Submitted by: Ella Mae Johns           May 29, 1999

Dear Patricia,

1. I am Ella Mae Johns and I recieved e-mail from you at This is my mother's address and I use it a lot because my genealogy program is on her computer. You sent Cheryl Stamps Flores's address as and I was very interested but didn't get through to her?????

2. I have prepared a descendency chart for you but I don't know how to get it to you so Here goes on my own. (I'm just a beginner) my earliest ancestor is:

1 Lancelot ( - )

2--John Shackleford 1600-1638 Old Alresford, Hampshire, England

3--Roger 1629-1704 Old Alrestford --- wife Mary Palmer

4--John Shackleford 1663 Gloucester,VA wife, Mary Ann Livingston

5--John Shackleford 1700 King & Queen,VA--wife Ann Lyne

6--James B. Shackleford 1728 King&Queen,VA--wife Mary Allen Stamps (Stamms)

7. Willaim Stamms(Stamps) 1778 Fauquir,VA --wife Sabina E. Metcalf

8.John Metcalf Shackleford 1798 - 1878 Burbon, KY wife Amelia Hickman

9. Amelia Jane Shackleford 1841-1883 ,Clark KY Husband Seth Worthington Hooker.

10. Horace Hooker (1867-1952 Red Bluff CA wife Cassie Cooley

11. Frank James Hooker (1895-1976) Silver City NM wife Elma Croom

12. Ella May Hooker 1927 Husband Louis Johns.

3. I tried you index page and that will take a lot of time to get acquainted with. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help. Ella Mae Johns

May 30, 1999


I spent some time looking through that info I recieved from you and found the very people I was looking for. It is my first big success, Thanks to you. Ella Mae

June 12, 1999


I was looking through my things and found that the first information I sent you was from the Family History Center LDS Church. I go there often they have a lot of good "stuff" but it is sent in by a lot of people and sometime people from the same family do not have the same information. I'm going to have to look a little closer at this because I downloaded this family on my computor and now I see it is not the same as out of my books. I am just getting started but have a lot to look through and a lot to learn and so much to tie together.

Please be patient with me. Ella Mae

Pat, I don't know where that information came from on John Shackleford. All charts from ROGER SHACKLEFORD back to the the first one, was researched and compiles by Edward Madison Shackleford & Franklin Shackleford Mosely. .Charts from ROGER SHACKLEFORD down to JOHN METCLAF SHACKLFORD, was compiled into what is called "THE SHACKLEFORD CLAN MAGAZINES" by W. L. Jones

These charts begin with BARON JACQUES le FORT, b. about 1036, A Nobleman of Nromandy, and an officer in the Army of WILLIAM The Conqueror in 1066 A.D. William gave him a land grant in England for his services.

The next Shackleford known is this line is: JOHN de SHACKLEFORD, b. c1300 A.D. Probably in England. Here is where the name was changed. He was Trustee to Richard Atte Wells, Surry Co., Eng.

The next Shackleford known in line was:

HENRY de SHACKLFORD, B. c 1375, in Surry Co., Eng. He was a Gentleman in Waiting to Henry V, between 1387 & 1422.

WILLIAM de SHACKLEFORD,b. c 1400 was pf "Shackleford Village, Godalming Parish, Surry Co., Eng.

WILLIAM de SHACKLEFORD, b. 1520, Surry Co., Eng. This William's family is the father of JOHN de SHACKLEFORD b. c 1556/60 in France. Is this the one you are looking for? His son is ROGER etc. does this help? Ella Mae

June 17, 1999

Pat, I will continue my own line of Shacklefords: It has been gotten from the "Sackleford Clan Magazine" and is the same at John Shackleford 1700 m. Ann Lyne, my ancestor is James B. Shackleford, their son William Stamms m. Sabina Metcalfe, their son is John Metcalfe Shackleford, m. Amelia Hickman, their daughter Amelia Jane Shackleford m. my g. grandfather Seth Worthington Hooker, their son Horace is my grandfather, m. Cassie Cooley, their son is Frank Hooker my father. I am Ella Mae Hooker Johns. The Hookers go back to Rev. Thomas Hooker of Hatford Conn.

Does this help? I have all the family group sheets. I want information on the Stamms family. Ella Mae

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