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I am researching Richard Shackleford who died in Spotsylvania, VA in 1774. His wife's name was Ann, and I believe he had a brother, Ambrose. He had two daughters, Elizabeth (Betsy) and Mary (Molly). They married brothers by the name of AILLS. Are you familiar with this family? I have hit an impasse and can't go back any further. It's not easy to do Virginia research from Idaho! Thank you

Possibility listed by Chuck Dematus

1 Richard SHACKLEFORD b: 1710 d: 1774

... +___ LYNE

.. 2 [1] Richard SHACKLEFORD b: Abt. 1735 d: 1794

...... +Elizabeth REDMAN m: in Richmond Co, VA

.. *2nd Wife of [1] Richard Shackleford:

...... +Margaret (Peggy) LANDMAN m: 17 Jan 1767 in Richmond Co, VA

Father: Mother:

.. *3rd Wife of [1] Richard Shackleford:

...... +Joanna LAWSON m: 29 Feb 1788 in Richmond Co, VA

Wed. Mar. 11, 1998

I just read the e-mail about Richard Shackelford who died in VA in 1773 in VA.

I am sending the following to set the record straight that there were two Richard Shackelfords who died about the same time, both in Virginia. Here is some information on the other Richard Shackelford and his issue. I would also love any information on the AILLS brothers mentioned below including dates of marriage to the Shackelford sisters. They probably married 1774-1787 in Spotsylvania, VA. Other ways of spelling the name were Ayles, Ailes, Ailles, Eales, Iles, etc. --Mary Wells

The following was extracted from an 1822 lawsuit from Lewis Co., KY

Richard AILLS (et al) vs John AILLS and Samuel CUMMINGS 1822 LEWIS CO., KY

Richard AILLS, Benjamin AILLS, Elizabeth AILLS, Nancy AILLS and her husband James HEATH, and William AILLS Jr. and

Walker AILLS, George Whitefield AILLS, and Molly AILLS infants who sue by William AILLS, their Father, all heirs of Molly AILLS, the late Molly SHACKLEFORD, deceased, say that on 5 April 1774 Richard SHACKLEFORD, their maternal grandfather, made the following will:

"Richard SHACKLEFORD, of Spotsylvania Co, (VA) to wife Ann... my two daughter Molly and Betsy Ambrose SHACKLEFORD... my friend James WIGGLESWORTH, executor... made 5 April 1774, witnesses Cain A. CUFF and Esther KENNEDY."

Richard SHACKLEFORD died in 1774. The will was probated 18 August 1774.

William AILLS married Molly SHACKLEFORD.

His brother, Walker AILLS married Betsy SHACKLEFORD.

William and Walker AILLS, their wives, and their wives' mother, Ann SHACKELFORD moved to Kentucky. The family agreed to sell the plantation in Spotsylvania and invest the proceeds in slaves. After the land was sold they bought two negro slaves, Phoebe and Dolly.

The family moved to Kentucky. Ann SHACKLEFORD lived with her son-in-law, Walker AILLS during his lifetime. They kept the slaves and their increase.

Walker AILLS died in 180?, intestate. Walker & Betsy had only one child, John AILLS.

Ann SHACKLEFORD kept Dolly and the increase of both slaves after Phoebe died. Ann died in 1816.

Betsy AILLS died some years before her husband Walker.

Molly AILLS died in November 1807, leaving your orators (plaintiffs) her only heirs.

The slaves remained in the possession of John AILLS, the son of Walker & Betsy, except one slave who was sold to Samuel CUMMINGS.

The plaintiffs claim they have an equal share in the slaves. The suit was dismissed for want of prosecution.

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