Submitted by: Sara S. Hill                       Fri. 11 Jul 1997

I'm a cousin of Christine Smith who's posted our search for the parents of Zadock Daniel (or Daniel Zadock) Shackelford on your web site. Her email may be bouncing around because there is a "c" before the bsmith that's been left out (cbsmith@hypervigilance. com). I have fixed, Thank You

Our families have been trying for nearly 50 years to document the parentage of Zadock D. Shackelford (b. 1804) and his brother Paschal J. Shackelford (b. 1800) who came to Jefferson County, AL in the early 1820's and married Hickman sisters. Their census records state they were born in Georgia, but no records have been found. There has been speculation that they were related to Henry Shackelford of Elbert Co., GA; another theory is that they were sons of Stephen Shackelford, born when he resided in Georgetown, SC.

Zadock's oldest son was named William Matterson (maybe a clue there).

Other data is included in Christy's posting. Would really appreciate any leads on this!

Please add me to your list...........Sara S. Hill ( and thanks for the time you're taking to keep up the site!

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