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SHACKELFORD, JENKINS, WEST, HOPKINS - Thomas Hoff Shackelford m. Milly Jenkins. They had Emma(Emmaline,Emily)Shackelford m. 1876 in Gloucester James Hopkins, s/o David of York Co., Va. Milly Jenkins d. bef. 1860 and Thomas Hogg Shackelford m. (2) Ann West, d/o Christopher and Fanny West. Thomas & Milly's son Thomas Archer Shackleford d. 1891, Gloucester Co., his parents are listed as Thomas Hoff and Franky Shackelford. Can anyone help with parents of Thomas Hogg Shackelford, or furnish more info on the Christopher West family? Does anyone know anything about Milly Jenkins?

April 11, 1999

Hello everyone and thanks for the welcome. Below are some of my Shackelfords. I am stuck bewyoung Franky. Probably because some many Gloucester Co records have been destroyed over the years.

Descendants of (Emily?)Frances (Franky) Shackelford

1 (Emily?)Frances (Franky) Shackelford b: 1784-1794

+Thomas Hogg b: January 22, 1759 in Gloucester Co., Va. m: Abt. 1817 d: 1850-1860 in Gloucester Co., Va.

........ 2 Male Shackelford b: 1796-1804

........ 2 Nancy Anne Shackelford b: 1813 in Gloucester Co., Va. d: Bef. January 06, 1887

............ +Christopher West b: 1811 in Va.

........ 2 Thomas Archer Shackelford b: 1817 in Gloucester Co., Va. d: October 26, 1890 in Gloucester Co., Va.

............ +Milly (Emily?) Jenkins b: 1830-1836 m: Abt. 1851

........ *2nd Wife of Thomas Archer Shackelford:

............ +Ann (Nancy) West b: 1836 m: February 12, 1862 in Gloucester Co., Va.

Apr 24, 1999 In reply to questions to Jane from her

Dear Patricia,

Well there very well could be something wrong in any of it. The information on Thomas Hogg birth came from an Hogg descendant. He also said that they were not married. And he supplied the information on the child Ann/Nancy who married Christopher West. All I really have is the second marrige of Thomas Archer Shackelford when he states his parents were Thomas Hogg and Franky Shackelford. His death from the Gloucester Co death register reads the same. Franky, I assume it is the same Franky Shackelford, is listed in only one census year, 1820.

As far as the Christopher Wests go...there I am completely confused.

The entries from the census are not consistent. The marriage records of the children giving Christopher West as their father also give several different women as the mother. I think there were at least two, maybe three or more all living on Gloucester Co at the same time frame.

Thomas Archer, aka Archy, is somehow connected to the Christopher West family, whether through the marriage of his sister or possibly his mother??? or whatever. He is found in the Christopher West hhd in census records. I do not find Thomas Archer aka Archy listed with any family until 1880 by which time he had married Ann West. In every other census year he us listed alone or with C. West family.

What became of Franky, I do not know whether she died or possibley married or remarried. There is very little that I have to work with. And it seems there are very few living folks researching Gloucester Co for the time frame 1800-1900. Many prominent families had left there earlier and i see lots of queries about them, very little that is helpful. Jane

Dear Patricia,

Sorry, not paying attention. According to marriages of Gloucester Co Va by Frances Haywood, the parents of Ann West who married Thomas Archer Shackelford in 1862 were Christopher West and Fanny Jenkins. Jane

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