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Shackelfords: Black American Genealogy -KY, Missouri, Leavenworth KS, etc.

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My late Grandfather Reuben R. Nichols from Leavenworth KS named our enslaved ancestor Priscilla Shackelford and the region she was from - KY and/or MO. Maybe Frankfort KY area.

Laura Tully - - found this Black Shackelford family that is probably mine. She writes that this was the only Shackelford family of color in the 4 counties in Kansas where Shackel/lefords were listed in the 1870 census.

October 2001

African American Shackelfords: KY, Missouri, Leavenworth KS, etc.

Shackelford Quarterly, Vol. 6, #4, includes 4 counties in Kansas wherein Shackel/lefords were listed in the 1870 census. Leavenworth Co., KS listed the following:

                                           race  occupation birthplace

Shackelford, David, age 26 (black) laborer b KY

Nancy 30 black keeps house MO

Moses 20 mulatto works brickyard MO

John 18 mulatto works brickyard MO

Jake 14 mulatto at home MO

Mary A. 12 mulatto at home MO

Martha J. 8 mulatto at home MO

Isaac 7 mulatto MO

Dora 3 mulatto KS

William 1 mulatto KS

Katherine 1 mulatto KS

(William & Katherine are twins.)

Thank you for your help in posting this information.

As you may know, 1870 was the first U.S. Census that included Black Americans.

1870 was the first U.S. Census after enslavement was stopped. Due to enslavement Black American family history is different from what you are probably used to. Due to slavery our genealogy research also is different from other Americans.

Thanks. Marian Douglas

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