Submitted by:  Alfred L. Sanford        Thu, 13 Aug 1998

My descendants list from Thomas Jeremiah Shackelford are my mother, Minnie Irene Shackelford, DOB: 26 Apr 1910 - DOD: 1 Dec 1993 to myself, Alfred L. Sanford, DOB: 16 Mar 1930.

I have found very few Shackelford surnames in Mississippi where Thomas Jeremiah and James Bluford were born.

I have posted bulletins previously on these two Shackelfords under the screen name

Apr 29, 1999

Hi, Patricia. I apologize for the error I made in the birthdate of the sisters Oley and Ony. They were born in 1877, the same year as Thomas. And Tate and Yalobusha counties are in Mississippi. I noticed the discrepancy between Thomas's birthdate and the date of the census, also. The fault could lie with the census taker. Or this may not be my grandfather. Thomas was my mother's father. She passed away about 5 years ago. I got what information I have about Thomas from her, and that was his birthdate and where he was born. I have tried to get a copy of his death certificate, but was told by the Arkansas State Health Department that they did not have one on file. I checked the funeral home that handled his final arrangement and they had very little on him. I have a copy of James Bluford's death certificate and the father and mother are listed as unknown. I have Bluford's children about his background and they didn't know either. I have marriage certificates for both Thomas and Bluford which state that they were born in Mississippi.

Nothing about parentage on either of them. I can trace them to Mississippi and that is as far as it goes. Neither could I find them in Mississippi in the 1990 census. The first census record I found on them was in White County, Arkansas in 1910. I know this is sketchy, but I have about hit a dead end. Maybe when the 1930 census is released I can pick up a little more info, but I don't see how it will help with their parentage. Thanks again.  AL

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