Submitted by: Brenda Scott                

Hi, I'm looking to connect my Stephens/Stevens line to the Shackleford/Shackelford line of Va. My ancesters The Stephens were from Loundon Co., Va and Fairfax or Faquire Co., Va. Hope we can find a connection. Thanks, Brenda

July 13, 1998

Hello, On the John & Elizabeth Shackelford, two things caught my eye...

1. Catlett is a place in Fauquire county Va, that may be a connection to that area because there were Shackelfords there. My John Alexander Stephens married there in 1834ish and his bondsman was a Warner Shackelford.

2. Do you have the name of James McDaniel who married a Shackelford lady, whom his father or Grandfather were. I have McDaniels in my line as well. My James or George McDaniel was from the late 1790's and his daughter married a Fouche. Any connections? Thanks, Brenda

July 14, 1998

Thanks Miss Patricia.

I just trying to see if My John A. Stephens was related to the two ladies in question. The Stephens are a tough bunch to find. Brenda

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