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Your last known ancestor, John Shackelford, may be the John Shackelford that we have lost.

My grandfather (in-law), Edward Madison Shackelford, published "George Shackelford - Annette Jeter and Descendants" in 1941. Unfortunately, his research notes have disappeared and he did not include documentation in the book. However -

John Shackelford   d. 1647                                                                                     

Lawrence Shackelford                                                                                         

Christopher Shackelford, Alresford Parish, Hampshire, England                                  

Roger Shackelford  b. 1629, Immigrated in 1638                                                       

Francis Shackelford                                                                                                      

John Shackelford  b. abt 1712 d. abt 1777  m. Ann Willoughby 31 Dec 1730              

William Shackelford b. 19 Dec 1732                                                                          

Easter Shackelford b. 20 Dec 1734                                                                             

Sarah Shackelford  b. 2 May 1737                                                                       

Rebeccah Shackelford b. 19 Aug 1738                                                                     

Francis Shackelford b. 18 Mar 1739                                                                           

Davis Shackelford   b. 27 Dec 1742                                                                            

**** John Shackelford b. 4 Jun 1745   d. 23 Apr 1776                                              

Fanny Shackelford b. 6 June 1747                                                                               

Mary Ann Shackelford b. 13 May 1749                                                                     

James Shackelford b. 12 Oct 1752                                                                           

Stephen Shackelford b. 23 Sep 1756                                                                        

George Shackelford  b. 19 Jan 1759

I have no other documentation on this John Shackelford; however, I do know that Roger Shackelford originally settled in Gloucester County, Virginia. There are references to Shackelford village, Gloucester County, Virginia; King William County, Virginia; Christ Church, Middlesex County, Virginia; Carteret (Bath) County, North Carolina; Rappahannock and Mattaponi Rivers, Virginia (which would not be very far SE of Culpepper, Virginia); Essex County, Virginia; Onslow County, North Carolina; among other locations.

There is more information about the family's history in England and a large complement of the descendants of Roger Shackelford. Hopefully, this is the John Shackelford that you are hunting. I would very much like to include his descendants in my charts.

I, too, am researching Culpepper, Dunn, and Edwards   Good hunting,  

Although he's got 3 generations back from Roger, they are different from Mary Alley's 2 back: Lancelot-->John-->Roger

John Shackelford, a butcher in Alresford (pronounced "Alford"), Hampshire, England, was a descendant of   William. His father's name is believed to have been   Lancelot Shackelford. His will, dated 26 May 1647, left the bulk of his estate to his children: John (baptized 23 Dec 1627), Roger (bap. 23 Apr 1629), Charles (bap. 25 Jan 1630), Christopher (bap. 10 Mar 1632), Anne (bap. 16 Mar 1634), Ingram (bap. 12 Oct   1636), and Sarah. Don't think that our John SHACKELFORDs are one & the same, though. (Since I'd lost his address, I don't even know if I answered him!)

It's beginning to appear that mine could be the one who fought Indians with Col. HOGG in 1755. That would probably mean that he was born c1735. According to T. K. Jones, editor of the "Shackelford Clan Magazine," there were 2 or 3 John SHACKELFORDs in Pittsylvania Co., VA.

"Shackelford Clan Magazine," Vol. 11, No. 3:,   "One John S. seems to have left Pittsylvania as early as 1783, evidently THE OLD COLONIAL JOHN - official Records of Pittsylvania Co., Order Book 4, p. 499. Probably same John who moved to Georgia and later to Shelby Co., Kentucky and died there in 1819. That one John lived in Pittsylvania Co. early is established by the statement of his son, Mordecai in his pension petition."

According to Mordecai SHACKELFORD's Rev. War Pension Application, he moved with his family to Pittsylvania Co. when he was 14-years-old, c1777. One of the John SHACKELFORDs signed the Oath of Allegiance, 1777, in Pittsylvania Co.

"Military Records of Pittsylvania CO. VA, 1767-1783" taken from Judgment Books 1, 2, and 4 and Deed Book 4. Compiled by Eliz. Tunstall White: Judgments No. 4, At a court held Aug. 15, 1780 "John Shackleford came into court and made oath that he served as a Corporal under Captain Francis KESTLEY who was under the command of Col. Peter HOGG, on the Expedition against the Indians in the year 1755, until he was disbanded and that he never Received a Warrant or Certified for such Military Service Which is Ordered to be Certified to the Register of the Land Office." (Page 336)

In my searches, I came up with these:


SHACKELFORD      Spouse                                                 Year

Charles                  Polly MENEFEE                                       1798

Dudley                  Winifred WEATHERSPOON                    1784

John                      Peggy NEWBY                                          1794

Mallory                 Nancy McQUEEN                                     1800

Mallory                 May COLEMAN                                       1802

Zachariah              Frances LILLARD (This could be Williard) 1811

Elizabeth               Benjamin NICHOLSON                             1792

Frances                Theophilus JONES                                      1797

Maria                   Archibald HAMILTON                              1797

Lucy                    Aaron CLEMENTS                                    1799

Milly                    Richard GLOVER                                       1795

Susanna               Joseph CAMPBELL                                   1793

Don't know where this one took place which I got from the "Shackelford Quarterly" - Oct. '94:     Benjamin W. WHITE = Angeline SHACKELFORD

Sunday I got this one from Sharen: Date sent: Sun, 02 Feb 1997

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