Submitted by: Joanne Shackford Parkes           Feb 2, 1999

Write to her at: PSC 78 Box 2223,  APO AP 96326, Yokota AB, Japan  or call her at: 011-81-31175-78718

Found the following database on Cyndi's Lists. Direct URL is:

I search for SHACKFORD but have never run across these folks and am wondering if anyone can place them as SHACKELFORDs or SHACKLEFORDs so I can stop puzzling as to their whereabouts. Thanks so much!!

Kentucky 1911-1986 Death Index Search

There were 5 matches to your request

ANNA B SHACKFORD, Date 431222, Age 050, Place FYETE, Residence FAYETTE. Volume 053, Cert 26370, Deathvol 43

BRUCE SHACKFORD, Date 640404, Age 044, Place LNCLN, Residence LINCOLN, Volume 018, Cert 08710, Deathvol 64

ESTELL 2 SHACKFORD, Date 410123, Age U/1, Place HARLN, Residence HARLAN, Volume 003, Cert 01316, Deathvol 41

LEVI SHACKFORD, Date 251003, Age U/1, Place BELL, Volume 047, Cert 23136, Deathvol 25

LILLIE SHACKFORD, Date 391021, Age 017, Place HARLN, Volume 055, Cert 27263, Deathvol 39

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