Submitted by: Gary Snyder            Jun 26, 1999

I will take you up on your offer about queries on the Shackelford family.

My great grandmother was Anna Shackelford. I have limited knowledge of her, but I will share with you what I know. Anna was born in Virginia of Virginian parentage. Date is unknown but I assume it was between 1850 and 1860. She had a sister named Julia Shackelford.

Anna married James Louis Flynn, the son of Irish immigrants James Flynn and Mary Downey, who was born on September 15, 1851 in Washington, D.C.

They had at least six children:

James b. 1877

Lillian b. 1883

Florence b. 1884

Gertrude b. 1888

Ann b. 1891

Rhoda b 1893

Anna and James moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at some point in time.

The girls were born in Pennsylvania, so I assume they moved sometime before 1883. Anna died in Pittsburgh on May 1, 1900. James Flynn died on April 26, 1914.

There is an undocumented story floating around in our family that Anna Shackelford's family owned property in Northern Virginia became part of Arlington National Cemetery. I have no proof of this; it's just a story that my mother remembers.

If this in anyway ties into your Shackelford Family records, please let me know.

Best regards, Gary Snyder

Update sent October 4, 1999

Thank you for your response to my earlier email in June. It was kind of you to set me up as Chart # 190 on the web page.

As I continue my research on my Shackelford ancestry, I have discovered some more information. My great grandmother, Annie Flynn (nee Shackelford) was born in November 1856 in Fredericksburg, VA and died on May 1, 1900 in Pittsburgh, PA. She was the daughter of Lawson and Julia Shackelford, both born in Richmond, VA. I am not sure if the reference is to the city or county.

The Shackelford Clan Magazine has some interesting discussion in 1954 regarding the Shackelfords of Richmond County and some intriguing speculation about Lawson Shackelford.

Julia Shackelford may possibly be Julia Ann Bowler who married Lawson Shackelford in 1850. I also note the Shackelford Clan Magazine lists a Sgt. Lawson Shackelford as serving in the 1st Artillery, Battery C, in the Confederate Army.

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