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father: ZACHARIAH SR. SHACKELFORD, Rev. War Soldier      mother: DOLLY EMBREE   born: 1784 Orange Co., VA (Descendants of William de Shackelford) 1791 Orange Co., VA (Echos of the Past) died: after 1860 Casey Co., KY (was in the 1860 census)

Children: (Not all of these are etched in stone)

1. (sure) RICHARD SHACKELFORD b. Oct. 7, 1809 (this date from Gene Spiers Bible) in Mercer Co., KY., d. 1884 Mercer Co., KY. after 1890. Ancestor of Mary Jane Kaiser (at one time editor of the Shackelford Clan Magazine and president of the Indiana Genealogy Society). She gives his birth date as 1810, based on the marriage date of Zachariah Jr. and Frances Ross. Richard Shackelford married Eliza Dean. He is also listed as a child in "Echos of the Past" and under Desc. of W. de Shackelford.

2. REUBEN SHACKELFORD b. 1 Jan 1812 (Spiers Bible) lived in Sabetha, KS (Shackelford Clan Magazine), m. Nancy Burks April 7, 1833, Mercer Co., KY. Listed as a child by Mary Jane Kaiser, Shackelford Clan Magazine, and Des. of W. de Shackelford, and in the Spiers Bible. NOT in Echos of the Past.

3. DONALD SHACKELFORD b. 24 Feb 1814 (only listed in the Spiers Bible)

4. DANIEL SHACKELFORD (listed by Shackelford Clan Magazine, Mary Jane Kaiser, Echoes of the Past, Desc. of W. de Shackelford, but NOT in the Spiers Bible). m Lucy Cundiff. A daughter was born to them Sept. 25, 1853 (Sarah E). In 1850 in Casey Co., KY, his wife's name was Manerva, in 1860, Casey Co., KY his wife's name was Adaline and in 1880, still in Casey Co., KY his wife's name was Manerva again.

5. (sure) ELIZABETH SHACKELFORD b. Sept. 15, 1818, d. 30 March 1846 (Spiers Bible), m. Phillip R. Ellis Sept. 8, 1833, Mercer Co., KY. Listed as a child by Shackelford Clan Magazine, Echos of thePast, Des. of W. de Shackelford, Mary Jane Kaizer and the Spiers Bible.

6. (sure) SARAH JANE SHACKELFORD b 29 Jan 1821, m. 1 Jan. 1845 in KY to Evan Wright, d. Oct. 17, 1911 at Stamping Ground, KY, Scott Co. (Listed by everybody and the ancestor of Margie Vaught (email) who gave me the information on the Spiers Bible, ancestor of Sallie Gibson (group sheet), census records, and email from Jack Wright.

7. (sure) NANCY DOLORES SHACKELFORD (MY ANCESTOR.) b. 13 Oct. 1823, family Bible in my possession and also the Spiers Bible, listed by all sources, m. Elbert Walker Dec. 4, 1845 in Fayette Co., KY, they moved to Pettis Co., MO about 1848 and she died Jan. 1, 1903 near Metz, MO.

8. ZACHARIAH SHACKELFORD b. April 3, 1828 (Spiers Bible) listed in all sources. Is he the Z. B. SHACKELFORD that Zachariah Jr. Shackelford and Frances Ross Shackelford were living with in the 1860 census? If so, his tombstone says he was born Aug. 25, 1823, and d. March 1, 1889. This conflicts with the birth date of Nancy Shackelford. He married Libby Noland June 11, 1849, in Fayette Co., KY. Echos of the Past gives his birthdate as 1824.

9. GEORGE W. SHACKELFORD b. 16 Feb. 1830 and d. 23 March 1848 (Only listed in the Spiers Bible)

10. MARY SHACKELFORD m. Samuel S. Graves Dec. 8, 1839 in Fayette Co., KY. Listed as a child by all sources but NOT found in the Spiers Bible.

11. (sure) TABITHA SHACKELFORD b. abt. 1828 (census record 1850. 22 years old, living with Zachariah Jr. Shackelford and his wife Frances in Madison Co., KY). Listed by all sources as a child of Zachariah Jr. but NOT found in the Spiers Bible). (Family hearsay: "Nancy Shackelford had a sister named "Bith" who married a Champion and moved to Arkansas, I believe"). m. Thomas Champion Feb. 13, 1854 in Washington Co., KY

12. (sure) ANDREW JACKSON SHACKELFORD b. 23 Nov. 1832 (Spiers Bible). Living with parents in 1850 census. Listed by all sources as a son. Listed as Andrew A. Shackelford in the spiers Bible).

Andrew J. Shackelford and Mary J. Lawhorn.

They were probably married around 1869 as their son, Zachariah was born in 1870. He was 4 months old in the 1870 census but died in 1874 of Whooping Cough. In the 1870 census two daughters were listed: Elizabeth 8, and Lucy 7. But in 1880 they are listed as stepdaughters, Lizia Lawhorn and Lilia Lawhorn. I do not have a date for the marriage but Mary J. Lawhorn was probably the widow Lawhorn.

Andrew J. Shackelford was not in the 1860 census of Kentucky. I haven't found him yet. Several of my relatives went west about that time.

There were other children: John L (1871-1898), Fannie Bell (1874-1895) and Mary A. (1876-1902)

Will gladly exchange information. Alex Early

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