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Our Shackelford connection from England to South Africa

Hi Patricia,

Rovel from OZ again. Thanks for your response, our family originated from South Africa.

My Great Grandfather was from England thats on my Dad's side. I have found out that the Shackleford's first appear in the parish archives about early 1400's in a place called Shackleford in England. This place has since changed its name. Thats about the best I can muster at this point in time apart from the fact that I understand that about 200 years ago the family split. Some of the clan headed to South Africa and the balance went to America and got into cotton and the slave trade. My Mum thinks that the American Shackleford's treated their slave well. I find the thought of slavery and treating slaves well somewhat incongruant however she is an Afrikaner what can you expect.

Thanks again. Kindest regards Rovel

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