December 29, 1999

Dear Jean and Joseph,

As we come to the close of another year and enter into a new century I felt I needed to write to you both with the hopes that one day you will be able to read about the Grandparents that so very much love you both and wanted to be a part of your lives and have been denied this privilege for what ever reason your parents felt it necessary to do so.

To this date your Grandfather and I, Aunts & Uncle do not understand why your Father has cut all of us out of his life and we hope one day to learn the reason. I talked with your Father last in 1997, once just after your Guggenheimer grandparents had been there for a visit and teased with him and thought all was fine, then I tried to call him to wish him a Happy Birthday the 14th of July 1997 and no one answered the phone, figured you were all out giving him a super day, so tried again on Monday July 15, 1999 and was socked to learn the phone had been disconnected.

I hope that somewhere in your memory you will remember visiting us at our home in West Virginia and the last visit we were allowed by your parents to the home you were living in Leesburg, Virginia. I must also mention I thought it very cruel on your parents part to lock you both out of the room that they wanted us to stay in while we were there and not be able to visit with either of you as we would have liked to do. I also thought it quite cruel of your Mother to every few minutes before your Father had come home from work for her to take little Joseph and slam his little head and body on the floor and change his diaper of which I find it hard to believe that it would have been soiled that often, then after your father came home I can not remember her even checking Josephs diaper after that. We also had told your parents that we wanted to take all of you out for a nice evening meal and your Mother cooked a meal for all of us stating she did not know about the evening meal out on us. ???????

How often have you seen your Mother greet your Father at the door, hand him a beer, then follow him to the sofa (or his favorite place to sit) when he comes in from work, remove his footwear and rub his feet and tell him how much she loves him, that is what she did the last time we were allowed to visit and have wondered ever since if this was a daily care of her husband or a show for your Grandfather, Aunt Ashley and myself. It is my hope that it was real.

Another mystery to all of us is that your Father left the United States Navy. From the time he was 7 years of age he wanted a Naval career. He was in the Naval Sea Cadet program and we also applied and was granted an inter-school transfer for him in high school so he could be enrolled in the R.O.T.C. Navel Cadet Program at Carson City High School. Maybe one day we will learn the true facts as to why he left the Navy.

I will try to tell you something about your Fathers life.

He was born July 14, 1968 in Glendale, Los Angeles Co., CA. at the Glendale Memorial Hospital (see his footprints) with his Great Aunt Iris Haymond assisting my doctor and took very good care of us. He was a happy baby and a good baby and a wonderful son to have, he was loved and wanted and given a good education (7th grade picture)   (Honor Roll in 10 grade ) and supported in his needs as he grew to manhood. (Letter from Carson High)

I will add some photos to this letter so you can see him, as he was when he was younger as I have time to add them.

We were a close family as your Father grew up; we did things together, camping, traveling and etc. He was also very devoted to Ashley as she grew up and stated many times over, If any girl I date does not like Ashley, then she can be gone and that is how it was till he married your Mother, as to why he changed his mind and could no longer care about Ashley as his "Beef" (as he called her) I can not understand, only he can tell you why, but seems to me that anyone who can turn "love" on and off make me wonder as to what day he will turn it off on the next person or persons.

I would assume that you both have been told that your Grandmother Patricia Marguerite Stinette Guggenheimer is my cousin and I was so named Patricia after her as I have understood it, so we are all cousins on that connection, both of you are cousins to each other as well as brothers and cousins to your parents and both grandmothers. In light of that I never thought much about your Guggenheimer grandparents having your Father over to visit and have a meal anything to worry about, but time has shown me that there was reason to worry and after learning what was going on with those visits I did voice my thoughts on the matter and thus was the first set of problems started. Your Grandfather and I even offered to pay all costs for them to delay your parents wedding for a year so they would have more time to grow and mature into adults and know that this is what they both really wanted, but this was refused, seems we may have underestimated their commitment to each other and I am glad they were right (or appears they were as to what little we have knowledge of at this time) on that matter. There is far too much divorce in this land and we just did not want this to happen to them. It is true we were not happy about cousins marring and did counsel with your Father on this matter, but we also told him over and over if this is what he wanted and did marry your Mother we would stand behind him in this marriage and we have done that.

I also want both of you to know some of the things that your Mother told me before she married your Father that have come to pass and your Father was told of these things before he married your Mother so as they happened they were not a surprise to him.  (facts coming soon)

I will add more at a latter time, I feel I must tell you as much as I can as we never know what day Our Heavenly Father will call us home and it would be sad that you never knew us or what I thought towards both of you were. You should also know that your Uncle Vincent, Aunt Sharon and Aunt Ashley Viellenave love you both and also miss knowing you and will always be here for the both of you as your Grandpa and I will be if you ever need us.

I might also say this as well, you have a Great Uncle Steve, Aunt Ellen, 2nd cousin Edward Haymond that have also missed knowing how all of you are as your Father has cut off his ties with them as well.

It is my hope that one day soon we will all beable to met again, but if this never comes to pass while I am living, then I hope you both will one day contact your Uncle Vincent, Aunt Sharon and Ashley as their hearts are with you both as mine is with you both.

Do well in school, love God each and everyday and you will both grow to be fine young men and beable to secure yourself a living to your liking.

Love, Grandpa and Grandma Viellenave

PS. Here you can find Grandma Viellenave's web pages with more family information