Submitted by: Dennis K. Shackelford         Dec 16, 1998

Hello, my name is Dennis Shackelford. I think I share a common heritage with you to Greenberry. He is the first Greenberry Shackelford, but one of his grandsons was Greenberry also, and that Greenberry was my Great-Grandfather. He took our branch of the family to Arkansas, where he died, in Osage in 1942. His son was Chester Arthur, my Grandfather. Do you know if others in the family went by initials only? Greenberry was known as G. B., my Grandfather was known as C.A., and my Father was known as F.R. his name was Foster. He was named after an Uncle, also a Shackelford.

I am very much interested in the Shackelford Clan Magazines. Unfortunately, I am unable to access them through your web page. Is there another way I can access this? I would also greatly appreciate any information you might have on The first Greenberry's sons.

Thank you,  D.K. Shackelford

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