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I really need a breakthrough on my great-grandfather, Merritt Shackelford. All I know is that he was born 12 March 1827 in Kentucky, married Mary Jordan in Kahoka, Clark Co, MO, 7 Oct 1871, and died 12 January 1887 in Kahoka, Clark Co, MO. My grandfather, Edward Shackelford, was born in KY (I think), married Peachie Blackstone and moved to Muskogee Co, OK and died in Muskogee in August, 1946. If anybody out there has a clue to connections, it would be vastly appreciated!!! Have a very nice holiday and I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Linda Brooks

June 6, 1999

Good for you, Sara - --

Gee, I wish I were down there to go through the collection with you!!!! That could be quite a valuable find. All that I can find that the LDS hasmicrofilmed is the collection of the SCM's that we're working on, but I'll look again at their Library Resource discs to see if I can find anything further. Anyway, just wanted to tell you how lucky you are to have even limited access to them, but - OH - for indexes!!!!! Have a nice day. Linda

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Subject: [SHACKELFORD-L] Re: T. K. Jones collection

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I went to the TN State Library and Archives yesterday to take a look at this. When I asked the manuscript librarian for it, she sort of groaned and said it was a mess.

Well, it isn't a mess, but it is not going to be easy to pinpoint information in it either. It has not been indexed; and since it has not been microfilmed, you can't access it yourself. You have to ask someone to bring it to you.

I expressed an interest in about five boxes; and the librarian started me out with two, which took up all the time I had available. The two boxes she brought contained three books filled with family group sheets.

Unfortunately for Shacklefords, the first batch I came across were for my father's family, Binkley  (Shacklefords via Frederick Binkley's marriage to Adeline Shackleford in 1804). Anyway I copied down a lot of Binkley family group sheets and some Shacklefords also. I will share the Shackleford sheets with the list in the next day or two, I hope. Since Chuck Demastus and I are the only Binkley descendants I know of on the list, I probably will not share those unless you think I should. Stuck in between the pages were Jones' handwritten notes, and it was kind of strange to see those.

I hope I will find some sources in some of the boxes as I think one of the big problems with Jones' material is the absence of sources. However, I must say that I have often found confirmation in public records of data that I first found in Shackelford Clan Magazine. Also, I am sure that much of the data in the collection will be in the magazines that are being transcribed.

As I said yesterday, I am willing to be a resource person on this; but I cannot really look things up because of the lack of index. I thought that what I could do is look at parts of the collection on a regular basis and share what I happen to find. I would appreciate any suggestions.

I understand that the collection was microfilmed by the Latter Day Saints as Jones lent it to them before it came to Nashville. I assume that microfilms must be available through LDS centers, but I don't know that. Of course, I don't know whether they indexed it or not.

It would be great to index, but it would be many years' work, I think, at least for someone with time as limited as mine. Also the librarian said that there are a lot of loose, handwritten notes, which might be hard to index.

I worked with a similar collection that included Binkleys, but it was on microfilm and had material arranged by related family names; so, it was fairly easy to find material. Regards, Sara

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