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There was a Gaius Rowe in Onslow County,NC married to Elizabeth Shackleford, widow of William Shackleford.

Here is some names in my database:

Shackleford Name       Birthdate       Spouse  Parent

John-ca1713-Ann /------/

William-ca1733 /-----/ John and Ann shackleford

Francis-ca1735 /----/ John and Ann shackleford

John-ca1736 /----/ John and Ann shackleford

Ann-ca1737- Williams / John and Ann shackleford

George-ca1737 /---------/ John and Ann shackleford

Stephen-ca1737 /-----/ John and Ann shackleford

Francis-ca1738-Rebecca Ballard /----------/

Elizabeth-ca1749-Gaius Rowe /---------/

William-ca1749- Elizabeth /-----------/

?----ca1756-Polly Shine /-----------/

Anna-ca1769 /-------/ Wm.and Elizabeth shackleford

Betsy-ca1769 /-------/ Wm.and Elizabeth

Peggy-ca1769 /--------/ Wm.and Elizabeth

Richard-ca1769 / --------/Wm.and Elizabeth

Margaret-ca1775-Josiah Cox /-----------

Daniel-ca1789- Kitty Ernul /----------

John williams-1844-Mary C. Wallace /---------/

If anyone can add to these names,please contact me.

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