Submitted by: Denise Darr                Jul 8, 1998

My name is Denise Shackelford Darr. I am very interested in starting to trace my family tree. Your web page looked like a good place to start. I found no mention of my father Dennis Allen Shackelford nor grandfather Horace Allen Shackelford.

How should I get started?  Thank you.

Jul 9, 1998

Dear Patricia:

Thank you for responding so quickly. I will start working on this as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there is only 1 aunt that I can turn to for information on the Shackelford's right now. I am sure I will discover others. My father, Dennis Allen Shackelford, was born and raised in Winchester, Virginia. He died March 29, 1987. My grandfather, Horace Allen Shackelford, died in Winchester 1977 and his brother Frank Shackelford died in 1989 or 1990 in Pennsylvania. I had never even met Frank until daddy died. My aunt that I still have contact with is Tessie Onita Shackelford Jordan and she lives in Richmond now. That's pretty much all I know at this time. I will write you with more information as it becomes available.

Thank you for your suggestions and help.

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