Shackleford/Shackelford Marriages

compiled by many and submitted to: Patricia Viellenave                 

To see the marriage's for a certain state, just hit the state you would like to look at.

If you have a documented marriage for any of the states please send them to me to post.

AL        GA         KY         NC         SC         VA         WV        TN      OH      IN     IL

PA        FL         TX         OK         LA          CA         OR         UT      WA     MT    

AZ        NM       CO        AR          IO           NV         ND        SD       MA     MI

MN       NY       NJ          DE         ID            DC         CN        MO      AK      WY

WI        KA       NE          NH        VT           MD         RI        

Keep checking back as you have time, I will be adding more as the information is submitted. Let me hear from you if you can add to or correct anything . 

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