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Let me introduce myself: I am Donnie R. Shackleford from Montgomery,

AL. NOTE: The spelling of my last name, it should be spelled "Shackelford". For reasons unknown to me the name was changed at the early part of the century. This has made tracking my ancestors very difficult. Up untill a couple of weeks ago I only knew the name of my grandfather and nothing else and at 46 years of age I decided it was time to find some family history so please, let me share with you what I have found. You have to remember, at the beginning of this search, I knew basically nothing.

My father was Iry Zeddie Shackleford (EL). He passed away on Dec 04, 1988. Before his death I could hardly ever get him to share with me any knowledge of his family history. Dad was born in Oct, 1907 in Petrey, AL and had one sister living, her name was Vera. There were other children, (7) , all died at birth or shortly thereafter. This I didn't know untill a week ago. I have since located thier grave sites, along with my grand parents. All are burried in Petrey, Al, except (2), who are burried at Camerons Chapel in Crenshaw County, AL. My grandfather was Young Lee Shackelford, who died in 1926 at the age of 44. He was born in Carroll County, GA in 1882. For some reason, I found out that he ran away from home in 1896 and came to AL. It wasn'y untill many years later that his mother and grandmother found him, only after he had married and had children. He refused to go back and as far as I know, never spoke to them again. After his death in 1926, my father, his sister and mother went back to GA to live with his grandmother for a couple of years, then returned to Crenshaw County, AL where he meet my mother. The next contact he had with his family was in 1948 and only for one afternoon. This contact was made to his 1st cousin, Robert Shackelford of Carrollton, GA.

My grand father, Young Lee, had some brothers and sisters, only one name I have found. His name is John Gaye Shackelford of Carroll County, GA. I don't know his birth or death dates, but suspect his birth would have been in the 1880s. John Gaye had several children also, only names I found were Robert and John. I know nothing of John's offspring but I have found Robert's line. Robert had several children, I believe four boys and two girls. The boys are Lee, Wayne, Jerry and Harlin. I found Lee in Carrollton last week, this was the first contact they had with our side of the Shackelfords since the one afternoon in 1948, four years before my birth. I need not tell you how excited I have become. Wayne Shackelford is now the DOT commissioner for the State of GA. The other two boys and sisters have not yet been contacted, that I am working to do.

I have come a long way in such a very short time but there are still many stones left unturned, this is where I hope you can help. If you have any idea of who Young Lee and John Gaye Shackelford's father and mother is, I feel I can trace my roots back to the beginning. Even if you have any information on any Shackelfords from GA it would most likely help.

Thank you so much for your time:

Donnie Shackleford (ShackELford) that is going to be hard to get use to.

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My name is Donnie SHackleford from Montgomery, AL. Born on April 29, 1952 in Luverne, AL (Crenshaw County), one of three triplets. Father was Ira Zeddie Shackleford who died on Dec 04, 1988 at the age of 81 years. My older brother, Marion Young Shackleford died at the age of 23 on April 19, 1955, at the time he was in the US Air Force. My grandfather was Young Lee Shackleford and died sometime around 1930 and is burried in Petrey, AL (Crenshaw County) According to my father, my grand father came from the Carrolton, GA region. This is as far back that I can trace my ancestry.

I have been going over your web site for a few hours and find it very interesting but I could not find any links to any ancestors of mine.

Is there any thing you could do to help or any direction you could point me? Also, as a Shackleford (with the Le) and not a Shackelford (with the El), is there any connection between the two different spellings?  Thank you:

Update from Donnie:  Nov. 12, 1998

Checking my grandfather Young Lee Shackelford's wife, Mary Alice Nichols, I now have gone back to 1770. Found out my ggg g/parents came from Germany. Got hung up awhile on my great grandmother Shackelford, the wife of John Harlin Shackelford, who married Jerusha Carrie Bonner, have now traced them back to the 1600s.

Now, today, I have found out who was my gg grandfather was, he was James C Shackelford, born aound 1817, from somewhere in SC. He married a Margaret somewgere in GA. I checked some info that I have kept on GA marriages and I think it was Margaret A Forbes. She married a James C Shackelford in Wilkes County, GA on Feb 06, 1849. The date looks about right since their first child was born in 1852, her name was Mary.

They had three others, John Harlin Shackelford (my g g/father), William Shackelford & Laura Shackelford. Maybe this is the same James and Margaret Shackelford that is my gg g/parents? If so, now to find their parents

I have located my gg grand parents, the parents of John Harlin Shackelford from Carroll County, GA. His father was, James C. Shackelford, born, around 1817 in South Carolina. His wife was named Margaret. I found a James C Shackelford who married a Margaret A Forbes on Feb 06, 1849 in Wilkes County, GA. Could this be the same James C and Margaret Shackelford? They had four children, Mary, John H (my g g/father), William & Laura. any information on these names would be appreciated. The wife of my g grandfather was Jerusha Carrie Bonner. Thanks


My second great grandfather, James Carlisle Shackelford was the son of Howard B and Margaret Carlisle-Shackelford. James Carlisle Shackelford was named after his grandfather on his mothers side. His grandfather was James Carlisle who was born May 23, 1763 in Monaghan County, Ireland. The wife of James Carlisle was Margaret Boles, born June 27, 1762. Margaret Carlisle-Shackelford was the younger sister of Francis Carlisle. James Carlisle, Jr. was the son of James Carlisle, SR. born around 1725 in Ireland. James Carlisle brought his family into America in the 1760's through Savannah, GA and moved to Abbeville, SC. When there, Howard B. son of Mordecai met and married Margaret Carlisle born on November 09, 1800. Howard was born in GA, 1797. They were married in 1824.

All I still have on their children is as follows:

James Carlisle Shackelford (my 2nd great grandfather), who I have accumulated much information.

Sarah Jane: c 1830

M.A. (male) c. 1832

E.A. (female) c 1833

M.C.A. (female) c 1835

This is all the information I have on the others

I do know that the family of Howard Shackelford moved to Meriwether County in the 1830s, and outside James, who was born in Abbeville, SC., the rest most likly lived in Meriwether County.Of course, James Carlisle and Margaret Forbes-Shackelford ended up in Carrol County, GA, where a good many of his descendants live today.

I have cemetery records of the Carlisles in Abbeville (Lowndesville) SC and a picture of the old home they lived in (which is still there) plus a picture of the gravemarker of James Carlisle.

It's just that darned 3rd great grandfather of mine, Howard B Shackelford. If I could just find out more on him and his other children I would be satisfied.

Now to someting else interesting I am finding out, in fact two something elses'

Mordecai had a daughter named Mary Shackelford. John Grant had a son named William Grant, they married and had a son, John Howard Grant.

Abstracts of Old 96 and Abbeyville District -Wills and Bonds p. 117

Grant, John: Box 37, Pack 801

Est. Admin. Jan 1, 1821 by

Jas., Jno.Jr., FRANCIS CARLISLE, Sr., bound to Moses Taggert, Abbeville Dist. sum $2400.00 Sale Sep 28, 1819

Buyers: Wid. Grant, Robert Shackelford, Jno. Falkberry, etc.

page 118

Grant, William Box 38, Pack 813

Est. Adm. Nov 06, 1820 by Mordecai Shackelford, Stephen Jones, John White bound to Moses Taggert old Abbeville Dis., sum $1000.00 cit. pub at Bowles Meeting House. Oct 29, 1819 paid to Francis Carlisle, Admr., est., John Grant Deed $30.50. Setl. of William Grant, deceased with John H Grant, distributee, and John W and Allen Shackelford, Exrs of Mordecai Shackelford

Who was admr., of William Grant, deceased.

I have made contact with the Grant descendants who have provided me with this information with more to come. This person is the 4th great grandchild of the John Grant mentioned above.

Also, something else I have found and am working on, will give more details as I get them together. My great granfather, (son of James C) was John Harlin Shackelford who married Jerusha Carrie Bonner, daughter of John Bonner, grandfather of Zaddock Bonner, who my father was named after. I have been communicating with the Bonners and have recieved their Gedcom file. My grandfather was not the only Shackelford marriage. I found another descendant of Mordecai who was a Henry Shackelford who also married a descendant of Zaddock Bonner. This one will take some unraveling. Will let you know what I find.

I have now read the entire volumes of "The Shackelford Clan Magazine" 12 different times, minus the one.

Feb 2, 1999

Fellow Shackelford researchers: Trying to answer some questions, maybe some of you can help.

SCM (Shackelford Clan Magazine) SCM Vol 7 # 2:

"John Shackelford, who married Anne White, father of Mordecai: At one time a resident of Culpepper County, VA, and at one time a resident of Pittsylvania County, VA., and probably for a short time in Georgia. He seems to have moved to Washington County, KY., about 1796".

My question: Where in Georgia?  SCM Vol 4 # 7: "Nov., 2, 1814, John Oliver bought 246 acres of land from the heirs of John Shackelford, deceased. This was the land on which the deceased had lived, and the deed was signed by Mordecai Shackelford, John Shackelford, and John Evans, husband of Sarah Evans, formerly Sarah Shackelford. Recorded in Deed Book K, Page 132, Clarke County, GA"

My question: Could this be the same John Shackelford? John did have sons, Mordecai and John, Jr. His wife was Sarah, could she have remarried a Evans? John died, according to his will in 1819, Shelby County, KY, however, the above record shows that the John referred to was deceased in 1814, could this be in error?

SCM Vol 4 # 7,  "The above tract of land lay on the waters of the Appalachee River, and was purchased by John Shackelford, Sr., from ZADOCK BONNER, March 02, 1808. It was originally granted to David Meriwether, and ajoined the land of Al Shackelford. Deed Book: F, page 28, Clarke County, GA.. M.Shackelford J.P."

My question: Who was this Al Shackelford and was M. Shackelford, Mordecai? In an effort to answer my own question regarding this land purchase, I have come up with the following: On December 20, 1801, Thomas Bonner was a witness to a warranty deed (made by David Meriwether of Wilkes County, GA) transferring to his eldest son, ZADOCK BONNER of Jackson County, title to 650 acres in that county, on the waters of the Applachee. Jackson county was created from Franklin County. In 1801, Clark County was formed from parts of Jackson County. This had to be the same land that was purchased by John Shackelford.

Connection to the descendants of John Shackelford and Zadock Bonner:

FIRST: Mordecai, son of John and Anne White-Shackelford, married Sarah Jones. Son: Thomas Shackelford, his son was, Jonathan Lynn Shackelford who had a daughter named Elizabeth H. Shackelford. Elizabeth married a "Thomas Trotter Bonner", who was born 1822.

My question: Is this Thomas Bonner a descendant of the above mentioned, Thomas Bonner? I would like to communicate with some of the descendants of Thomas and Jonathan Lynn Shackelford to try and figure this one out.

SECOND: Yes, there is another connection to John Shackelford and Thomas Bonner.   Mordecai had another son, his name was Howard B Shackelford and he married, Margaret Carlisle and they had a son named James Shackelford, who had a son named John Harlin Shackelford.

On June 04, 1876, John Harlin, great-great grandson of John Shackelford who married Anne White, took for his bride, Jerusha Carrie Bonner, the great great grand daughter of Thomas Bonner.

John Harlin and Jerusha Carrie Bonner-Shackelford are my great grandparents.

I have many pages of information on the Bonner family of Georgia and they seemed to have close connections with the Shackelford family through the years. Today, many Shackelfords and Bonners still live in the Carroll County region of Georgia.

T.K. Jones made several comments regarding the Bonners in his Shackelford Clan Magazine, so obviously he saw some connection but never really came up with answers. He stated this John Shackelford was a John whose wife was Catherine and futher states that Mordecai moved to Jasper County, GA. In his last sentence he states" Anything that will help us to get all of this exactly correct will be helpful" If he were here today, this story I have just written might be helpful to his last statement.

The fact that I am a descendant of John and Anne White-Shackelford and also a descendant of Thomas Bonner, I would like to believe that this is the land that John had lived on the short time he spent in Georgia. SCM Vol 7 # 2.

If anyone can expand on this, PLEASE e-mail me. Thanks

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