morrison, of Eagleville, Mo., who incidentally, was cited by Admiral Halsey for meritorious devotion to duty aboard the Carrier Hornet.; Gaylord D. Morrison, also of Eagleville, Mo.; Clair Asa Shackelford, MM1c, Coast Guard, of Garden Grove, Calif.; John F. Shackelford, Chief CM. of Eden, Miss.; Col Oscar L. Gates, General James R. Alfonte, Lt James Morehead Alfonte, Richard Seymour Redmond, Jr, Ray Edward Sego, of Lexington, Tenn., Charles Richard Sego, Robert Howell Scott, Felix Truman Scott, all of Lexington, Tenn.


None of those in the service has been reported as discharged this month, although we are sure there has been several. But the Editor is expecting to be made very happy soon. Our youngest son is being discharged this very day, and should be home within twenty four hours.


"From fortunate fathers comes the finest patriotism"--Olympian Ode.

--8 (56)--

There are no births to report this month, but we hope you will favor us with all that sort of news in the future.


One belated report of a marriage was reported this month. Robert Howell Scott, son of Robert Turney Scott and Flossie Gertrude Sego, was united in marriage to Miss Lorene Wood, daughter of Vale Wood. Date and details were not given. Contracting parties are of Lexington, Tennessee.


This month we are saddened by the report of the death of three of our clan.

William Jacob Hunsicker, about 90 years of age, of Eagleville, Mo., husband of Laura Ann Shackelford, and father of Mrs Margaret Alma Morrison, died recently. We have not received the obituary, so expect to learn more about this later.

James Henry Shackelford, born December 12, 1859, in Harrison Co, Mo., died at his home in Pattonsburg, Mo., Nov 2, 1944. Survivors are his wife Mrs Amelia Shackelford, a daughter Mrs Esther Trammell, of St Joseph, Mo., four sons--Jesse V., D. U., and Orie J., of St Joseph; and Leo M., of Wichita, Kan.


Mrs. Mary Shackelford-Barrett, of Clarksdale, Mississippi, born in Yazoo County, Miss., Jan 16, 1868, and passed to her eternal reward at the home of her daughter--Mrs Josephine Walker, at the Barrett apartments, September 26, 1945. She had been in ill health for a number of years. She (sic) is survived by four daughters--Mrs Oscar Neely, of Yazoo City, Miss; Mrs John Tinnin, of Eden, Miss; Mrs Blanche Parsons and Mrs Josep;hine Walker, of Clarksdale, Miss; and three sons--C. L. Barrett, of San Antonio, Texas; Jesse T. Barrett, of Magnolia, and Dr I. W. Barrett, of Clarksdale, Miss. Also four sisters and two brothers, and a host of other relatives.

To the bereaved the Editor of The Shackelford Clan Magazine, and all others of the clan, extend our deepest and profound sympathy and regrets. Your loss is our loss.

Until next month, Adios--The Editor.


Transcribed by Sandra A. Shackelford

May 24, 1998

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