Virginia Shakelford /Shackleford Marriages

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Compiled from GRS CD-Rom Disk # 4 and 229

Unknown Co., VA. (CD# 4)

Martha L. Shackleford to George C. Williams  Jul. 12, 1817 CD #229 has this same couple married in Richmond Co., VA.

Albemarle Co., VA.

J. Shackelford to Rebecca Bishop                            Nov. 13, 1830

Sarah M. Shackelford/Shackleford (2 listed) to William Bishop            Jan. 11, 1866

William Shackelford to Susan Bowen                       Dec. 30, 1818 (#229-12/29/1818)

Elizabeth Shackelford to James Busby                      Mar. 4, 1790 (#229-4/2/1790)

Daniel Shackelford to Patsey Carr                            Dec. 24, 1817 (#229-12/22/1817)

M.C. Shackelford to Caleb A. Colquett                   Aug. 31, 1847

Jonathan A. Shackleford to Mary J. Duke               Aug. 17, 1880

F.M. Shackelford to A.G. Dulaney                          Sep. 20, 1848 ******See below Bible Records

Martha Shackelford/Shackleford to Ewell Eastin      Oct. 7, 1830

James Shackelford , born May 5, 1794 Fluvanna Co., VA., died May 31, 1878 Upshur Co., WV. to Mous J. Garrison , born April 25, 1800 VA., died 1872 Upshur Co., WV. (this is my 3rd great grandparents and he was James Carter Shackelford, the same groom married to Elizabeth Lively and she was Mourning J. Garrison) (#229- She is listed as Molly J.)       May 11, 1824 James Carter was the s/o Richard & Patsy (Spears) Shackelford. Mourning Garrison was the d/o Kellis/Achilles Garrison from Eastern Shore, VA.

Achilles Garrison to Sidne M. Harris Dec. 18, 1819  ( I believe this is Mourning Garrisons brother, and that their father was Achilles Garrison)

Agnes Garrison to Peter McCauley                           Jan. 8, 1807

Zack Shackelford/Shackleford to Susan Gilmer         Jun. 30, 1809

William C. Shackleford to Sarah Jane Goss               Nov. 29, 1864 ******See below Bible Records

Susan E. Shackleford to John G. Graves                   Feb. 8, 1872

J.S. Shackleford to S.E. Harlow                               Oct. 10, 1889

Margaret S. Shackleford to Thomas J. Harris           Jan. 15, 1878

Jane Shackelford/Shackleford to Geroge Harris       Nov. 30, 1847

Sarah Elizabeth Shackleford to William Samuel Harris         Oct. 21, 1883

J. Shackleford to L.A. Humphreys                           Jun. 27, 1871

Mordeca Shackelford to Sarah Jones                       Oct. 12, 1788

James C. Shackelford to Elizabeth Lively (Same James listed above married to Mourning Garrison) (1st marriage of my 2nd great grandfather) Feb. 22, 1816

Ametra Shackelford to John Lively                           Jan. 9, 1818 (#229-1/10/1818)

Dabney F. Shackelford to mary E. Maddox             Jan. 25, 1859

James D. Shackelford to Sarah J. Maddox              Aug. 20, 1856

Jonathan A. Shackelford to Clementina Marshall      Jul. 30, 1863

Mary A. Shackelford/Shackleford to William Marshall        May 4, 1837 (#229-4/217/1837)

En Shackleford to Ed Meeks                                   Aug. 28, 1890

D. Shackelford/Shackleford to John A. Merchant    Dec. 23, 1835

William Shackelford/Shackleford to Sarah Moon     Jun. 29, 1848 (#229-5/27/1848)

John A. Shackelford/Shackleford to Elizabeth Moseley       Dec. 26, 1843 (#229-12/23/1844)

Henry J. Shackelford/Shackleford to Eliza A. Perkins         May 23, 1832 (#229-5/21/1832)

L. Leo Shackleford to Virginia M. Randolph                      Jul. 1, 1884

D. Robert B. Shackleford to Endora F. Sampson              Oct. 31, 1877

M.R. Shackleford to J.W. Sampson                                  Nov. 25, 1896

A.I. Shackelford to Virginia Smith                                     Aug. 25, 1852

Richard Shackelford, born 1754 VA. to Patsy Spears   Jun. 4, 1789  (This is my 3rd great grandparents, Patsy was the d/o James Spears)

Lucy Jane Shackleford to William M. Thacker                   Jan. 5, 1887  (He could be the s/o William M. Thacker & Sarah Jane Price Thacker M: Nov. 28, 1865)

Mary A. Shackelford to James M/N? Travellian                Feb. 23, 1854

Richard J. Shackleford to Laura A. Vandergrift                 Nov. 23, 1865

Lucy Shackelford to Charles C. Walker                            Oct. 18, 1883

Zachariap Shackleford to Lucy E. Walker                         Dec. 13, 1873

I found some Shackelford Bible records last night on the internet at the Virginia Digital Library site. I noticed that some you don't have on the Shackelford pages. These are not transcribed copies, but copies of the original Bible records. Some of the dates are different than what is on the corresponding pages on your site. They are all from Albemarle Co.  Submitted by: Sandy Taylor Shackelford

MARRIAGES From Bible Records

Zachariah Shackleford was married to Sarah C. Cave April 22nd, 1822

Mildred C. Shackleford was married to C. A. Colquitt Sept. 1st, 1847

Frances M. Shackleford was married to Dr. A. G. Dulaney Sept. 20th, 1848 *******

B. C. Shackleford was married to Mary Gray Jesse May 1st, 1855

H. B. Shackleford was married to Harriet V. Barnes May _, 1857

R. B. Shackleford was married to Mary E. Barnes Nov. 25th, 1858

W. C. Shackleford was married to Sarah J. Goss on 29th November 1864

Amherst Co., VA.

Benjamin Shackleford to Frances McCulloch                    May 17, 1799

Augusta Co., VA.

Sarah Shackleford to Hugh Keeon                                   Mar. 12, 1789

Ruben Shackleford to Rebecah Johnston                         Jan. 8, 1790

Bedford Co., VA.

John Shackleford to Penelope Adams                            Aug. 15, 1778

Campbell Co., VA.

James Shackleford to Nancy Hanes                               Oct. 24, 1787

Caroline Co., VA.

Mary A. Shackleford to William J.D. Carnal                  Feb. 16, 1850

Ann Shackleford to George Carter (two dates listed)     Dec. 7, 1818 & Dec. 8, 1818

Mildred J. Shackleford to Henry Morgan                       Feb. 23, 1832

Sarah M. Shackleford to Larkin Robertson                    Jun. 13, 1833

Sarah Shackleford to Larkin Robinson                           Jun. 12, 1833

Christopher Shackleford to Parthena Flippo                   Sep. 12, 1842

John L. Shackleford to Mary E. Long                            Jun. 9, 1845

Charlotte or Charles City, VA.

Georgia A. Shackelford to Henry Richard Tate              Jul. 17, 1890

Chesterfield Co.,VA.

Nancy Shackleford to Leonard Cheatham                     Jan. 30, 1798

Peter Shackleford to Martha Dishman                          Apr. 21, 1848

Clark Co., VA.

James H. Shackelford to Mary L. Sydnor                     Apr. 22, 1839

Culpeper Co.,VA.

James Shackelford to Catharine Basey                         Oct. 2, 1813

Susanna Shackelford/Shackleford to Joseph Campbell      May 16, 1793 (CD229- 5/26/1793)

Lucy Shackelford to Aaron Clements                           Jan. 10, 1799 (#229- Clement)

Mallory Shackelford to Nancy McQueen                    Jan. 27, 1800

Mallory Shackelford to Mary Coleman                       Mar. 10, 1802

John Shackelford to Sally Coleman                            Jun. 9, 1808

Milly Shackelford/Shackleford to Richard Glovier      Apr. 20, 1795

Maria Shackleford to Archibald Hamilton                  Jun. 15, 1797

Frances Shackelford/Shackleford to Theophilus Jones      Mar. 7, 1797

Frances Shackleford to James McDaniels                  Feb. 23, 1827

James McDaniels to Ann King                                  Dec. 15, 1792

Zachariah Shackelford to Frances Lillard                   Dec. 19, 1811

Charles Shackelford to Polly Menefee                       Mar. 11, 1798 (#229-12/11/1798)

John Shackelford to Peggy Newby                           Aug. 2, 1794

Elizabeth Shackelford/Shackleford to Benjamin Nicholson        Dec. 4, 1792 (#229-4/12/1792) Book 1, Page 70 Culpepper County, Va as listed) (Dianne Windsor Parfitt states: Benjamin Nicholson and Elizabeth Shackleford who married in Culpepper County, Virginia on 04 December 1792. Recorded in marriage register Book 1, Page 70 Culpepper County, Va.. I took note that there is a entry beside this information on you web which is incorrect. Information above is correct and is confirmed in the Nicholson family bible which has been handed down to my keeping.)

William Shackelford to Sally Suddeth                       Mar. 16, 1808

Nancy Shackelford to Bailey Suddoth                     Feb. 1, 1810

Winny Shackelford to Isaac Tobin                          Apr. 5, 1811

Dudley Shackelford to Winifred Waterspon            Mar. 4, 1784

Elizabeth Shackleford to Minor W. Gilson (#229)   Jun. 10, 1819

Submitted by: Stephen Shackelford and Sharon Shackelford Watkins    

From a family Bible, Caleb Shackelford married Mary Lucinda McDonald on December 24, 1826 in Culpeper County, VA. They were married by the Reverend Cumberland George, pastor of Hedgeman's River (later renamed Jeffersonton) Baptist Church.

From a marriage certificate, Caleb Shackelford, after the death of his first wife, married Catherine "Kitty" McDonald on April 15, 1883 in Culpeper County, VA. The ceremony was performed by Reverend Luther R. Steel of Jeffersonton Baptist Church.

Fountain Gordon Shackelford married Georgianna McDonald on November 29, 1870 in Culpeper County, VA. The ceremony was performed by Reverend Barnett Grimsley, pastor of Jeffersonton Baptist Church.

Submitted by: Sharen Chambers  Source: Culpeper County Marriages--Mans Name--found in Baptist Church Records by: Lewis Conner

Benjamin H. Shackelford to Rebecca B. Green, Jun 26, 1852; s John d Jones

Caleb Shackelford to Lucinda McDonald, 18??; min. C. George

Charles Shackelford to Polly Menefee, Mar. 11, 1798; min. Reuben Finnell

Coleman Shackelford to Drucilla Wallage, Jan. 11, 1833; min. James Garnett, (Baptist)

Dudley Shackelford to Winifred Waterspon, Mar. 4, 1784; min. William Mason (Baptist)

Henry Shackelford to E.E.A. Ross, Nov. 22, 1830; min. C. George

James Shackelford to Catharine Basey, Oct. 2, 1813; min. Lewis Conner (Baptist)

John A. Shackelford to Cahrlotte A. Wartledge, Dec. 21, 1848; min. C. George

John Shackelford to Sally Coleman, Jun. 9, 1808; min. William Mason (Baptist)

John Shackelford to Peggy Newby, Aug. 2, 1794; min. William Mason (Baptist)

John Shackelford to Lucinda Yates, Sep. 1831; min. Francis Thornton

Mallory Shackelford to Mary Coleman, Mar. 10, 1802; min. William Mason (Baptist)

Mallory Shackelford to Nancy McQueen, Jan. 27, 1800; min. Absalom Kinsey

Robert Shackelford to Kitty Pemberton, Sep. 16, 1839; min. C. George

William Shackelford to Sally Suddeth, Mar. 16, 1808; min. William Mason (Baptist)

Zachariah Shackelford to Frances Lillard, Dec. 19, 1811; min. Lewis conner (Baptist)

Source: Culpeper County Marriages--Woman's Name--found in Baptist Church Records by: Lewis Conner

Elilzabeth P. Shackelford to Minor W. Gibson, Jun. 10, 1819; min. John W. Woodville, Rector of St. Mark's Parish (Episcopal)

Elizabeth Shackelford to Benjamin Nicholson, Dec. 4, 1792; min. Lewis Corbin

Frances Shackelford to Theophilus Jones, Mar. 7, 1797; min. Lewis Corbin

Frances Shackelford to James McDaniel, Feb. 23, 1827; min. C. Goerge

Lucy Shackelford to Aaron Clements, Jan. 10, 1799; min. Absalom Kinsey

Maria Shackelford to Archiblad Hamilton, Jun. 15, 1797; min. John Woodvile, Rector of St. Mark's Parish (Episcopal)

Milly Shackelford to Richard Glovier, Apr. 20, 1795; min. John Hickerson (Baptist)

Nancy Shackelford to Bailey Suddoth, Feb. 1, 1810; min. William Mason (Baptist)

Susanna Shackelford to Joseph Cambell, May 16, 1793; min. John Swindler

Winny Shackelford to Isaac Tobin, Apr. 5, 1811; min. Lewis Conner (Baptist)

Dinwiddle Co., VA.

Essex Co., VA.

John P. Shackelford to Ann D. Bohanman              Nov. 26, 1821

William A. Shackleford to Frances C. Crow          Oct. 4, 1852

Martha Shackleford to John Crow, Sr.                  Apr. 6, 1832

Robert T. Shckleford to Lucy Garrett                    May 2, 1825

Lucy Shackleford to Thomas Gordon                  Dec. 14, 1818

Warner Shackleford to Silvia Greenwood             Dec. 19, 1825

Nancy Shackleford to Thomas Greenstreet          Dec. 31, 1835

Elizabeth Shackleford to Twyman Greenstreet      May 23, 1811

W.R. Shackleford to Cathrine Kendall                 Aug. 19, 1833

Fairfax Co., VA.

Fauquier Co.,VA.

Mary Shackleford to George Grant                    Mar. 12, 1772

Milly Shackelford to John Metcalf/Metcalfe        May 1, 1782

Fauquier County, Virginia Marriage Bonds 1759-1854 and Marriage Returns 1785-1848, by John K.Gott, Heritage Books, Inc., 1992 [Heritage Books, 1540E Pointer Ridge Place, Bowie MD 20716, ISBN 1-55613-251-4.

Submitted by: Sue Lattea             June 14, 1999

She has not listed her source for these marriages, so you will need to contact her about them.

Faquier Co., VA Marriages

Jan. 4, 1793 Daniel Shackleford Amnah Harden, dau. of Hall

Nov. 2, 1796 Samuel J. Shackleford Nancy Grigsley

Dec. 5, 1797 Salah Shackleford Frances Harden

Nov. 19, 1798 Bannister Shackleford Deliah Stephens, dau. of Ephan

Aug. 26, 1800 Solomon Shackleford Clary Heflin

Jan. 16, 1804 Warner Shackleford Rebecca Stephens

Feb. 24, 1806 John Shackleford Betsey Brannon

Dec. 10, 1827 St. Pierre Shackleford Elvira Gibson

Feb. 18, 1831 James Shackleford Cathrine Harris

Mar. 8, 1841 Walker Shackleford Caroline E. Kemper

Feb. 19, 1903 William Shackleford Sally Skinner

Fauquier Co. Marriage Bonds and Returns, Vol. 4, 1820-1832 68 2214.

"Know all Men by these Presents, That we Warner W. Shackleford and Bannister P. Stevens are held and firmly bound unto William B. Giles Esqr. Governor of Virginia, and to his successors, in the just and full sum of one hundred and fifty dollars; for the payment whereof well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents: Sealed with our seals, and dated this 18th day of January 1830.

The Condition of the above obligation is such, that whereas a license hath this day been issued by the Clerk of Fauquier County Court, for the intermarriage of the above bound Warner W. Shackleford with Miss Susan Kearnes of the said county: Now if there be no lawful cause to obstruct said marriage, then the above obligation to be void, else to remain in full force and virtue.

Warner W. Shackleford (SEAL)

Bannister P. Stevens (SEAL)

Fauquier County, towit: The Clerk of the county Court of Fauquier is hereby authorized to issue a marriage license for Warner W. Shackleford to intermarry with my daughter Susan Kearns. Witness my hand and Seal this 19th day of January 1830. Jacob

Keirnes (SEAL)

Teste: Bannister P. Stevens John (X his mark) Roly"

Fluvanna Co., VA.

Richard D. Shackelford to Sarah E. Cleveland   Nov. 11, 1846 by: Joseph H. Fox (2nd date of 19 May 1847, submitted by: (MRS BETTY J MCDANIELS), source: Marriages 1781-1849

Frederick Co., VA.

Frankey Jone Shackelford to William Delaney    Sep. 14, 1786

Mary Shackelford to John Jones                        Oct. 24, 1783

Sarah Shackelford to William Mason                 Dec. 17, 1792

Parthenia Shackelford to Henry McLeod           Jul. 1, 1804

Gloucester Co., VA.

Benjamin Shackelford to Miss. Martha Jones     Dec. 24, 1770

Halifax Co., VA.

Henry Co., VA.

Nancy Shackleford to Benjamin Dent                Dec. 17, 1811

Lucy Shackleford to Joseph Fortune                 Feb. 13, 1809

Sally Shackleford to James Glass                      Jan. 3, 1813

William Shackleford to Sophia W. Mathews     Jan. 6, 1846

Daniel Shackleford to Tabitha Nance               Oct. 29, 1798

Harriet M. Shackleford to Duke Price              Dec. 11, 1837

Mary Shackelford to Drury Pulliam                  Sep. 14, 1818

Elizabeth Shackleford to Gabriel Stults             Feb. 11, 1804

Jane Shackelford to James Woodall                 Jun. 25, 1815

King & Queen Co., VA.

Lancaster Co.,VA.

Edwin Shackelford to Eliz Pierce                      Sep. 27, 1845

Loudoun Co.,VA.

Arthur Shackleford to Susannah Fulton             Nov. 17, 1841

Louisa Co., VA.

Mecklenburg Co.,VA.

Zachariah Shackleford to Susannah                  Oct. 9, 1797

Middlesex Co., VA.

Robinson Shackelford to Ann Bushrod Carpenter         May 12, 1781

Francis Shackelford to Mary Corr                   Apr. 27, 1793

William Shackelford to Catharine Daniel          Dec. 21, 1776

William D. Shackelford to Eliza T.Daniel          Nov. 19, 1805

John Shackelford to Mary Drummond             Feb. 14, 1783

Rose Berryman Shackelford to Benjamin Heningham              Mar. 9, 1791

Elizabeth Shackelford to Thomas Jesse            Dec. 22, 1828

James U. Shackelford to Lucy Kidd                Jan. 14, 1830

Geroge D. Shackelford to Martha C. Lewis    Oct. 13, 1817

James W. Shackelford to ??????????              Jul. 14, 1687

Nelson Co.,VA.

Miss M.S. Shackelford to James M. Bishop    Jun. 7, 1818

North Cumberland Co., VA.

Orange Co.,VA.

Edmund Shackleford to Sally Holliday             Jul. 23, 1794

Page Co.,VA.

Frances Shackleford to James Miller               Feb. 1, 1833

Pittsyvania Co.,VA.

Frances Shackleford to John T. Brock            Dec. 24, 1798

Nancy Shackelford to Richard Cole               Aug. 26, 1787

Henry Shackleford to Mary Shields                Sep. 13, 1784

John Shackleford to Jeane Shields                  Jan. 28, 1785

Abner Shackleford to Frances Wright            Dec. 9, 1795

Powhatan Co., VA.

Rappahannock Co., VA.

Carter Shackelford to Elizabeth Dunn              18 Sept. 1837  (Book 1, P. 253, ("Index to Marriages of Old Rappahannock & Essex Co., VA, 1655-1900," Eva Eubank Wilkerson, 1953)

Richmond Co.,VA.

Martha L. Shackleford to George C. Williams              Jul. 12, 1817

Spotsylvania Co.,VA.

Richard Shackleford to Mrs. Mary Lewis      Dec. 27, 1847 (other records has it listed as bond)

I also have found on the FTW #174 VA disk a Richard Shackelford to Mary Lewis dated December 27, 1747, could this be one in the same and the year was not recorded correctly from one source or the other???

Benjamin Shackleford to Betsy Thomas         Jan. 26, 1848 (other record has or Betty)

John Shackleford to Ann Dillard                    Jun. 12, 1811

Richard Shackleford to Sarah Johnson         Oct.  8, 1808

Thomas Shackleford to Mildred Ann Fagg    Nov. 3, 1/806

Submitted by: J.D. Brittingham                 Nov. 19, 1999

"Marriage Records of the City of Fredericksburg, and of Orange, Spotsylvania, and Stafford Counties, Virginia, 1722-1850," second edition, compiled & edited by Therese A. Fisher, Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie, MD, 1990: All were in Spotsylvania

Stephen Humphreys to Nancy Shackeford   Sep 4, 1804

Richard Shackelford to Sarah  D. Johnson    Dec 18, 1807   bond 

Surry Co.,VA.

Elizabeth Shackleford to Walter Spratley       May 24, 1808

Westmoreland Co., VA.

Nancy Shackleford to Allen S. Dozier          Jul. 9, 1810

John Shackleford to Martha Newman           Jan. 20, 1842

Wythe Co., VA.

Richard Shackleford to Elizabeth Jones         Apr. 3, 1829 


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