Submitted by: Bob Dickerson

I have been reseaching for about 2 years, my folks have been at it for 30+ years.

I am Bob Dickerson of California I have a ggrandma whose maiden name ? Shackelford who married a Johnson approx. 1854, it is thought they married in Alabama, anyone know who they were? I need names and dates, would love to hear from you.

? Johnson, First wife,unknown ,1834?

Frank Johnson born in Shelby Co., Alabama

William Wesly Johnson born Shelby Co., Alabama ,1836?

Married to Shackelford, 1854?

Shelby Johnson (1) born Shelby Co, Aalabama?

Jepp Johnson born Shelby Co., Alabama February, 1855

Joe Johnson born Shelby Co., Alabama,1856?

Anna Johnson born Shelby Co., Alabama,1857?

Seabron Pascal Johnson, b: 1862/3 Shelby Co. Ala ?or thought to be in Ark.

My grandfather Died July, 1915 at Coushatta, La. Married to Mary Edny Cutright, ,1898/9

Child #1 born ,1899

Joseph Pascal Johnson born September 25, 1900

Gertrude Johnson born ,1902/3

Perry Johnson born ,1905

Isaac Johnson born ,1907

Ethel Mae Johnson born August 2, 1909

Pauline Johnson born March 18, 1911/2

Willie Mae Johnson born March 19, 1913  My mother Died July, 1915 at Coushatta, La.

Your fellow seacher

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