Submitted by: Sandra Fruit                           July 17, 2000

Dear Friends,

I am beginning research after being away from it for 3 years. Does anyone know if the Shackelford Quarterly Newsletter that was put out by Laura Tully is still operating? If so, do you know the current cost of the newsletter?

My Shackelfords that I know:

W. J. Shackelford married Martha Elizabeth Farley in 1890 in Irion, Texas.

They had three sons and three daughters -

Lillie Margaret Shackelford Cathey

Sylvia Shackelford Snyder

Forest (Forrest) Hatheway Shackelford - may have been John Forest Hatheway Shackelford

Mary Cordelia Shackelford Willcoxson

William Jesse Shackelford

Felix Cronin Shackelford

Thanks,  Sandy Fruit

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