Submitted by: Linda Holt                         July 9, 2000

Dear Patricia,  W.J. and Elvira were my great grandparents. William Jefferson Shackelford was born Sept. 10, 1858---died Feb.4,1932.

Elvira Simpson Shackelford was born Sept. 15,1857----diedFeb.14,1937. Both are buried in the Marathon, Texas, Cemetary.

I'm sorry I did not respond earlier but we have been out of town---without my computer. Big mistake.

There are more Shackelford's buried in Marathon and quite a few still going strong. Please let me know if we are related or what?

Anxiously awaiting your response. Linda Shurley Holt   P.S. My mother was Margaret Benton Shackelford

Aug 18, 2000

Dear Patricia,

My parents were Julian Leroy and Margaret Benton(Shackelford) Shurley. My mother was the daughter of Thomas Benton and Dolly(Sansom) Shackelford. Thomas Benton (my grandfather) was the son of William Jefferson (my great-granfather) and Elvira Shackelford. William Jefferson was the son of Thomas Benton(my great,great grandfather) and Katherine(Huffmon) Shackelford. They also had sons David Edward, John Bybee and daughters Hannah and Dicia. The first Thomas Benton was born in Kentucky in 1835 and died in 1916 and was buried in Leakey, Real County, Texas. That's about all I know so far.

Since you ask about W.J. and Elvira, I thought you might know of other Shackelfords. Are you a Shackelford? Thank you, Linda

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Hello Linda, No I must not have received your mail, but that happens now and then.

I have entered your information in my files, but would like to have you tell me who your parents and grandparents were, I may have them in my files and not connected. Thank You, Patricia

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Dear Patricia, You must not have received my e-mail regarding W.J. and Elvira Shackelford.

I answered your query about a month after you posted it. Anyway---W.J. and Elvira were my great grandparents. They are buried in the Marathon, Texas Cemetary. W. J. was born Sept. 10, 1858-died Feb. 4, 1932. Elvira was born Sept. 15, 1857-died Feb. 14, 1937. Are you a Shackelford? Please respond----I'm so excited to find someone else that knows something about this family.

My mother was a Shackelford.Shacke Linda Holt

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