Shackleford/Shackelford Kentucky Marriages

These marriage are from the "The Shackelford Quarterly" January 1993, Vol. 1, Number 1. I must thank Sharen Chambers for sending me these Shackelford Quarterly's so I may share with other Shackelford researchers.

Marriages listed on Page 4, Kentucky IGI

Ambrose Grayson Shackelford , b: 1802 Bullett, Floyd Creek, m: Sarah Dorsey Mar. 1, 1826 Hardin

Angeline Shackelford m: Josephus Gish Mar. 7, 1878 Henderson

Ann Shackelford m: James Conner Aug. 28, 1804 Jessamine

Ann Shackelford m: Griffin Edwards Nov. 4, 1818 Linclon

Ann Shackelford m: Thomas Bone Dec. 25, 1879 Hopkins

Anna Shackeford m: John B. Whitt Dec. 6, 1858 Breathitt

Anne Shackelford m: Benjamin Fletcher Aapr. 24, 1807 Madison

Anny Shackelford m: James Bezel[E]y Nov. 3, 1785 Lincoln (Nov. 4, also listed)

Benjamin Shackelford m: Nancy W. Trimble Dec. 2, 1834 Bourbourn

Bennett Shackelford m: Rachel Bell Mar. 1, 1810 Linclon

Betsy Shackelford m: Joel Moel Jun 21, 1815 Mercer

Brisco Bruno Shackelford m: Celia Bradley Aug. 4, 1840 Hardin

Caroline Shackelford m: William Trent May 8, 1855 Breathitt

Carter Shackelford  m: Susan Biscoe/Brisco Jan., 4, 1802 Franklin

Catherine Shackelford m: Larkin R. Campbell Oct. 12, 1829 Lincoln

Abner Terry Shackelford m: Nancy Gossett Mar. 15, 1818 Pulaski  (pg. 5)

Kentucky parents with no dates of marriage known by me at this time:

Richard Dunn Shackelford to Elizabeth Hubbard*******Could this be the same folks as Richard Shackelford m: Celia Hubbard on Feb. 19, 1829 in Madison Co., KY.??????

Elijah William Shackelford to Mary Farmer

George N. Shackelford to Mary E. Staples

William Henry Shackelford to Margaret McClanahan Hickman

T.O. Shackelford to P.A. Whitaker

Gardner Shackelford to Nancy Ann Corum

John Metcalf Shackelford to Amelia Hickman

James Shackelford to Sarah Unknown

Nicholas Shackelford to Nancy

John Shackelford to Ann Chambers

George Tarleton Shackelford to Martha or Patsy Howard


Anderson Co., KY

Catherine Shackleford to John Thomas Travis on Sep. 19, 1853

Frances S. Shackelford to John Brewer on Aug. 21, 1852

Bourbon Co., KY.

Elizabeth Shackelford m: John Keeon              May 21, 1797

William Shackelford m: Frances Duncan          Sep. 5, 1797

William Shackelford m: Sabina Metcalf            Feb. 7, 1799

Butler Shakleford m: Susan Liten                     Jul. 1, 1816  

Casey Co, KY

MARRIAGE RECORDS OF CASEY CO., KY by Mrs. Edward W. Melton, Copied April 17, 1979 at Denver Public Library, Submitted by: Joanne Garner

Shackleford, Daniel           Cundiff, Adeline A.           Sep 8, 1853

Shackleford, Daniel W.     Brown, Parilla J.                Dec 20, 1888

Shackleford, George W.    Rainey, Margaret R.          Sep 27, 1882

Shackleford, James W.      Passmore, Ara                   Sep 23, 1877

Shackleford, Levi              Davis, Jane                         Mar 22, 1824

Shackleford, Nichols         Elden, Nancy                      Mar 22, 1824

Shackleford, Willis G.        Rice, Louisa H.                   Apr 5, 1827

Shackleford, Zachariah      Ross, Francis                       May 8, 1809

Fleming Co.

Taken from page 39 of "Talley's Northeastern Kentucky Papers" by: William M. Talley

Sprigg Shackleford to Carra McClure on June 20, 1878

Franklin Co., KY.

Carter Shackleford m: Susan Biscoe               Jan. 4, 1802

Green Shackelford m: Nancy James                Jan. 5, 1818

James Shackleford m: Harriet Martin               Feb. 13, 1826

Eliza Shackleford m: John Sill                           May 31, 1832

John Shackelord m: Susan Perkins                   Nov. 3, 1855

Lavina B. Shackelford m: Richard Bryant         Jan. 3, 1856

Rorbert Shackelford m: Catherine Brooks        Sep. 22, 1856

Susan M. Shackelford m: Henry Carter            Mar. 1853

Thomas J. Shackelford m: Mary Rosall             Jan. 7, 1851

William Shackelford m: Betsy Wollridge            Sep. 27, 1805

Garrard Co., KY.

Sally Shackleford m: John Killam                      Jan 26, 1800

William Shackleford m: Nancy Sheckley           Jan. 4, 1802

Harlan Co., KY.

Submitted by: Anne Kenworthy  

Lorenzo Dow Shackleford m Ann Spurlock---1850 Harlan Co census

Nathan Shackleford m Susan Osborne -- Harlan Co, Ky

Frank Finley Shackleford, b 1881 Harlan Co KY m Mary Osborne--Harlan Co.Ky

Mildred Shackleford, b 1913 Harlan Co Ky m Hiram Clifford Caddell

Madison Co., Ky.

Edmund L. Shackelford m: Margaret Miller     Feb. 9, 1826

Edward Shackelford m: Mary Peasley             Mar. 23, 1790

Elizabeth Shackelford m: Archibald Woods     Oct. 9, 1810

Frances A. Shackelford m: Paterson Clark       Feb. 4, 1830

George Shackelford m: Malvina Oldham         Oct. 22, 1839

James Shackelford Peggy Simpson                   Mar. 31, 1796

John H. Shackelford m: Malinda Miller             Dec. 16, 1830

Juliet Shackelford m: Edmund Hockaday           May 14, 1833

Martha Jane Shackelford m: Alfred Warner       Apr. 24, 1832

Nancy Shackelford m: Henry Guthrie                 Nov. 24, 1796

Richard Shackelford m: Celia Hubbard              Feb. 19, 1829

Roger Shackelford m: Sally Land                       Jul 16, 1801

Roger Shackelford, Jr. m: Elizabeth Stewart       Apr. 1, 1796  LDS microfilm The order number is 0007850

William Shackelford m: Betsy Moore                 Mar. 13, 1794 LDS microfilm The order number is 0007850

Mason Co.

File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by: Gail Childress

Baird, Margaret S. to  Shackleford to James  M., 14 APR 1832.

Scott Co.

According to the Shackelford Quarterly, Vol. V111, number 3, July 1990, page 406, "No Will Records nor Marriage Records were found in Scott County compilations that included Shackelford surnames.

Shelby Co.

Source: Shelby Co,KY Marriages 1792-1833 abstracted by Eula Hasskari pub may 1983 Shackelford Marriages compiled by Lonnie Fink 02/1998

Jeremiah Shackelford  and Sarah Shackelford,dau of Jno Shackelford 22-Feb-1802

Lynch A. McGee and Margaret Shackelford 11-Feb-1808 Bondsman John Ahwight

Henry Tilley  md Milly Shackleford,dau of John Shackleford 6-Oct-1808 bondsman Clarke McAfee

Sterling Shackelford and Nancy McQuaid,dau of James McQuaid 9-Oct-1809 bondsman John Shackleford

John Shackelford  md Polly McQuaid,dau of James McQuaid 20-Dec-1810 bondsman Jeremiah Shackelford

Nathaniel Hankins  md Mrs. Jane Walker,widow 3-Dec-1811 bondsman S. Shackelford

James Ballard, Jr. md Eliza Shackelford, dau of John Shackelford 19-Nov-1812 bondsman Wm _______

Henry Payne and Mariah Shackelford 26-Aug-1816 bondsman James Shackelford, father of Mariah

James Shackleford md Ann Essex 22-Feb-1816 bondsman George Cardwell

William Hewlett  md Polly M. Shackelford, dau of John Shackelford 19-Jan-1817 Bondsman Wallace Shannon

Hiram Shackelford and Elizabeth Dorton 15-Dec-1817 bondsman Lewis Dorton, father of Elizabeth

Jeremiah Shackleford and Mary Matthews 2-Nov 1821 bondsman Jonathan Matthews

Thomas Stout  md Mary R. Shackleford, widow of John Shackleford 25-Dec-1821 Bondsman James McQuaid

Samuel Lewis  md Levina Shackelford  2-aug-1827

William Shackleford  and Martha Ann Ballard  24-Jun-1828

Levi Williamson  and Eliza Ann Shackleford  10-Mar-1828

Robert L. Edwards  and Emaline Shackleford  17-Aug-1830

Milton L. Edwards and Isabella Shackelford  6-Dec-1832

Harvey Sloan and America Shackelford  6-Dec-1832

James Morris  md Levina B. Lucas,  former wife of Saml. Lucas 24-Oct-1833 Bondsman William Shackelford

Spencer CO,KY

NO SHACKELFORD/SHACKLEFORD marriages for Spencer Co,KY from 1824-1861

Spencer Co., KY was formed from Shelby Co, KY in 1824!

These marriages were found and submitted by: Sally Livermore

Marriages of Campbell, Boone and Kenton Counties, Kentucky, 1795-1850

James D. Polley & Polley Keenon, 4 July 1815, m by Robert Garnett, bond: Thomas Shackelford, consent by bride, "an orphan without guardian," A-19, Boone Co., KY

Richard Shackelford & Sarah Neal, 1 Feb. 1804, BD, m by Lewis Deweese, bond:John Neal, A-4, Boone Co., KY

Thos. Shackelford & Magdalin Griffith, 30 Sept. 1815, m by Weden Sleet, bond: John Ryle, A-19, Boone Co., KY

William Smithey & Salley Kenon, 29 Dec. 1816, m by Robert Garnett, bond:  Rich Shackelford, A-28, Boone Co., KY


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