Submitted by: Barbara Palser           May 24, 1997

Tee, I don't remember if I sent this information to you: I was researching my Ritter family, and there is an LDS microfilm of the DB Ritter Bible and other Kentucky records. The order number is 0007850. There were 2 marriage records for Shackelfords on there, Roger Shackelford Jr. married Elizabeth Stewart 4/1/1796 in Madison Co. Kentucky, and William Shackelford married Betsy Moore, March 13, 1794. Hope this is new and interesting. Barbara

To: Corinne and Brown

Subject: Re: Francis Shackelford et al (fwd)

Hi there, Tee, Here is something I discovered today: I was browsing around at the local LDS Family History center today and found the DAR Patriot Index. This book contains lists of Revolutionary War patriots by surname. I copied out the page of Haymonds and Shackelfords:


Benjamin - b. 12/10/1733m d, 1817 married Martha Jones, was captain, Virginia

Edmond - b.c. 1740, d. 1821 married Judith Eastin, captain, virginia

Francis - b. 3/18/1739, d. 5/5/1823, married Rebecca Ballard PS North Carolina

George - b. 1-191759 d. 1/1802 married Mary Shine Private, North Carolina

Henry - b. 1750, dp1778, married Elizabeth - Sol Virginia

James Sr. b 1728, dp 1800, married (1)Elizabeth Scott, (2)Mrs Mary Allen PS Virginia

James Jr. b.2/17/1763m d, 1824 married Elizabeth Clarke, Private, Virginia

John - b. 1745, d. 1/4/1808, married (1) Rebecca Warren (2) Mary Mason Private Virginia

John - b. 1736, d. 4/13/1800, married Frances Wade Butler, Private, Virginia

John - b. 1758, d. 1827, married Mary Hickman, Private, Virginia

Lyne, Sr. bc1731, dp. 1782,married Elizabeth Taliaferro CS PS Virginia

Roger - B. 1744, died 11/24/1825, m. (2) Nancy Carter, (3) Sally Laird Sargeant, Virginia

Roger Sr. - bc. 1700, d.p.12/24/1779, married (1) carey Baker, (2) Mrs. Drucilla Hendrix PS, Virginia

Stephen - b. 9-23-1756, d.10/18/1834, married Susannah,Lieutenant,North Carolina

William - b. 1738, d. 11/23/1777, married Rebecca Cook, Lieutenant, Virginia

William - bc.1745, dp 1785, married Elizabeth - Sol Virginia

Zechariah - bc 1745, d. 1810 married Dolly, Lieutenant, Virginia

Hope this is new and interesting to somebody. Barbara

On Fri, 30 May 1997

Hi, Tee, So are we interested in whether Roger is our ancestor. I need to study the information from Charles D. and Sarah T. more closely! I don't see the connection in the information I have here. I am not reading it carefully enough.

Let me know how they have connected these folks. I need to see their sources to understand. Dates, birth places, marriage places, etc. Otherwise they are just names to me. I thought Roger's family was in Kentucky after the Revolutionary War, and no one from our line went there that we know of.

Patricia probably has a better understanding of this. I've been so heavily into my mother's family history I haven't really been working closely on Shackelford. Just stored the e-mail messages for later. Will try to get back to them over the weekend. Thank you for all your work.

Mon,.7 Jul 97           Subject: Re: Samuel Henry Shackelford (fwd)

Hi there, I remember John Shackelford! He looked like the picture we have of Robert Carter Shackelford, in fact. But John told me he was not related to RC, that his was a different branch of the Shackelford family. He was a nice old gentleman with a white beard and hair. I met him at the Senior Center before he passed away. He was interested in writing his memoirs. His wife was with him, and she must still live in town. I'll check at the Senior Center to see if she still comes in. It has been about 8 years since I met them. Here are some Shackelford addresses from the Yuba City phone book if anyone wants to write to them:

JC Shackelford (I'm pretty sure this is where John's wife lives) 1475 Geary Circle, Yuba City, CA 95993

Other names:

John S. and Wilma M.  870 Pacific Avenue, Rio Oso, CA (don't know the zip--959xx) 

Ron Shackelford     920 Virginia Ave. Marysville, CA 95901

Billy and Rose Shackleford    11306 Hill Rd., Marysville, CA 95901

Wylie Shackleford   8560 Main Street, Smartville, CA (don't know the zip--959xx)

Just up the road in Paradise:

Genevieve and Harlan Shackelford     1081 Sierra Avenue, Thermolito, CA

J and S Shackelford    6477 Pentz Road, Paradise, CA

Dennis Shackleford       2917 Second St., Biggs, CA

Hope this helps. Barbara

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