Submitted by: Connie Eckermann             July 1, 1999

Patricia, Browsing the web and ran across your web-site. I am a Shackelford myself. Am just starting to research my family tree. Don't have much. What all do you want for your project here?

Patricia, I will work on this over the holiday week-end and get back to you. As far as dates go, I can really only go back to my grandfather, Truman Shackelford. I have names and dates for my great grandfather and his sisters, but the dates came from a letter from a deceased uncle, and I have not verified them.

Have a good Fourth and will get back to you next week.

July 7, 1999

Pat, Attached is what little I have on my Shackelford family. I do know all the names are correct. There may be a date or two that is off a year or so, but they're all pretty close. The information should be pretty accurate, though, since I can remember some of the older people even!

My uncle went back one more generation - James and Elizabeth Garrison Shackelford as the parents of William, but I have no idea where he got that and have not been able to find anything at all to verify that.

Maybe what little I have will fit in somewhere.

Descendants of William Shackelford (As I know them!)

1. William Isaac Shackelford b. 07/1839; Staffords Court House, VA d. 04/1904-Eagleville, MO.

+Mary Adaline Terry (1864-66?) in Eagleville, MO

b. 03/11/1841-KY, daughter of James and Lucinda Terry, d. 09/23-Eagleville

2. Camera b. 02/27/1867-Staffords Court House, VA; d. 04-15-1946- Walker, Iowa

+Ida Estelle Fisher of Madison Co., IA-1887, b. 1869, d. 1928

3. Truman Archie - b. 12-14-1891-Eagleville, MO; d. 07-29-53- Walker, Iowa

+Etta Leah Ossman 03-01-1916 in Walker, Iowa; b. 04-30-1892; d. 10-16-78

4. Forrest D. - b. 05-17-1923 - Walker, Iowa

+EvaLou Price 08-01-1942; b. 02-23-1923.

5. Randall Lee (adopted) - b. 10/06/48, d. 03-13-69, Vietnam.

4. Raymond Dale - b. 07-31-27 - Walker, Iowa

+Ruth Maxine Glass on 06-03-46 in New Orleans, LA b. 08-28-27, daugher of Homer and Eliza Glass

5. Connie Ann (me) - b. 07-23-49 - Vinton, IA

+ Robert A. Eckermann - 11-22-69; div. 05-08-79

5. Pamela Raye - b. 11-18-53 - Austin, MN

+Terry Barber on 08-12-72 in Port Byron, IL son of Alvin and Elizabeth Barber

6. Kevin John Barber - b. 04-21-74

6. Kathy Jo Barber - b. 03-28-77

+Tim Doty, 11-22-97 in Erie, IL

6. James Scott Barber - b. 11-29-78

3. Glenn Erwin - b. 12-12-1895 - Eagleville, MO, d. ?

2. Winnie - b. 05/1869 - Eagleville, MO; d. ?

+ Mora Koontz (no info on children)

2. Stella - b. 06-01-1875 - Eagleville, MO, d. ?

+ Charles McHenry 08/09/1899

3. Addie McHenry

+ Unknown Gibbs

3. Marvin McHenry

3. Lillian Blanche McHenry

+ Unknown Monroe

3. Winnie McHenry

+ Unknown Stevens

3. Inez McHenry

+ Unknown Clark

2. Lillie - b. 10/27/1876 - Eagleville, MO, d. ?

+ John Forrest Kirkpatrick on 02-06-1901

3. Ben O. Kirkpatrick

+ Virginia Hall (3 children)

3. Glade Kirkpatrick

+ Marie Crosby (3 children)

3. Clay R. Kirkpatrick

+ Alice Doyle (3 children)

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