Submitted by: Gordie Fears                 Feb 23, 1999

I am new to the Shackelford mailing list. My name is Gordie Fears and my great great grandmother is Emma Cora Shackelford. Emma Cora Shackelford was born February 26, 1849 and died September 28, 1909 in Autauga County, Alabama. She is buried in Rocky Hill Cemetery.

On October 6, 1869 she married James Monroe Thompson. Three children were born from this marriage of which one is Lyda Thompson my great grandmother.

This side of the family I have not been able to research directly and rely heavily on the research of Dora Maud Thompson Aldridge who is a first cousin twice removed. In many ways she is responsible for fueling my genealogy blood. I think she and my grandfather were first cousins and I am two generations down. Is that how it works?

Emma Cora's parents are Robert E. Shackelford and Cordelia Ann Quigley. My question is if there is anybody on the list that is a descendant of this couple? Emma Cora is the only child I have at the moment. I have the Shackelford line all the way back to the early 1700s (again relying on others). However, I want to get caught up on descendants first before I talk about ancestors.

Mail received June 14, 1999

To Shackelford researchers:

I am kind of late to this list and I am sure this topic has been previously discussed. I believe I am a direct ancestor to this couple through son John. Anyway, I noticed on one web page that Roger married a second time to Drucilla Hendrix in Halifax County, Va. in 1770. Roger later died in King and Queen County, Virginia after December 24, 1779. On surface, claiming these gentleman are the same appears ludicrous; however, I wanted to know if there is a consensus among the list participants that these two gentleman are the same.

I live near Halifax County, Va and have a few days around the fourth of July. Does anybody know if there are other court records concerning Roger in Halifax County, Va.?

Gordie Fears, Raleigh, North Carolina

Mail received June 29, 1999

To fellow Shackelford researchers:

I have been having a conversation with Connie Shackelford Eckermann over the past two days or so concerning her third great grandparents James Shackelford and Elizabeth Garrison. After suggesting she join our list and we make a post, we flipped a coin and I was assigned to make the post.

Connie contacted me when she saw my post concerning John Shackelford and Francis Wade Butler in the Butler family forum in genforum. She basically told me her third great grandparents are the subject couple who had a son William Isaac Shackelford born 1839 in Stafford Court House, Virginia. Her James was b. 1800 d. 1841. Elizabeth was b. 1799 d. 1850. This information comes from a 1967 letter from Ms. Eckermann's uncle Glenn Shackelford. Her uncle also claimed that her James Shackelford is the son of John Shackelford and Francis Wade Butler. Ms. Eckermann asked me if I had info concerning all the kids of John Shackelford and Frances Wade Butler. My response was "ouch!" because my grandfather's cousin concluded James Shackelford who married Mary Broadnax was the son of John and Francis Butler Shackelford.

We have come to the conclusion that neither one of us has the proper documentation to prove or disprove and are requesting help from those who are more knowledgeable. Does anyone recognize this couple? Other children to this couple are Elizabeth b. June 1821, Harriet b. Jan 1823, Edward b. Feb. 1825, Dicy b. May 1829, James b. May 1837, and Sarah b. 1839 (twin to William Issac who died in infancy).

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