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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords.

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Versailles, Ky. December 1953. Vol 9. No 8.


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



It has always been our policy to send each of you a Christmas Letter expressing our thanks and our appreciation for your kindness, co-operation and above all, your toleration and indulgence for our foibles. Also to wish each of you a happy Holiday Season. But it so happens that material and supplies are very difficult to obtain in this small town, and so this time we will be forced to omit the letter, and let our best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and a Prosperous 1954 for each of you, suffice. We hope to do better next year.

We are now going to finish the year of 1953 by leaving the Kentucky portion of our records rest awhile, and get over into The Old Dominion State, Virginia, and see what we can learn about some of the Shackelfords and Shacklefords who lived there, and of whom we seek additional information from whatever source it may come.

There has been many volumes written about the destruction of many of the very old records, some by fire, others by sheer ravages of time, and still others by the curse of invading armies and careless officials.

And so in this issue we shall discuss some of the places where records have been lost or destroyed, particularly King & Queen, King William, Hanover,

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Gloucester, and several other Virginia Counties. And no one feels this loss more keenly than this writer, as our records show that the first Shackelford settled in Gloucester, and moved from there to King and Queen County.

A few of the earliest records we have been able to find of the King and Queen Shackelfords are to be found among the fragments of records of old Stratton-Major Parish and from the tax lists. It will be remember that the 1790 census of Virginia records were destroyed, and the tax lists of 1782 to 1785 were substituted in its place. The tax lists are not complete, but they are the best we have left.

So we will begin with the tax lists of King and Queen County of 1782. This year we find the following Shackelfords there.

John, with 236 acres; Leonard, with 250 acres; William, with 700 acres; Robinson, with 200 acres; Drucilla, with 500 acres; Frances, with 508 acres; Lyne, with 607 acres; John (M) with 100 acres, and William with no land, but with two tithes.

In this list we find two Johns, but with one of them followed with the letter "M" in parenthesis. Some one told us that they supposed that indicated that this John was a mulatto. But we have reasons to believe otherwise. Later we find four men bearing the name John, each of them being followed by a letter or name in parenthesis, and we followed through on this and find since the men bore the same name there had to be some means of identification. So the Tax Assessor, when writing the name of the owner, followed it with the name of the man from whom the land was purchased. Then we found that one John Shackelford had purchased land from a man by the name of Muire, another had purchased land from a Mr McGuire, while still another had purchased from a Mr Roman, and the fourth from a Mr Taylor. So keep this in mind when again you find any man's name followed by a small letter or name in parenthesis.

Now to explain what we do know and what we do not know regarding the Shackelfords mentioned above.

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We have records of several John Shackelfords from King and Queen County, but since as will be shown later, there were no less than four of them, we are as (sic) a loss as to the identity of either of them.

We know that one John Shackelford married Isabell Wedderburn, and had a son named Mordecai. We find proof of that from Mordecai's own statement in his power of attorney instrument of record in Columbia County, Ga. And Isabell Wedderburn was the daughter of David Wedderburn.

There was another John Shackelford whose daughter Elizabeth married the Rev William Hickman, of Kentucky. We find proof for that in Rev Hickman's own manuscripts.

But we do not know the parentage of either John, nor of the other two Johns, or of some three or four other Johns who lived at a much earlier date.

We know nothing of either the ancestry or descendants of Leonard, the two Williams, or of John (Muire) Shackelford.

Robinson Shackelford, we feel certain, was a son of Roger, the Roger who left a will dated 1779, and who died soon after that date, and whose second wife was Drucilla Hendricks. And without a doubt this Drucilla was the widow of Roger.

We have records showing that this Frances was the widow of Richard Shackelford, but we do not have the proof.

The tax records of King and Queen from 1782 to and including 1786 are very fragmentary, but in 1787 we find the following: John with 236 acres; William's estate with 700 acres; Alexander with 60 acres; John (R) with 508 acres; Lyne with 567 acres; John (M) with 40 acres; (the latter should be John (Mac). then John (Muire) with 182 acres;.

So here we find that the first William was deceased and his estate was assessed. And we find here that this indicates that John (R) was a son of Frances. In the first list we find Frances with 508 acres, and in the second list Frances is not listed, but John (R) is listed with the same number of acres of land, so it would seem that this John was her son. Then in this list we find John (Mac) with 40

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acres, and Lyne with 40 acres less, so it would seem that Lyne had either sold or given to this John, forty acres of his land. So perhaps this John was a son of Lyne, Sr.

In the list for 1788 we find almost the same as 1787 with one or two exceptions. William's estate has not been divided. John (R) shows up with 308 acres, 200 acres less than the year before, but a William Carr appears with two hundred acres, which would indicate that he was either sold or given the two hundred acres by John (R). So perhaps this William Carr was a son of John (R).

In 1789 another John appears, John (Taylor), with 214 acres. William's estate has not been divided, yet, and William Carr is deceased and his estate is assessed. This year we also find Benjamin, with 200 acres.

In 1791 we find only one slight change. Now we have Lyne, Sr, with 517 acres, and Lyne, Jr, with 50 acres. This shows Lyne, Sr, with 50 acres less, so it is indicated that he either sold or gave his son--Lyne, Jr, the 50 acres that he has.

In 1794 we find that John (Taylor) is deceased, and his estate of 214 acres has been assessed. This is very likely the John that married Isabell Wedderburn, as it was in 1795/96 that Mordecai, of Columbia County, Ga., gave power of attorney to collect, or was given power of attorney to collect the share of his father John's estate.

In 1795 Lyne, Sr, appears for the last time, but we find no one that appears to have inherited his property, unless it was William, for in 1796 William appears with 351 acres. But in 1795 Lyne is shown with 351 acres, so this would indicate that this William either purchased or inherited the 351 acres that had been the property of Lyne, Sr.

In 1798 the 700 acres that had been the property of William was still not divided and assessed as William's estate. Also this year one Richard T. appears. (We presume this is Richard Taliaferro)

We only checked the tax lists for real estate to 1800, then went to the personal property tax lists, which we shall now mention. And which we believe will throw some additional light on the residents

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of King and Queen for the same period covered by the real estate lists.

In 1782 we find the following persons listed in the personal tax lists: John (Muire), no white, but 5 black tithes. William, with 2 white and 13 black tithes. Drucilla, with no white and 4 black tithes; Daniel, with one white and 4 black tithes; John with 1 white and 1 black tithe; Frances, with no white and 6 black tithes; Zach, with 1 white and 6 black tithes; Lyne with 1 white and 20 black tithes; and Leo (Leonard), with 1 white and 3 black tithes.

In the above list we find Daniel and Zach as personal property owners, but evidently not owners of real estate.

In 1783 we find two or three very interesting items among the personal tax lists. We find that Alex (Alexander) Shackelford had one white tithe and no blacks, but had 5 in family. Drucilla had no white tithes but 4 blacks, and a total of seven in family. John had 1 white tithe and 7 black tithes, with 4 in family. Francis (perhaps Frances) had 1 white tithe and 8 black tithes. daniel had 1 white and 8 blacks, with 4 in family. Lyne, Sr, had 2 white and 31 black tithes, with 10 in his family. Lyne, Jr, is here mentioned as being 16 years old. John had no family, but 1 white and 2 black tithes.

In 1784 Leonard Shackelford and Alexander Shackelford are listed as being alone without families.

William Shackelford, son of Lyne, was listed as being 16 years of age in 1785.

Lyne Shackelford, Jr, and John Shackelford, both sons of Lyne, Sr, were both over 21 years of age in 1787. John Shackelford, son of Francis (Frances) was over 21 years of age in 1787. Thomas Shackelford, parentage not shown, was over 21 years of age in 1787.

In 1788 we find John, Sr, John, Jr, and Benjamin, son of John, Sr. Also we find John (Roman) John (Mac) and Daniel.

In 1788 we find John (Mac), John (Roman), John (Taylor), and John's estate. So this would have to be John (Muire) that was deceased. We also find that John (Roman) had a son Joseph over 21 years.

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John (Taylor) had a son Benjamin over 21 years of age, and Alexander had a son Charles over 21 years of age.

We find one Judith Shackelford, whose son Richard was 16 years of age in 1790.

Roger Shackelford, who left a will in King and Queen County, 1779, mentioned a son--James, deceased. This Roger had at one time lived in Hanover County. In Hanove Migrations, page 108, we find that one James Shackelford was deceased and his estate advertised for sale May 15, 1778. Judith Shackelford was the executrix of his estate. So Judith was evidently the widow of James, son of Roger. But now we find her in King and Queen in 1790, with 4 white and 3 black tithes, with a son Richard sixteen years of age.

In 1792 to 1795 we find a Benjamin, Jr, and Zach, Jr, indicating that there were men by the name of Zach and Benjamin, Sr. Also Richard T., Richard and George, but with nothing to indicate their parentage. In 1795 John, (we presume it was John (Taylor) was deceased, and his estate was assessed. Then in 1797 Mary appears with the same number of white and black tithes, so she was evidently the widow of this John. And Richard is also deceased and his estate was assessed, so she may have been the widow of Richard. But there were two Marys, so in all probability both of them had a wife named Mary.

In 1797 Leonard had two in family over 21 years of age. And one James appears, but nothing to show or indicate his parentage.

In 1800 we find a William, Sr, with two over 21 years of age. Mary, with one male over 21 years of age. In 1801 we find a William, Jr, with two over 21 years of age. Then we also find George D.., and Elizabeth, but she was gone in 1802.

In 1803 another John appears, this time John (P). William H. also shows up with two males over 16 years of age, Daniel is deceased and his estate is assessed.

In 1805 through 1809 we find that Christopher is now here, and Fanny, who appears to be the widow of Daniel. Also John, son of Leonard. Also James, Jr.

--7 (827)--

In 1809 Zachariah is deceased and his estate is assessed.

This being as far as we checked on the personal tax lists for King and Queen, we will now bring you up to date with the family news before going into the tax records of another County.


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This time we wish to introduce two new members of the Clan. Little Miss Pamela Sue, a buxom little daughter arrived at the home of the proud parents--Mr and Mrs Wayne Palm, of Allen, Wyoming, September 22, 1953, and will take up permanent abode.

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Another charming little miss arrived at the home of her proud parents--Mr and Mrs Mack Netherton, of Wichita Falls, Texas., October 23, 1953, and will be known as Paula Carol.

Sincere congratulations to both proud parents and fortunate babies.


Since our space is to be sho (sic) short we will have to save it by making very brief announcements.

Miss Marilee Duncan, of Maysville, Ark., became the bride of Mr John Thomas Shackelford, son of Mr and Mrs Fred Shackelford, of Jay, Oklahoma, August 1, 1953.

Mr and Mrs Leon Amster, of Lexington, Ky., announced the approaching marriage of their niece--Miss Betty Shackelford, to Mr Billy Joe Barnhill, of Hartshorn, Oklahoma, for November 27, 1953.

Congratulations and best wishes to all.

Policeman J. Clyde Burch, of Spartanburg, S. C., age 56 years, died suddenly of a heart attack at his home Sept 22, 1953. He was a son of the late Mr and Mrs William Henry Burch, and husband of the former Donnie Shackelford. Survivors include his widow, two sons, two daughters, two brothers and five sisters. He was a Mason and a Methodist.

S/Sgt Robert Stuart (Bobby) Shackelford, of Parksville, Ky., met an untimely death is (sic) a train-car crash near Parksville, November 22, 1953.

He was born May 31, 1930, and although buy 23 years of age was a veteran of five years in the army, and was doing recruiting service at Louisville, Ky., at the time of his death. Survivors include his widow, one son, his mother, two sisters, his maternal grand parents, and a host of other relatives too numerous to mention here. To all of whom and on behalf of the entire Clan we extend our deepest sympathy in their hours of great sorrow.


Again wishing each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 1954.

Until next year, Adios--The Editor.


Transcribed by Sandra A. Shackelford

July 28, 1998


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