Submitted by: Lois Tull                  1/16/1999      

Also see  John Otto Shackelford     Info Chart

My name is Lois I was born in Chico, Ca. My mother is a Shackelford my dad Tull.

I don't have much history on them every time I try it ends up the wrong family or I don't have enough to tie into it yet what I have is the following .

My great grandfather is William L. Shackelford Born in Kentucky 1829 Died Feb 9,1903 in Yuba City, Ca. Married Elizabeth don't know last name.

My grandfather name was John Otto Shackelford or maybe Otto John. or Jon Otto I have found it all way. He married Emma Pearl Nolan John was born April 18 1872 Missouri Died in Yuba City, Ca. March 9 1938

My mother name Beatrice Naomi Shackelford born Aug 15 1906 her sister Marion Elizabeth,and Bernice, the boys were Floyd, Clifford,Clayton,Raymond,I think Leonard.that is about all I have I just keep looking hopeing I will find more

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