South Carolina Shackelford/Shackleford Marriages

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These Marriage Records came from the GRS CD-Rom #3

South Carolina Magazizne of Ancerstral Research

Vol. 2, # 1-4, 1766-1

John Shackelford to Mrs. Ann Richardson                      Oct. 1852                                

Mary Ann Shackleford to John Macral (Postmaster)        Jan. 18, 1826                          

Vol. 5, #3, 1675-185_

James Shackelford to Sarah Bossard                               Dec. 12, 1785                        

Susanna Shackleford to Philip Sullivan                            July 9, 1778                        

William Cartwright Shackelford to Mrs. Sarah Collins Vanderhorst   Jun. 1, 1790                  

Mrs. Sarah Shackleford to Joseph Wigfall                       Jan. 7, 1779  also listed as Sarah Shackelford to Joseph Wigfall Jan. 7, 1779 in the North Carolina and South Carolina Marriage Records for 1641-1885, SC.    

William Shackelford to Sarah Withers                             Oct. 16, 1766

Vol.5 #4, 1799-186_.

Francis R. Shackelford to Clara E. Unknown                  No Date listed

South Carolina Marriages 1688-1799 (1693-1842)    

Sarah Shackelford to Anthony Bonneau                          Jul.4, 1766

1600-1820 (1755-1820)

Hannah Shackelford to Charles Munnerlyn                     May 13, 1819                                

John Shackelford to Mary Godfry                                  Dec. 19, 1820                      

Richard Shackelford to Mary Hutchinson                       Nov. 19, 1807                              

James Shackleford to Harriet Cowdry                           Dec. 15, 1814, this marriage is also listed under Marriages 96 & Abbeville Dist, 1994-1400, SC. Marriages as May 81 Dec.    

John W. Shackelford to Elizabeth S. Tait                        Apr. 24, 1816                              

Ann Shackelford to Thomas T. Wickham                       Oct. 15, 1800

Edgefield Marriage Records-Pottersville Museum 1754-187_, SC. marriages

Sarah Shackelford to Stephen Collins                              Mar. 29, 1787

Georgia Genealogical Magazine, No. 54, 1811-1880, SC. Marriages

Elizabeth Shackleford to Joseph Whitner                         No date listed

Marriage & Death Notices, So. Christain Advocate 1773-18__, SC. Marriages

Ruth H. Shackelford to J.S. Dermeritt                              No date listed                        

Harriet Eugenia Shackleford to Charles Munnerlyn           2/20/1845


Mary D. Shackelford to Unknown Watson                      18?? no further                        

Nathan Shackelford to Hannah Unknown                        18?? no further                            

Miss. R.P. Shackelford to O.H. Tyus                               Jan. 27, 1864

Marriage Notices, Charleston Observer, 1776-1860, SC. Marriages

Elizabeth Ashby Shackelford to Dr. Edward Porcher      Nov. 26, 1835                          

Francis R. Shackelford to Caroline S. Dunwody             May 29, 1834                          

Martha S. Shackelford to Col. William W. Harlee          May 28, 1840, these two are also listed in North Carolina & South Carolina Marriage Records 1641-1885 as Martha Shackleford to Gen. W.W. Harllee Sep. 18, 1837, now it could be that these are in fact two different people and marriage's. It is possible that we have a father and son here that married with in three years of each other and just happened to marry Martha's.                          

Susan F.F. Shackelford to Arthur Vanderhorst               Aug. 13, 1840

Marriages 96 & Abbeville District, 1994-1400, SC. Marriages

Emma Shackleford to George T. Marshall                       No date listed                          

Howard B. Shackleford to Margaret Carlisle                  ca: 82                                          

S. Shackleford to Melissia Lewis                                    Mar 83 Sep


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