Shackleford/Shackelford Georgia Marriages

Shackleford/Shackelford Marriages for Georgia compiled from GRS CD-Rom Disk # 4 and 229   and other sources         By: Patricia Viellenave

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Submitted by:  Donna Mixon Jenkins      Sat.  Jan. 25, 1997

Here are some more Elbert Co, GA marriages from the History of Elbert County, Georgia 1790-1935.

Elizabeth Shackleford      mar 23 Apr 1816 Arnold Thomason (same entry with different dates ???) Elizabeth Shackleford mar 27 Oct 1844 Arnold Thomason

Judy M Shackleford         mar 7 Aug 1817 Modeci Alexander

Sarah H Shackleford        mar 22 Nov 1821 William T Fortson

Mary J. Shackleford         mar 6 Dec 1820 John Harris

Winny Shackleford           mar 7 Dec 1820 Garland Jones

Nancy J Shackleford         mar 20 July 1826 William Thornton

Joseph H Shackleford       mar 22 Dec 1825 Ann Thornton

Allen Shackleford              mar 14 Oct 1830 Elizabeth Maxwell

Thomas J Shackleford       mar 8 Feb 1842 Martha Wall

John Shackleford               mar 11 June 1844 Martha Oglesby

List of marriages submitted by:  J.D. Brittingham 

"37,000 Early GA Marriages," Maddox & Carter, 1975:

Mordecai Shackelford to Mary C. Morris               29 Jan 1856

Francis M. Shackelford to Mary C. Watson             2 Dec 1847  

James L. Shackelford to Elvira Payne                     28 Sep 1837

Jasper County

Submitted by: David Warren

Collin Shackleford married Polly Hodge 9/23/1816,  Jasper County, Ga Marriage Records 1806-1821, available both in book form and on film at FHC.

(She is listed as Mrs. Mary Marrow Hodges, b: GA. and date of marriage as 9/30/1816 in Jasper Co.,  GA. according to Sara Tarpley, she did not send her source for this information)

Submitted by:   Donnie Shackleford

Carroll County, Ga. Marriage list  Bride Index 1827-1980

"Index to Marriage Licenses, Carroll County, Georgia. 1827-1980 Groom & Bride Index" compiled by "Jenny Martin Fagg" and it does not include the parents, only names, dates, the book number and race of the individual

            Bride                      Groom                                   Book            Date

Shackelford, Anoilia  to Mobley, Menida D                     pg. 49       9/31/1867

Shackelford, N.R. to Fielder, R.J. D                                pg. 200      2/15/1872

Shackelford, Annie L.  to McLendon, Custis L H             pg. 240   10/9/1894

Shackelford, Christine to Denmon, Ray P                         pg. 537   7/12/1936

Shackelford, Edny  to Murphy, Matterson                  C1 pg. 82     9/27/1838

Shackelford, Elmilia to Mobly, Merrida                      C2 pg. 224     9/1/1867

Shackelford, Emmie Kate to Green, James H.             M pg. 565   10/17/1920

Shackelford, Finela J.  to Hearn, Hope L.                    K pg. 537   10/20/1912

Shackelford, Jerusha C.  to Millican, S.W.                    I pg. 290     1/10/1901

Shackelford, M.C.  to McBrayer, J.F.                         H pg. 548     3/14/1897

Shackelford, Margie Lee  to Spence, Wm. E.                I pg. 602     8/17/1904

Shackleford, Alma  to Chatham, C.W.                          L pg. 258     11/1/1914

Shackleford, Cassie  to Stallings, Emmett                      M pg. 437     1/11/1920

Shackleford, Dora Madelyn  to Morgan, Zelllie W.         S pg. 183      1/4/1946

Shackleford, Emma  to White, Jas. R.                              I pg. 624   11/20/1904

Shackleford, Julie Marie Barron,  to Charles Hood          Z pg. 190     7/28/1978

Shackleford, June  to Allen, Jacob K                               1 pg. 218   12/26/1872

Shackleford, Laura L.  to Story, James D.                       F pg. 190   12/27/1883

Shackleford, Mary E.  to Griffin, Joseph K.                   K1 pg. 241   11/20/1873

Shackleford, Nancy  to Hubbard, Trab                            G pg. 13      10/2/1887

Shackleford, Sarah Elaine  to Smith, Frank                       S pg. 59       3/10/1945

                 GROOM                     BRIDE

Shackelford, John Harlin to   Holsomback, Maxine           P pg. 229        3/17/1934

Shackelford, James G. to Spearman, Mildred Joanne        Z pg. 335        8/3/1979

Shackelford, John H. to Bonner, Jerusha Carrie               K1 pg. 433      6/4/1876

Shackelford, Richard Lynn to  Hubbell, Honey Isobel         Z pg. 214         8/26/1978

Shackelford, Samuel to Lambert, Amanda                         D pg. 234       9/15/1872

Shackelford, William A. to Sharp, Isabella Victoria             F pg. 79         12/23/1882

Shackelford, W. F. to Nolan, Mamie                                 O pg. 6            1/23/1925

Shackelford, W.R. to Chance, Rilla                                    K pg. 276         1/8/1911

Shackleford, A. J. to Hembree, Millie                                 J pg. 428       12/24/1907

Shackleford, Bennie F. to Blankenship, Dora I.                  M pg. 261      2/12/1919

Shackleford, H. F. McGuire, Alice                                     Q pg. 115      7/17/1937

Shackleford, Harlin to Fulcher, Peggy                                 U pg. 306    12/24/1955 

Shackleford, Henry  to White, Lottie May                           L pg. 541      3/24/1917

Shackleford, Homer Lee to Shadinger, Myrtice E.              Q pg. 7         11/7/1936 

Shackleford, John Gay  to Lane, Fannie Lucy                      J pg, 150      12/17/1905

Shackleford, J. T. to Spruell, O. A.                                     I pg. 428         8/12/1902

Shackleford, James Lee to Stevens, Janice Elaine                U pg. 377      10/28/1956

Shackleford, James R. to   Cole, Clara Belle                        O pg. 530    not listed

Shackleford, James Robert  to Walker, Effie Virginia            P pg. 49       12/25/1932

Shackleford, John  to Duke, Tiusey                                     C1 pg. 85      11/24/1838  

Shackleford, Nathan Cicero  to Blandenburg, Beatrice          M pg. 545     9/15/1920

Shackleford, Richard  to Merreth, Renna                               K pg. 152      not listed

Shackleford, Sam  to Polas, Bettie                                         F pg. 227     11/6/1883

Shackleford, Samuel  to Lambert, Amanda                           K1 pg. 196    9/15/1872 

Shackleford, William J. Farmer,  to Charlette E.                     V pg. 464      6/5/1964


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