Submitted by: Dennis W. Shackelford                  Dec. 22, 1999

Don't have much to go on, My grandfather (Jefferson Louis Shackelford had the two brothers that he would talk about ( there was some mention of another brother by the name of Cicel but not sure where this name came in at nor if it is in the chain)). The only thing that I have is that my father Doan said that he and his mother and father went to Washington Court House, Ohio to see his two uncles (Milton and Albert) that they weren't their very long ( maybe a hour) when they left his father stated that he would not talk to them again. Jefferson Louis was born in Jeffersonville In. on 3-20-1872 or 74, That his mother( Rachael) and he left when he was very young and came to Alger Ohio, may have been a divorcee.

Very interested in the Ky. Line (Albert and Milton). Looking at the map, Washington Court House isn't very far from Ky.

Pat Hobson: Thank you: Pat, really don't know. Wasn't any talk about Grampa as he would not talk about his familey untill all the family knowledge was gone(too many times the younger generations don't ask thoes questions untill it is too late). The only story was the discontent in the family between him and his brothers. Don't even know if there were any girls in the family . Stumbling in the dark looking for any ties

Thanks Venus 25: I can't give you any more than what I have posted, only other thing ( which may have been later in life) was Ga. nick names which were J.L and Jeff.

The two brothers were probley older (because that Ga. and his mother had left) which would put their birth days pre 1872.

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