Submitted by: David Warren                   Jan. 2, 1997                           

I am looking for info on Collins Shackelford (b1797 Orange Co. Va) or his father James S. Shackelford or their ancestors. Do you have anything that sound familiar?  David Warren, Houston, Tx

May 29, 1998

Pat, Your information about the material in the Tenn Archives is exciting. The web site says that the collection was loaned to SLC for filming. Do you know if it was filmed? Can we get the film through the FHC? At the least, we should be able to get all of the missing copies of the Clan newsletter. David

May 31, 1998

I live in Houston. I work at a FHC and plan to see this week if the films of Jones' collection are available. There are probably many Shackleford researchers who would like to look through the files (on film) if possible.

Thanks again for your work in getting the newsletters on line.

Jun 4, 1998

The 39 "books" of T. K. Jones' SHACKLEFORD research is available on 18 rolls of microfilm from the FHC as are the Feb 1983 - October 1992 editions of the Shackleford newsletter, edited by Mary Jane Shackelford Kiser, and its successor, the Shackleford Quarterly, published 1993-1997, by Laura Tully.

Jun 14, 1998

Pat, The Shackleford Quarterly was published by Tully 1993-1997, (according to Salt Lake City).

There was also a Shackleford Newsletter published Feb 83 - Oct 92 by Mary Jane Shackleford. I have ordered copies of this series from SLC and expect to get them Wednesday. If you want them, I will be glad to mail them to you.

Tully and M J Shackleford worked more or less together and Tully took over the publication when M J S could no longer do it. MJS was listed as an executive editor on Tully's quarterly.  David

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