Submitted by: Bruce L. Nicholson                   Dec 17, 1999

I am trying to find information about my great (X5) grandfather. His name was Lewis Shackelford. All I know about him is that he came to Baltimore, MD from Virginia and that he was a Chesapeake Bay harbor pilot. From a newspaper article about him in 1854 which stated that he was over 73 years of age at the time, I would place his birth in Virginia about 1779/80. He was married to Mary Curtain and had a son named Captain James Madison Shackelford.

Any information you can provide about Lewis Shackelford or suggestions of where to start looking for information will be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I have checked the Shackelford Clan Magazine and the only possible lead was a note that John Shackelford and Rebecca Warren may have had a son named Lewis although he was not mentioned with the other children in John Shackelford's will. Also, there is a posting on the Mormon Church website for a Lewis Shackelford, son of John Shackelford and Rebecca Warren. The birth date for this Lewis Shackelford was 1775 in Spottsylvania, VA.

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Update June 26, 2000   I am reposting a request from last fall and a new request.

Looking for information about my great, great great, great grandfather Lewis Shackelford. Lewis was born in Virginia in 1781/82 but came to Maryland where he was a harbor pilot in Baltimore. His wife was Mary Curtain and they had a son James Madison Shackelford. I am particularly interested in learning the names of Lewis Shackelford's parents and where he was born.

Also would like any information on Thomas H. Shackelford (died 1903 in Baltimore), John Henry Shackelford (died 1940 in Baltimore), and Harry A. Shackelford (died 1935 in Baltimore).   Thanks,

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