Indiana Shackelford/Shackleford Marriages

This page is for all Indiana Shackleford/Shackelford marriages. If you have a Indiana Shackelford/Shackelford marriage that is not listed here, please send this information to me and I will add it here and your name to the list of Shackleford/Shackelford researcher's. Thank You.  Created April 18, 1997

Indiana State Library Genealogy Division Indiana Marriages Through 1850

These marriages were found and submitted by: Sally Livermore

Harrison County

Shackelford, William S Y to Withers, Sarah Jane  on 04-02-1840

Hendricks County

Shackelford, Bales S. to Flathers, Classia A.  on 09-03-1850  ( 4-146)??

Shackelford, George L. to Strange, Elizabeth on 01-21-1844

Putnam County

Shackelford, Edward R. to Gregory, Eliza Ann on 09-25-1834

Spencer County

Shackelford, James R.  to Bullock, Eliza on 01-24-1850

Shackelford, Artemesia to Shrodes, Amos on 05-06-1838

Switzerland County

Shackelford, Charlotte to Carraco, Elzy J. on 07-11-1835

Wabash County

Shackelford, Lewis to Case, Frances E. on 04-08-1849


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