Submitted by: Charles Babian                Feb. 22, 2000

Dear Ms. Viellenave,

I have been looking into my mother's ancestry. My great great grandfather was James H. Shackelford, b. 10/05/1840, Circleville, Pickaway County, Ohio. Perhaps the second - born of his immediate family. The 1840 census for Pickaway County lists only one Shackelford -- Madison, and his wife, both age 20-30, and one male child under 0-5. I am told the census was usually completed in spring and summer which would mean James H. would not have been born yet.

I know nothing of Madison, his wife, or their parentage. I found two references on your web site, but I'm not sure if either could be mine. If you have anything to add it would be appreciated.

I have more information about James H. Shackelford. He must have traveled to Aitcheson County Missouri prior to the Civil War. He served in a unit from that state. He married twice, first to Ruth (Fannie) F. C. WOOD b.1845 d. 1885, second to Mary (Molly) J. RICHARDSON Bale Robertson (b.1833 d.1916). I have more to report about him and his immediate family. It is a story with some turns that end with the adopted name, ROBERTSON. How best to pass this on to you?

Feel free to contact me at either or, Let me also say a very big THANK YOU for your work. I thought I'd died and got buried in the family plot.

Update on the 29th of February 2000

James Hurst Shackelford and Ruth F.C. WOOD Shackelford were married October 20, 1867 in Aitcheson Co., Missouri. The Justice of the Peace was William E. Hurst. (Related?) He served in the Union Army as a private and musician (a fifer), in Company H, 33rd Regiment of Missouri, August 18, 1862 - August 19, 1865 with honorable discharge. He was a farmer. She was the daughter of Zachariah and Matilda Jane CHAMBERS Wood, kept house and was mother to twelve children. Their children were:

Lena M. b. Sept.5, 1868 d. Oct 31, 1954

Oren E. b. Jan. 1, 1870 d. Jan 17, 1870

Edgar V. b. Nov. 21 1870 d. ?

Noel P. b. Feb. 8, 1872 d. ?

Zeno L. b. May 1, 1874 d. ?

Norman E. b. May 6, 1876 d. July 23, 1943

Daisy M. b. Mar. 1, 1878 d. ?

Ida B. b. Nov. 26, 1879 d. Jun 17, 1907

Leslie T. b. Mar. 13, 1881 d. Feb. 10, 1948

Ernest L. b. Mar. 15, 1883 d. ?

Guy A. b. Jan. 10, 1885 d. 1968

Grant L. b. Jan. 10, 1885 d. April 12, 1957

My grandfather, Grant Leroy became the foster son of Richard Bucam Robertson and Emma Francis BALE Robertson of Tarkio, Missouri. They changed his name to Roy Richard Robertson.

Update Mar 2, 2000

Patricia, Thanks for your quick response. Yes, my mother is the daughter of Grant/Roy. Here's some more information.

My grandfather, Roy Richard Robertson (Grant Leroy Shackelford) married Helen Mary PALMER (b. April 27, 1893, Lebanon, MO. d. May 29, 1954, Kilgore, TX). They married November 17, 1917. In Columbia, MO. He was a graduate of Tarko College. She a student at Stevens College. She is the daughter of Charles C. Palmer and Mary (Molly) HERNDON of Lebanon, MO and Wagoner, OK. (The Palmer's had 4 children, Howard, Charles, Lucy, Helen.

All the men died in the 1917 Flu epidemic. Lucy married Henry Brown, a lawyer and lived in Houston, TX. I have no other information about the Palmer's -- yet.)

My grandfather was called "RR". He and Helen had three children.

Richard Palmer Robertson (b. Jan. 25, 1919, Columbia, MO. d. June 30, 1961, Worthington, MN) -- married on May 25, 1944 to Margaret Stamm in Wheaton, IL. He was a Presbyterian minister. They had four children.

My Mother - Mary Francis ROBERTSON Babian Johnson (b. August 12, 1922, Covington, OK) -- 1) married on May 27, 1944 to John (born Diran Aghababian) Babian (b. October 27, 1921, Dearborn, MI. d. October 2, 1971, Mason, MI.) in Wheaton, IL -- 2) married on July 11, 1980 to Richard Charles Johnson (b. April 11, 1925, Curtis MI) in Lansing, MI

Charles Howard b. 1926? died in infancy in Wyoming.

John and Mary (my parents) had four children:

John Wesley (b. August 30, 1947, Longview, TX)

David Leslie (b. February 24, 1949, North Platte, NE)

Charles Edward (b. June 12, 1954, Cadillac, MI)

Rebecca Helen (b. July 11, 1956, Cadillac, MI)

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