Submitted by: James O'Brien                    March 5, 2001

My priority, of course, is to identify the parents of Paschal Shackelford, but my wife and I have been doing research here (we live in MD suburbs of DC) for almost 40 years and, probably unfortunately, we are members of more gen.-based societies than we should. Yesterday, my Pilgrims (mine was a VA Pilgrim as was my wife's) met at the Mt. Vernon Inn (part of George's complex) and I relinquished my position as Registrar. My wife is National Pres. Daughters of Colonial Wars and goes out of office in mid April. So we are gradually phasing out our offices and doing more research. We have a substantial library incl. all the vols. of Pioneers & Cavaliers, all vols of Colonial Abstracts of VA, NC tax records, GA publ., etc. I sent Donnie info on Wilkes Co.GA deed books A-VV (1784-1806) and would be glad to join your Shackelford Research Group or whatever it is. JDO'B

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