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Some facts about my Shackleford ancestry:

The farthest back that I have been able to trace my Shackleford lineage is to my great-great-great grandfather, John Shackleford who I believe was born in Virginia c 1785. He was a veteran of the War of 1812. By the age of 30 he was residing in Pulaski Co. Kentucky.

He married Nancy Baker (born Mar 1793 in NC) in Pulaski Co. KY on 25 Oct 1825.

Five children were born to this union while the family was in Kentucky. One of the five was my great-great grandfather, James M. Shackleford.

My Shackleford ancestors migrated to west-central Missouri (after 1835 and before 1850 ). The family settled on land near the Hazel Hill community in Johnson Co. MO. James M. Shackleford married Caroline Harrison in Johnson Co. MO on 16 Dec 1849. Eight children were born to this union including my Geat granmother, Nancy Evaline Shackleford (born 9 Jul 1853). Caroline Harrison died in 1863 and James M. susequently married Ellen R. Markham .

Nancy Evaline Shackleford married Sylvanus Lockard on 2 Apr 1872 in Warrensburg, MO. Seven children were born to this union, including my grandmother, Josephine Lockard (born10 May 1884).

Josephine Lockard married William Herbert Scroggs on 24 Nov 1903 in Johnson Co. MO. Seven children were born to this union including my father, John Herbert Scroggs (born 20 Aug 1910) in Johnson Co. MO.

My parents, John Herbert Scroggs and Mary Gene Faulkner were married in Louisburg, KS on 22 Nov 1930. My name is Herbert Douglass(Doug) Scroggs (born 1 Jun 1936 in Warrensburg, MO.).

I would appreciate any information that any of you subscribers might have on John Shackleford (born c 1785 in VA) and who resided in Pulaski CO. KY in the 1830s to 1840s.

Thanks, and will be looking forward to any feedback.

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