Submitted by: Authur R. Seder, Jr.             Wed. Aug. 26, 1998

I am still searching for leads to the family of a John Shackelford who died in Clarke County, Georgia, in about 1814. We think his wife's name was Catherine Garnett; that his father's name was also John; and that his mother was Isabella Wedderburn. None of this has been verified, however.

In any event, when John Shackelford died in 1814 his property was sold by his heirs, Mordecai Shackelford of Clarke County, still another John Shackelford of neighboring Jackson County, and a daughter Sarah, who by that time was married to a John Evans.

It is my belief that the Mordecai Shackelford referred to had moved to Monroe County, Georgia by 1830 and to Heard County, Georgia, by 1850.

He and his wife Margaret had two sons, still another Mordecai (born 1821) and Harrison (born 1829).

I realize that there are a number of John and Mordecai Shackefords, including a Mordecai who lived nearby in the Abbeville District of South Carolina. If anyone could shed more light on this line I would be grateful.

While in Columbia County, Georgia, recently, I came upon a document signed by my ancestor, John Shackleford (notice the "le" rather than the "el") in 1795 which he granted a Power of Attorney to his son, Mordecai Shackleford, to sell a tract of land in King and Queen County, Virginia. The POA recites that John is the legal owner of the land as sole heir of his father, also named John, and his mother, Isabella Wedderburn. The document also recites that the land had been given to his mother by her father, David Wedderburn. I was quite pleased, as this give me an excellent lead to the whereabouts of my line of Shacklefords prior to their coming to Georgia.

I have recently traced my Shackleford (later changed to Shackelford) ancestors from Columbia County, Georgia, back to King and Queen County, Virginia. A John Shackleford owned property near the Mattoponi River in that county, which had been received from his wife's father, David Wedderburn. I would appreciate any information about Shacklefords or Wedderburns in King and Queen County.

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