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I also have a JOHN SHACKELFORD, the following is from my family tree site my sister and I are working on the address is:  My homepage genealogy.html My humble beginning of a "Tree site"        (where the following info was copied from.

Please let me know if you have ties to this line?  Lisa

96. Johannes Frederick Dubel, born August 04, 1758 in Gravenhage, The Hague, The Netherlands. He was the son of 192. Jan Dirk du Bel and 193. Geertruid van Melzen. He married 97. Anthonia Hiddemans April 23, 1780 in Scheveningen.

97. Anthonia Hiddemans, born in The Hague, Holland / The Netherlands.

Child of Johannes Dubel and Anthonia Hiddemans is:

48 i. Anthonie Lambert duBell, born 1781 in The Hague, Holland / The Netherlands; married Bastiaantje van de Polder May 05, 1805 in Oud-Beijerland, The Hague, Holland / The Netherlands.

98. Cornelis Arijs van de Polder. He married 99. Maria van den Berg.

99. Maria van den Berg.

Child of Cornelis van de Polder and Maria den Berg is:

49 i. Bastiaantje van de Polder, born in Heinenoord; died March 12, 1844 in Geervliet; married Anthonie Lambert duBell May 05, 1805 in Oud-Beijerland, The Hague, Holland / The Netherlands.

104. David Barr.

Child of David Barr is:

52 i. Benjamin Franklin Barr, born Abt. 1818 in Virginia; married Eliza Ann Abt. 1834 in Louisiana.

108. James McClanahan, born 1795 in Tennesse; died April 17, 1837. He was the son of 216. John McClanahan. He married 109. Clarissa Hope.

109. Clarissa Hope, born 1799 in Tennesse; died Abt. 1860.

Children of James McClanahan and Clarissa Hope are:

54 i. John D. McClanahan, born 1819 in Louisiana or Tennessee; died 1849; married (1) Jane Girod; married (2) Martitia Ann Hope August 29, 1839.

ii. Lusane McClanahan, born Abt. 1820.

iii. James W. McClanahan, born Abt. 1821; married Lavenia Ryans 1848.

iv. Eliza McClanahan, born Abt. 1824; married George R. Gwin August 23, 1838 in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana.

v. Sarah Elizabeth McClanahan, born Abt. 1826.

vi. Madelina McClanahan, born Abt. 1830.

vii. Abel Preston McClanahan, born Abt. 1832; married Amanda Francis

Girod May 13, 1873 in Richland Parish, Louisiana.

viii. Synderella McClanahan, born Abt. 1836; married James C. Pitman January 22, 1851.

110. James Hope. He married 111. Keziah Elliott 1819 in Mississippi.

111. Keziah Elliott.

Child of James Hope and Keziah Elliott is:

55 i. Martitia Ann Hope, died 1841; married John D. McClanahan August 29, 1839.

120. Stephens.

Children of Stephens are:

60 i. David Westley Stephens, born July 04, 1831 in , , LA; died December 09, 1863; married Temperence Shackelford January 13, 1853 in , Franklin, LA.

ii. Joe Stephens, born Bet. 1835 - 1840 in , , LA.

iii. Richard Stephens, born Bet. 1845 - 1860 in , , LA; died in Killed during the Civil War.

iv. Julius Stephens.

v. Ben F. Stephens.

Notes for Ben F. Stephens: Middle name possibly Franklin.

vi. Hughey Stephens.

Notes for Hughey Stephens: Imprisoned At Rock Island, Illinois during the Civil War.

122. John Shackelford, born 1793 in Virginia. He married 123. Sarah.

123. Sarah.

Children of John Shackelford and Sarah are:

61 i. Temperence Shackelford, born December 25, 1834 in MS; died September 07, 1905 in LA; married (1) David Westley Stephens January 13, 1853 in , Franklin, LA; married (2) David Wesley Ensminger December 29, 1864; married (3) John O. Jones 1866; married (4) Winfield Scott Roberts August 05, 1872.

ii. Isabella Shackelford.

iii. Andrew Jackson Shackelford.

iv. Houston Shackelford.

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