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I am looking for the ancestors of Mary Jane Shackleford.

Mary Jane Shackleford

B: Feb 22, 1868 in thought to be Harrison Co., Missouri  [No Shackelfords listed in 1870 Harrison Co., MO census]

D: July 8, 1944 possibly in Ponca City, Okla.

[ possible match]

[ GROOM MARY J. b. 12/15/1868 d. 7/10/1943 block 11 lot row 48 space 1 STRODE Funeral Home, burial 7/12/1943 ]

Married: March 18, 1885 in Daviess Co., Missouri

to Edward Franklin Groom  [s/o William & Susan Groom]

B: March 11, abt. 1855 in Clinton, PA

D: Jan 22, 1940 in Ponca City, Okla    [Kay Co.]

They had 5 children:

1.Mathew Duke Groom Sr.

B: Jan 8, 1886 in Gallatin Missouri    [Davies Co.]

D: Nov 12, 1959 in Perry, Oklahoma

Married Dec 20, 1905 in Perry, Oklahoma to

Ethel Florence Greening

B: Nov 16, 1887 in Winston, Missouri       [Davies Co.]

D: April 21, 1972 in Perry, Oklahoma

2. Emmitt F. Groom

B: July 7, 1888 in Daviess Co., Missouri

D: ?

3. Orville Loren Groom

B: Jan 31, 1891 in Daviess Co., Missouri

D: ?

4. Haley Lorilla Groom

B: Sept 15, 1893 in Daviess Co., Missouri

D: ?

5. Herrmann Webster Groom

B: July 10, 1900         [Rock, Payne Co., OK]

D: ?

I did find a Mary J. Shackleford with parents of Mathew Shackleford and Martha Shackleford with 3 children - Ulyous, Mary J. and Simon. They might be related, but I can't find any connection other than they were living in Daviess Co in 1880 and Mary J's birth year matches. If any of these names matches your family tree, please contact me. I would be grateful. Even if you can only validate the names and dates I already have, it would be helpful.

Thanks in advance for any information.