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I want to apolygize for my family.First and I don't know how this happened.But I found my greatgrandmother in May 1947 Vol.3 No.1 isue.

I misspelled her name.I had no clue it was speled Medora,instead of Madora.This bring up a question in Dec.isue of 1951 it list Weatherhold instead of the Westerhold surname.Is the two surnmames the same?Or to different familys?Thanks for your help.I hope this clears up my conection to your family.I have some work ahead of me now.

Yours Truly, Troy Westerhold

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I saw my surname listed in your report or magazine.I know were related to Shackelford's.Be glad to share me at

Yours Truly, Troy Westerhold

Hello Troy,

Please tell me where you found your name in my web pages so I can refer to it and have a better idea of my sources to your surname as I can not find one Westerhold in my files at this time.

If you have Shackelford connections I would like to hear more about that connection. Thank You

Sep 21, 2000

Madora(Medora)Shackelford-Westerhold, Dod June 24,1908,possible that she passed away in Mo.Who do I contact to get on your mailing list?The url is

Look for George Henry Weatherhold or Westerhold then the connection will fit for you. This is on the page with deaths. pg.#195. Hope that helps better.

Medora Westerhold, correct dod is June 24,1908, look for George Henry Weatherhold or Westerhold at this url htpp://           

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