Illinois Shackelford/Shackleford Marriages

                                       Shackleford/Shackelford Illinois Marriages

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                                        Illinois Shackelford Marriages

Taken from the "The Shackelford Quarterly", Vol. 1 Number 1, Jan. 1993, page 2

Coles County

Mary Ann Shackleford m: George W. Young         Jul. 29, 1869

Cook County

William C. Shackleford m: Lucy Adelaide Ficklin/en   Jun. 16, 1870  Chicago

Gallatin County

Wiley A. Shackleford m: Altha D. Powell             Nov. 14, 1836

Jasper County

Hattie E.Shackelford m: Jasper N. Devall                Dec. 19, 1867

Jersey County

R.P. Shackelford m: Annie M. Pittman                    Oct. 18, 1877

Knox County

Samuel Shackelford m: Mary Smith                         Feb. 13, 1873

Warren County

George W. Shackleford m: Phebe J. Walden             May 30, 1855

White Hall County

Mary Shackelford m: Americus Seely                                       1854


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