Submitted by: James W. Shackelford Jr  

Generation No. 1

1. John M. Shackelford was born Jan. 6, 1806 in KY, and died April 26, 1891 in Iowa. He married Mary A. Martin

Children of John Shackelford and Mary Martin:

i. Louis Shackelford

2. ii. James William Shackelford, b. July 3, 1854, Albany, Gentry

County, MO.

d. May 29, 1933

iii. Lincoln Shackelford, b. 1861; d. April 1933.

Generation No. 2

2. James William Shackelford married Caroline Annis Knox March 12, 1882 in Rising Sun, Iowa, daughter of George Knox and Elizabeth Marsh.

Children of James Shackelford and Caroline Knox

i. Arthur Clyde Shackelford b. June 19, 1887; d. April 11,

1955; m. Rachel Congdon

3. ii. John Bernard Shackelford, b. July 18, 1891, Des Moines, IA; d. Jan. 1985, CA; m.

Bessie Elizabeth Williams

iii. Howard Shackelford, b. Dec. 2, 1895; d. Dec. 23, 1983, Des Moines, IA; m. Jessica Bayless.

Generation No. 3

3. John Bernard  Shackelford, married Bessie Elizabeth Williams, daughter of Nicholas Williams and Mary.

Children of John Shackelford and Bessie Williams;

i. Glenn Bernard Shackelford, b. Dec. 10, 1909, Des Moines, IA; d. March 1, 1982, Des Moines, IA; m. Agnes Marie Walizer, Jan. 31, 1931, Des Moines, IA.

4. ii. James William Shackelford, b. March 1, 1912, Des Moines, IA.

iii. Frederick Shackelford

Generation No. 4

4. James William Shackelford, b. March 1, 1912, Des Moines, IA; m. Lena Mae Kress, b.

Feb. 3, 1916, Des Moines, IA, d. Aug. 12, 1995, Tucson, AZ. Married on Aug. 9, 1933 in Des Moines, IA.

Children of James Shackelford and Lena Kress;

i. Eileen Ruth Shackelford, m. Melvin Pierce

5. ii. James William Shackelford, Jr.

iii. Sharon Kay Shackelford, b. Aug 13, 1943, Des Moines, IA; d. April 17, 1988, Des Moines, IA

Generation No. 5

5. James William Shackelford, Jr.. b. Des Moines, IA, m. Diane Lorraine Behen, b. Denver, CO. Married in Arvada, CO.

Children of James Shackelford and Diane Behen

i. David Michael Shackelford m. Denise Lori Puckett

ii. Scott Alan Shackelford m. Tessa Marie Sons

iii. Deborah Lynn Shackelford m. Danny Nelson Stowe

iv. John Eric Shackelford m. Lisa Ann Young

I thought I would send you some information on our Shackelfords, who ended up in Des Moines, IA.

James William Shackelford, born in Albany, Gentry County, MO in 1854, moved with his parents and brothers to Des Moines around the time the Civil War began. His father, John, was a farmer. James founded and built the first brick manufacturing yard in Des Moines. It was located at 14 Prospect. Most of the streets in Des Moines were paved with Shackelford brick and most of the sidewalks were too. The two different kinds of brick (paving and sidewalk) were kept separate by the spelling of the name imprinted on each brick; 'el' for one type and 'le' for the other. The 1910 IA Census shows James occupation as that of 'brick manufacturing'. There was a fire, which started in one of the kilns, and the yard burned to the ground. James didn't rebuild, and is shown in the 1920 IA census, living in Madison County, Center Township, and the superintendant of a tile manufacturing plant. The only thing left from the original brick yard is the whistle, which is in the possession of his heirs.

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