Submitted by: LynnShakelford             Jul 7, 1998

Patricia,  Very interesting! I will make a note to visit there someday. Is it me, or do most of the Shackelfords seem to be either from VA, WVA, or GA?

Just seeing a pattern here. My particular Shackelfords were from GA.

Jul 9, 1999

Patricia, I have not sent a chart as of yet. Received most of my information from Tom Tullis through your mailing list - such a great service, this list! My husband knew virtually nothing about his family beyond his own parents, now through your list I have his family back several generations and found some cousins to boot!

I don't know, but Tom may have submitted that chart. If so, it would be the same as what I would send you. However, please feel free to see what information I have on my FTM web page:

There is a descendant chart for my Shackelfords on that page. Thanks,

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