Submitted by: Patricia McKinney Grant

1 William De Shackelford

Miss St. Pierre

2 Lancelot Shackelford


3 John E. Shackelford

Marye Shackelford

4 John H. Shackelford

Maria Ann Shackelford Saunders

5 Roger Shackelford

Mary Palmer (?)

6 Francis Robert Shackelford

Sarah Virginia Lewis

7 Roger the 2ND Shackelford

Mary Carey Baker Straton

8 Roger the 3RD Shackelford

Mary Ann Carter

9 William W. Shackelford

Elizabeth Moore

10 Allen Shackelford

Eliza(beth) Reynolds

11 Joe Green Shackelford

Susan A. Beauchamp

12 Joe Beauchamp Shackelford

Lettie Edna McLemore

13 Elsie M. Shackelford

Arthur Davis McKinney

14 Patricia R. McKinney (Grant)

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