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Submitted by: Ruth & Ralph McConigly   3513 Eagle Rock Dr.  Atlanta, GA 30340     Date: Fri, 17 Jan 1997

Subject: Will of John & Edmund SHACKELFORD

Attached are transcribed copies of their wills, some words from the copy can not be made out.  Have the copies from courthouses on graphic file if you would like them too. Most of what I have on Shackelford came from the old Shackelford Clan Magazine that was published ( let say memogragh); from mid 1940's thru 1956 print various from fair to bad. But it is a good source of infomation, but it is not indexed.

The State of Georgia have bound the magazine into one book. Are you familar with this publication?

Edmund Shackelford's will

Will book L (1816-1821), pages 459-460 12 Jan 1822 County of Elbert State of Georgia

In the name of God, Amen: I, Edmund Shackelford, Sr. of the state and county aforesaid, considering the uncertainty of this mortal life, and being of sound and perfect mind and memory, blessed be Almighty God for the same, do make and publish this -- my last Will and Testament in manner and form following; that is to say:

First: I will my soul to God who gave it to me trusting He will receive the same through the merits of my Redeemer Jesus Christ; and my body to the dust from whence it came, to be buried at the discretion of my executors hereinafter to be named.

Secondly: It is my will and desire that all my just debts be paid in due time and form by my Executors.

Thirdly: I leave all the property which I may die possessed of, both personal and real, to my well beloved wife -- Judith Shackelford, during her natural life.

Fourthly: It is my will that all the property which I now do or may possess at my death, and after the death of my said wife, shall be equally divided between all my children or their heirs, that is to say -- my sons Philip, Edmond, John, Reuben, Jefferson, and my daughters, towit: Nancy Oglesby, Elizabeth Seale, Judith Alexander, Polly Shackelford and Sally Shackelford, upon the condition that John Seale, the husband of my said daughter -- Elizabeth Seale, previous to his receiving any part of my said estate, return the negro boy Trump, which I have loaned him, together with a reasonable hire for the said boy, from the date of this instrument, to my executors hereafter to be named. And that Mordecai Alexander, the husband of my said daughter -Judith Alexander, shall return a negro boy Jack, which I have loaned him with a reasonable hire for the same, in manner form as expressed relative to the boy which John Seale has. And that Drury Oglesby return the negro woman Sarah, which I have loaned him, with a reasonable hire in the same manner as before expressed relative to the two boys -- Trump and Jack.

Fifthly: It is my further will and desire that my wife give to each of my children not married and who have not received any advancements, to make them up equal to what the others have received out of my said estate on their marriage or becoming of age as the case may be; and if any of them should remain un-married or un-provided for, at her death, that they shall receive the value of the advancements made to the other part of my children out of my said estate, together with an equal part of the residue of my estate.

Sixthly: It is my further will and desire that my son Jefferson should be educated at the expense of my said estate so far as to understand arithmetic and the English grammar. -

Seventhly: It is my further will and desire that my executor should retain one eighth acre of the land on which I now live, including the graveyard, and pay tax on it for same, and that the same remain unmolested.

Eighthly and lastly: I hereby appoint my beloved wife -- Judith Shackelford, executrix, and my sons Philip Shackelford and Edmund Shackelford and John Shackelford, my executors, to this my last will and Testament; and in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this the first day of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty one. (May, 1, 1821.)

State of Georgia) Court of Ordinary, County of Elbert) January Term, 1822.                 Personally appeared in court Joseph Chipman, John, Watson and Jeptha V. Harris, who being duly sworn, say that they were subscribing witnesses to the within will, that they subscribed the same in the presence of the testator and in the presence of each other and that they saw him subscribe and acknowledge the same and that they believe he was of sound and disposing mind at the time he executed the same.

Sworn to in open court this, the eighth day of January 1822.

Submitted by: Ruth & Ralph McConigly   3513 Eagle Rock Dr.  Atlanta, GA 30340         Date: Fri, 17 Jan 1997

John Shackelford

Executed this following conveyance, which is not his will, as recorded in Deed Book 16, page 423, Orange County, Virginia

To all people to whom these presents shall come I John Shackleford to send greetings Knowing that I the said John Shackleford of the county of Orange and colony of Virginia and parish ST. Thomas. Herein for and in consideration of the love and good will which I have and to bare towards my loving son Edmund Shackleford of the same parish and county have given and granted and my these presents do freely give and grant unto my above name son Edmund Shackleford one tract of land and mill it being the place I now live on and sixteen head of cattle marked with a iron and **** and under hand each **** one middle **** bey mare Branded on the buttocks and shoulder plus CF three feather beds and furniture and all my household furniture and all other Stocks and Estates to me belonging only I am to keep full possession of the said land and stocks and household goods dureing my life and my wifes life also my Daughter Sarah Shackleford is to receive ten pounds current money of Virginia from the said Estate if She chooses to leave her above named brother Edmund Shackleford to be paid **** then the above mentioned estate to fall to the said Edmund Shackleford them and their ***** forever to which before the signing of these presents I have Delivered him the said Edmund Shackleford these are more feather beds and other things above mentioned signed my one hand and bareing ever date and to have and to hold all rights and property of the said lands and stock and household goods to him the said Edmund Shackleford *** ***** ** ** * * ** **** from *** for the as his proper land, stocks and household goods *** and absolutely with out any manner of considerations only love and good will In ***** whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this day of November one thousand seven hundred and seventy six.

John Shackleford (seal)

James Coursey,  John Greenall,  Lewis Birdle ********for Orange county on thursday the 28th of November 1776 This deed or grant of John Shackleford to Edmund Shackleford as proved by the Oaths of James Coursey,  John Greenall,   Lewis Birdle the witnesses there to and ordered to ** ** James Taylor CoCoCld

Submitted by:  J. D. Brittingham

Mordecai's will, recorded in Book 3, P. 7, Abbeville Dist., SC, was "Signed Sealed and Delivered" on 16 Sept. 1839. His children were named as follows:

John W. Shackelford,   Allen Shackelford, Robert Shackelford, Wiley Shackelford, Thomas  Shackelford, Howard Shackelford and Stephen Shackelford.

His grandson, John Howard GRANT, s/o Mary McCAESTER, was also named in Mordecai's will.

John Shackelford  Will written June 10, 1819, Shelby Co., KY - Book 5, pp. 434-435. Filed 1822.

Submitted by: Sandy Taylor Shackelford,  Anna Carole Bays and  Ruby Elrod

Will of Francis Shackelford = Book B page 86......Oct. Court 1785 Yanceyville, North Carolina

In the name of God, Amen, I FRANCIS SHACKELFORD of Caswell County being of sound and perfect memory (Blessed by God) do make this my last Will and Testament in Manner following, That is to say, first it is my will that all my just debts be paid of that part of my estate (as shall my Executor hereafter named be thought) can be best spared (except Negroes) ---Secondly I leave to my beloved wife EUNICE SHACKELFORD during her lifetime a negroe woman Jude with all of my household furniture and stock of all kinds. I give to my son JOHN SHACKELFORD ten pounds to be paid him at my wife's death ---It is my desire that the perishable part of my estate at my wife's death shall be equally divided amongst my children: REBECCA SHACKELFORD, ARMSTEAD, NANCY, HENRY, ABSALOM, ABNER AND BETSY SHACKELFORD --- I leave my Negro fellow Bob to be hired annually by my Executors for the schooling and maintaining my young children and at my wife's death if amongst those mentioned that shall be then living (except JOHN SHACKELFORD) but if the youngest child should not be of age, the Negroes to he hired until that time.

And I do appoint Col. JAMES SANDERS, NATHL. DICKERSON, OLIV TERRY and EUNICE SHACKELFORD. Executors of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have henceforth set my hand and seal this 18 February 1780.

Francis Shackelford






This will was duly proved by JAMES GILASPY and order to be recorded Oct. Court 1785

Sent in by: Joyce Grubbs  8369 Yarmouth Drive  Stockton CA 95209                         She contributed this will in an effort to prove that her line out of ABNER SHACKELFORD descended out of FRANCIS SHACKELFORD.

Submitted by: Sheila Cadwalader

John Shackleford made his will 29 Mar 1734 - proven September Court 1734, Carteret Precinct. John lived five months after the will was made. He named his wife as "my present wife, Ann" which tends to lead one to think perhaps he had been married before he married Ann. (Note: one article in Carteret County History refers to his wife being Mary. Perhaps Mary was a previous wife.)

John Shackleford was born in Essex County, VA, circa 1670, and was the son of Roger born 23 April 1629, and Mary Palmer Shackleford from Essex, England.

"To daughters, Mary, Elizabeth and Ann, a gold ring each at the price of ten shillings. Daughter, Sarah, wife of Joseph Moss (Morse) four cows and calves, and liberty to my son-in-law to build a house and shop in the Island Land whereon I now live."

"I give liberty to the aforesaid Joseph Moss to whaile off the Banks he paying yearly to My Beloved wife Ann Shackleford during her life and no longer the rent of two barrells of oyle for his share of one half of one single boat and to have the liberty of no more boats or part of my boats."

To Grandson, John Roberts, two Cows and Calves at the decease of my wife Ann. To grandson William Roberts two Cows and Calves. Daughter Hannah three Cows and Calves. The large Cedar Cubbard and round table in the outer room. Two pewter dishes, three pewter plates, one feather bead blanket and rugg. One pair of cotton sheets, one small iron pot and iron skillet."

"After the death of my beloved wife Ann I give to my son John all the remainder of goods and Chattle both reale and personal provided my son John does not die without issue, in such case I bequest my estate to my son James and his heirs forever also Island called Carrot." He named his land lying on the Banks "Eastward of Old Topsail Inlet."

Ann was appointed Executrix and Executor the 29th day of March One Thousand and Seven hundred and Thirty four. In the presence of Samuel and Ephriam Chadwick.

Signed John Shackleford.

These added by Shelia Feb. 25, 1998, Thank You Shelia

North Carolina Wills: A Testator Index 1665-1900 by Thornton W Mitchell

Name                                   County           Year      Location

Shackleford, Elisha                   072            1841      Archives

Shackleford, Francis                020             1785      Archives

Shackleford, George                072             1802      Archives

Shackleford, Jesse                   045             1892      Archives

Shackleford, John                    019             1828      Archives

Shackleford, John                    072             1778       Archives

Shackleford, John                    039             1865

Shackleford, John W               072             1883        Archives

Shackleford, Kezia                  019             1846        Archives 

Shackleford, Willoughby          072             1805         Archives

Shackleford, James                  019             1759        Archives

Shackleford, John                    019             1734        Archives

Schakleford, Kizia                   019             1770        Archives

Shackleford, P C                     013             1889        Archives

County Codes

013=Buncombe County, NC (formerly Burke & Rutherford Counties)

019=Carteret County, NC (formerly Craven & Bath Counties)

020=Caswell County, NC (formerly Orange County)

039=Franklin County, NC (formerly Bute County)

045=Greene County, NC (formerly Glasgow & Dobbs Counties)

072=Onslow County, NC (fromerly New Hanover County)

Carteret County, NC - Will Abstracts - Shackleford

Carteret Estate Records 1774 to 1900

An Inventory of the 40 Boxes of Loose Estate Records of Carteret County at North Carolina State Archives Inventoried by Sandra McKee

Shackelford, Calvin D. 1841 - Pet for Prov Nov 1841, Pet for Prov (states died 1846) Feb 1847.

Shackelford, James 1759 - Inv 7-20-1759 & duplicate Inv, Pet names heirs: Keziah, wife, died afterwards, daughters Lydia m. John Brooks, Susannah m. Jarvis Henry Stevens, and are two of the 10 children of James Shackleford 2 pgs not dated. (see following entry)

Shackelford, James 1804 - Pet (just outside folded around document) Nov 1804 (document missing), Summons (for their share of estate by John and Lydia Brooks and Susanna and James Henry Stephens) 11-21-1804 (see entry above)

Shackelford, John 1775 - Inv 8-10-1775, Sale 2 pags 11-10-1775, no other papers in file.

Shackelford, John 1814 - Wid Prov 4-24-1817, Adm Bond 8-16-1814, Sale 4 pgs 1-20-1815, Adm Acct 2 pgs 1815, Inv 2 pgs 11-9-1814, Sale 3-11-1815.

Shackelford, Kezia 1770 - Inv 9-17-1770, Sale 2 pgs July 25 and October 11, 1770, Sale 4 pgs 7-25-1770.

Shackelford, Roger 1821 - Adm Bond 2-21-1821, Heirs named were sisters: Susannah, wife of Azariah Simpson; Lydia, wife of William Morse, Zilphia Shackelford. Nephew and neices were: Maria, wife of Simeon Pigott; Hannah, wife of David Russell; Elizabeth, Martha, Lishy, and James Shackelford.

Shackelford, Stephen 1840 - Only Pet for Prov (states died 183?) Nov 1841

Shackelford, Sabra 1852 - Pet to Sell Slave Feb 1852, Sale 1-1854, Pet to Sell Slaves.

Submitted by: Alex Early    Tue. Mar. 10, 1998

The will I refer to is found in VIRGINIA COLONIAL ABSTRACTS, Vol. 4, by Beverly Fleet.

p. 82. Will of Richard Shackelford 1773, Stratton Major Parish, King and Queen Co., Va.

Son William - gets the tract of land where Richard now lives and when he dies William's wife can live there until she dies

Son Zachariah - gets the money for the land in Essex which Richard sold

Son Roger - has already gotten his money

daughter - Elizabeth

daughter - Frances

no mention of wife so she must have already died

Witnesses: George Lyne, Wiliam Hare, M. Anderson, Jr.

On page 84, William Shackelford has died by 1787 and his estate is appraised.

on page 85: Frances Shackelford m. Francis Gaines in 1794 of Honrico Co., Va. Elizabeth Shackelford m. Richard Taliaferro


Book: Virginia Colonial Abstracts Vol. IV King & Queen Co., by Beverly Fleet  p. 82 From the collection of Mr. George Harrison Sanford King, Fredericksburg, Virginia.

The Will of Richard Shackelford of Stratton Major Parish, King and Queen County, Virginia (1773)

In the name of God Amen I Richard Shackelford of the county of King & Queen and parish of Stratton Major being at this time sick and weak but of perfect mind and memory do make this my last will & testament revoking all former wills and testaments by me made.

Imprimis I lend unto my son William during his life the tract of land whereon I now live and if he has children at his death he may dispose of it to them as he thinks proper reserving to his now wife the use of the land during her life as long as she remain his widow but if she marry then she is to have only one third part the whole or part whichever she has is to be held without comiting waste if my son William dies without heirs of his body then the land with the consideration above mentioned to go to my son Zachariah and if he should die without heirs of his body then its my desire that it be equally divided between my two daughters Eliz'a. and Frances to be to them and their heirs forever in consideration of my son William the land above mentioned he is to pay to my son Zachariah one hundred pounds the sum of one hundred within two years after he attains the age of twenty one years but in case my said son Zachariah should die before the expiration of the two years without heir then my son William to be exempt from paying the one hundred pound aforesaid as I have already lent my son William five negroos (sic) slaves to wit Sampson Tom little Tom Judy and Daphney also I likewise lend him after my decease a negro man named Jingo and a negro woman named Nanny and her future increase and at his decease for him to dispose of them as he thinks proper to his heir or heirs.

I give to my son William my silver hilted sword and pistols as I have already given my son William estate to the value of sixty pounds my will is that that sum shall be deducted from his part of my personal estate.

Item I give unto my son Zachariah as I have sold the land in Essex which I intended for him I give the money ariseing from the sale of that land and also the sum of twenty five pounds which two sums make four hundred to him and his heirs forever also one negro boy named Sudbury one horse known by the name of Jobson and one hundred pound to be paid to him by son William as above mentioned.

Item as I have already given my daughter Elizabeth three negroes to wit Grace Sylvia Phillis and several other valuable effects my desire is that the sum of eighty pounds shall be deducted from her part of the division of my personal estate and that she receive eighty pounds less than my son Zachariah and my daughter Frances.

Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Frances one negro woman named Amey one negro girl named Alice one negro boy named Nelson to her and her heirs forever, also Juber with their increase exclusive of her part of the division of my estate.

Item my will and desire is that after my decease that all my slaves not heretopfore devised or disposed of shall be divided equally amongst my three children Elizabeth Frances and Zachariah and all the rest and residue of my personal estate after my just debts are paid and the legacy of four hyundred pounds left to my son Zachariah which must be paid shall be equally divided among my four childrren William Elizabeth Frances and Zachariah and the deductions to be made as are herein above mentioned and particularly ordered to be made on the division of my estate by my son William and daughter Elizabeth.

I give unto my son Roger two cows and two calves two steers about three or four years old only as I have already given my son Roger a proportion some years ago.

Lastly I nominate constitute and appoint my son William and Zachariah executors of this my last will and testament In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this nineteenth day of September one thousand seven hundred and seventy three.


Shackelford (Seal)

Sealed published and declared in the presence of (the word lend interlined in the sixth line)-

Geo: Lyne

Willm. Hare

M. Anderson Jn'r.

At a court held for King & Queen county the 11th day of October 1773 -

This will was exhibited in court by William Shackelford one of the executors therein named who made oath thereto according to Law the same being proved by the oaths of several witnesses thereto subscribed was ordered to be recorded and on the motion for the said William and his giving security certificate was granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form & liberty is reserved for the other Exer. mentioned in the said will to join in the probate when he shall think proper.

Test John Tunstall Clk

A Copy Tests Robert Pollard


Notes: The estate of Wiliam Shackelford was appraised July 1787

Frances Shackelford m. Francis Gaines in 1894 of Henrico, Co., VA

Elizabeth Shackelford m. Richard Taliaferro

Submitted by Willaim Shackelford

Will of John Shackelford of Shelby Co., KY

John Shackelford, progenitor of the branch of the family in western Kentucky, resided in Culpepper County, Virginia in the early 1760's. John was a member of Peter Hogg's Rangers in the war against the Indians in 1755 and is mentioned as sheriff at one time in Pittsylvannia County. He married Mary Ann White, daughter of Jeremiah. Jeremiah left a will in Albemarle County, Virginia, dated in 1777, in which he named, among several others, a daughter; Anne Shackelford. It will be noted that they named a son Jeremiah.

We also know that John and Anne owned land in Elbert County, Georgia, but there is no proof of them ever having lived there. They show up in Washington County, Kentucky, in 1796 and later sold the Georgia Land to Ezekiol Bailey. Later about 1802, they moved to Shelby County, Kentucky where they purchased several hundred acres of land and made their home during their later years.

Ref: Mrs. Nina Shackelford Taylor, 2920 Yale Place, Owensboro, KY 42301.

Will of John Shackelford

Knowing the uncertainty of death, I, the said John Shackelford, being weak in body but of sound understanding, do proclaim the following to be my last will and testament.

First: All my just debts to be paid.

To my wife Anne Shackelford, I leave all of my estate, both personal and real; and after her death the estate to be divided.

To my daughter--Milly Shackelford, I give three negroes, James and his children, Lucy and Richmond; provided that is she dies without issue that her share shall go to her sisters, equally.

And to the heirs of my daughter--Betsey Ballard, two negroes, Sarah and Squiro,

To my daughter--Polly Ann Hewlett, I give three negroes, Caroline, Phoebe and Laco. But in case Polly Ann dies without issue, her part to go to her two sisters.

To my son--Jerimiah Shackelford, I leave my plantation containing 175 acres of land.

I have given my sons--John, William and Sterling Shackelford, and to my daughter--Nancy R. Gregory, 50 acres of land each.

I give to my son, William, my negro boy, Nat. And to my son, Mordacai, I will $550.00 (five hundred and fifty dollars) which is to be raised by sale of property.

To my son--Sterling Shackelford, I give my negro boy, Barber.

To the heirs of my deceased son--John Shackelford, I will $400.00 (four hundred dollars) to be equally divieded between them and the children of my deceased daughter, Nancy R. Gregory.

After the death of my wife--Anne Shackelford, all of my personal property, and my two negroes, Cupid and Dilco, to be sold, and if the sales of the property hereby directed to be sold should bring more money than is devised by this will, the overplus to be divided into two equal parts, one for Betsey Ballard and one for Milly Shackelford.

I appoint my wife Anne Shackelford, and my son, William Shackelford, and William Hewlett to be my executors.

Witness: Samuel W. White, William Johnson.

Will dated June 10, 1819. Recorded in will book 5, pages 434-35, Shelby Co., Kentucky.

Estate appraised Jan 1820, and probated October, County Court, Shelby, Kentucky, 1822.

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