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Genealogy of Shackelfords and Shacklefords.

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Versailles, Ky. November 1953. Vol 9. No 7.


Motto: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, are not likely to achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.



For many years now this writer has been doing genealogical research, and during that time we have been confronted with the problem of trying to locate people who have apparently vanished. Of course in many cases records have been destroyed, and when we find that situation confronting us we feel that we are fortunate if we happen to find a fragment that gives us a clue. But what has always baffled us the most is to lose trace of a man or family when all records in the places they apparently had lived are still extant. Which is what seems to have happened in the case of the above mentioned William Shackelford.

John Shackelford, whose ancestry we have been endeavoring to prove for so long that we have forgotten the time we began, was originally from Culpepper County, Va. We know that because one of his sons, apparently his eldest son, whose name was Mordecai, served in the Revolutinary war, and in his pension petition he stated that he was born in Culpepper County.

We also know that that John Shackelford went to Elbert County, Ga., or we know that he owned land there, but it is not certain that he ever lived there. He shows up in Washington County, Ky., in 1796, and later sold his Georgia land to Ezekiel Bailey. Later, about 1802, he moved to Shelby Co,

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Kentucky, where he died in 1819, leaving a will that was published in a previous issue of the Clan Magazine. His wife was Anne, and we have records, well not records, but reasons to believe that she was Anne White, although now it appears that he may have been married a second time. In his will he mentions his wife--Anne, and the following children: Mordecai, Milly, Betsy, Polly, Jeremiah, John, William W., Sterling and Nancy R.

We have more or less data of all the above named children and their descendants except Nancy R., and Betsy. And while we have more or less data of William W., he still remains elusive, and there is more information of him that we would like to have.

William W. Shackelford, son of John and Anne Shackelford, was born in Virginia, probably Pittsylvania County, about 1775/80. We have no record of where he died or when. He was married first to Jane (Jennie) Cosby, daughter of John and Susannah Wingfield-Cosby, in Washington Co, Ky., marriage bond dated May 17, 1802. They are known to have had four children, and we believe there were six or more. The four known children are as follows:

America White.,----(married Harvey Sloan)

James D.,----------(married Amelia Jenkins)

Louisa.,------------(married William H. Settle)

Thomas Wakefield.,(married 1st Eleanor McNeil, and 2nd Susan J. Wakelee)

We do not have documentary proof that the following two were their children, but they are as follows:

Maria.,------(married Henry Dickerson)

Harriet.,----(married Patrick Myrne)

Henry Dickerson and Maria Shackelford were married--marriage bond dated March 10, 1827. William Shackelford was bondsman.

Patrick Myrne and Harriet Shackelford married--marriage bond dated November 3, 1826. William Shackelford was bondsman.

William W. Shackelford, as before stated, married in Washington County, Ky. But he appears next in Nelson County. But in 1830 he shows up in Hardaman County, Tenn. We have proof that it is the

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same William, but we will not use the space to show references. In 1834 he is still in Hardaman County, Tenn, and the land records show that his wife at that time was Celia. Where and when he married Celia, or her maiden name, is what we do not know, but would like to know; also the names of their children, if any.

He was still in Hardaman County, Tenn., in 1842, at which time he sold land, one of the several tracts that he had purchased during his residence there. Deed Book H, page 57. Hardaman County, Tenn. Nothing more could be found regarding him, so we do not know if he died, moved, or what became of him, which is why we have tabbed him as "The Elusive William Shackelford".

Of the children of William W. Shackelford, and his first wife--Jane Cosby, we have the following:

James D. Shackelford, son of William W. and Jane Cosby-Shackelford, was born in Kentucky, probably in Nelson County, about 1809/10. He died in McLean County, Ky., by ot (sic) before 1879. He was married to Amelia Jenkins, daughter of Richard Jenkins and Catherine Nall--marriage bond dated October 10, 1831. Dates of her birth and/or death are not known. They are said to have had ten or twelve children, but we find the names of only eight in the division if his estate. He left no will. His heirs are as follows:

Susan Emma.,---(married A. A. Johnson)

Edward T.,-----(married Eugenia Mitchell)

Robert N.,-----(born ??, never married.

James.,---------(married Marilda Austin)

Sally G.,-------(married Winston G. Whitescarver)

Georgia A.,----(married Hiles J. Coleman)

Mary L.,-------(Robert P. Robertson)

John E.,-------(married Martha Holloman)

We need additional information of all the above named children of James D. and Amelia Jenkins-Shackelford.

A. A. Johnson married Susan Emma Shackelford, December 11, 1862.

Edward T. Shackelford married Eugenia C. Mitchell, daughter of John and Elizabeth Allen-Mitchell,

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November 17, 1874.

James A. Shackelford married Marilda Austin, daughter of Andrew J. Austin, September 8, 1869.

Winston K. Whitescarver married Sally G. Shackelford, December 17, 1879.

Hiles J. Coleman married Georgia A. Shackelford, February 15, 1870.

Robert P. Robertson married Mary L. Shackelford, March 17, 1860.

John E. Shackelford married Martha Holloman, daughter of Samuel Holloman, in Hopkins County, Ky, November 3, 1859.

We believe we have given you the names of the children of Harvey Sloan and America Shackelford, (America White Shackelford), in a previous issue of the Magazine, but just in case we have not we herewith give them to you again.

Harvey Sloan was born June 27, 1804, place not known. He died in Johnson County, Indiana, October 13, 1874. He married America White Shackelford, daughter of William W. and Jane Cosby Shackelford, in Shelby County, Ky., December 6, 1832. She was born in Kentucky, probably Nelson County, December 15, 1811; and died in Johnson County, Indiana., September 14, 1902. They had twelve children, ie:

John Cosby.,-------(b Feb 28, 1834. d Aug 26, 1917)

Emily Jane.,--------(b Jan 26, 1836. d Oct 3, 1918.)

Willia Marshall.,----(b Feb 18, 1838. d Oct 13, 1839.)

James William.,----(b Jan 4, 1840. d Dec 1, 1922.)

Thomas Allen.,----(b Oct 3, 1842. d Oct 25, 1873.)

Harriet Noel.,-----(b Sept 13, 1843. d April 5, 1880)

Mary Isadore.,----(b Oct 16, 1845. d Nov 7, 1846.)

Florella Florence.,(b Nov 22, 1849. d Feb 5, 1882.)

Charles Albert.,--(b Jan 10, 1852. d April 21, 1919)

Howard.,--------(b Feb 17, 1854. d March 4, 1900.)

Georgia Ann.,----(b Sept 8, 1855. d April 1893.)

Thanks to Mr Maynard L. Richardson, of Franklin, Indiana, we have almost a complete data of the descendants of Harvey Sloan and America White Shackelford.

William H. Settle, date and place of birth not

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known, but who died in McLean County, Ky., 1894. He married Louise Shackelford, daughter of William W. Shackelford and Jane Cosby, April 3, 1844, in Washington County, Ky., James D. Shackelford being the bondsman. Dates of her birth and death not known. But they are known to have had six children, probably others. Following is a copy of the Will of William H. Settle.

I, William Settle, of McLean County, Kentucky, being desirous of disposing of my estate, do make and publish this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former wills by me made.

I desire that after my debts and funeral expenses are paid, my household goods and articles manufactured by my wife--Louisa Settle, shall be divided as nearly equal between my children living at my death, and the represenatives of any who may be dead, as can be done, it being my wish that the childred (sic) or heirs of a deceased child shall take share of the deceased child or children.

I give and bequeath to my sons--William T. Settle and John G. Settle, the entire residue of my estate, personal and real, in trust, for the use of all my children or the heirs of such that may be dead, share and share alike, the heirs of a deceased child to take the share of the deceased parent, hereby authorizing, empowering and directing my said sons who I appoint executors of this my last Will and Testament, or the survivor of them, to sell, dispose of and convey all my estate, as to them or the survivor of them, shall seem best, at public or private sale, for cash or on credit.

And I further direct as to the shares of my daughters--Mary Atherton, wife of William Atherton, Julia Cravens, wife of John Gooch Cravens, Ellen Jones, wife of Isaac Jones, their interest in all my estate is to be held and used as their separate estate, free from the control or courtesy of their husbands, and at the death of either of said daughters any residue or remainder of my estate or its proceeds, is to be paid to their children and not to their husbands.

In making distribution of my estate it is my Will

--6 (818)--

and I direct my said executors to charge my daughter-Julia Cravens with a note for $140.00 executed to me by J. G. Cravens, in May 1874, less credits placed by me upon it, but to charge only 4% interest from the time the note bears interest.

I had formerly made a will while A. J. Ayer was clerk, the main features of which are copied into this will.

Given under my hand this eighteenth day of June eighteen hundred and ninety one. (June 18, 1891)

Jep C. Johnson and W. A. Taylor, Witnesses.

Will Book 1, page 243, McKean (sic) County, Kentucky.

Probated August 9, 1894.

The children of William Settle and his wife Louisa Shackelford-Settle, are as follows:

William T.,---(married Emma P. Lockett)

John C.,-----(married Luticia Robards)

Mary S.,----(married Charles William Atherton)

Julia.,-------(married John Gooch Cravens)

Ellen H.,----(married 1st Nathan A. Morgan, and 2nd Isaac Jones)

Martha M.,-(married 1st Benjamin K. Tanner, and 2nd Lewis Fisk Stiles)

The above, so far as we know, were all the children of William Settle. But one Frederick Settle married Mary E. Luton, in McLean County, Ky., marriage bond dated may 30, 1858.

Evidently the youngest child of William W. Shackelford and Jane Cosby, was a son--Thomas Wakefield (or Wingfield). Our records show that his name was Thomas Wingfield, but Miss Ida Hendricks, of Los Angeles, Calif., a grand daughter, says that it was Thomas Wakefield. So we will accept her version.

Thomas Wakefield Shackelford was born in Kentucky, probably Nelson County, November 30, 1820. He died in Colorado February 6, 1901. He was married twice, his first wife being Eleanor McNeil, whom he married in Hardin County, Ky., October 12, 1846. She was born in Kentucky, probably in Hardin County, March 18, 1827, and died in McLean County, May 3, 1862.

--7 (819)--

They had seven children, as follows:

Francis.,--------(b May 25, 1848. died ??

Corah.,---------(b Sept 8, 1850. d May 4, 1871.)

Louisa Thomas.,(b Dec 2, 1852. d Oct 12, 1853.)

William McNeil.,(b Aug 17, 1854. d Sept, 1906.)

Ida Bell.,--------(b Sept 5, 1856. d Dec 24, 1924.)

Pierre Porch.,---(b August 8, 1858. d Sept 27, 1907.)

James Thomas.,-(b March 20, 1860. d June 28, 1866)

Thomas Wakefield Shackelford then married for his second wife--Susan J. Wakelee, whom he married in McLean County, Ky., August 27, 1863. She was born October 27, 1839, and died in McLean Co, Ky., April 26, 1876. They had five children, ie:

Charles Murray.,--(Sept 19, 1854. d June 4, 1933)

Robert Moseley.,--(b Aug 21, 1866. d April 30, 1869)

Henry (Harry)-----(born Dec 29, 1868. Living 1951.

John T.,-----------(b July 5, 1875. died ??

Susie J.,----------(b Feb 28, 1876. d June 18, 1876)

The other two children of John and Anne Shackelford, of whom we have little information, were Betsy.,---(married James Ballard, in Hardin County, Ky., November 19, 1813. And Nancy R., who married Asa Gregory, in Washington County, Ky., bond dated November 28, 1796.

Any additional information of the descendants of William W. Shackelford, James Ballard and/or Asa Gregroy (sic), will be a valuable addition to the record.


Another very elusive family of Shackelfords was in Madison County, Kentucky, at one time. See Will of James Shackelford, as follows:

In the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety five, being sound in memory and reasonable health, taking into consideration that man is born to die, and desiring first to commit my soul to God and my body to be buried in a Christian like manner.

And as to my earthly goods that the Lord has blessed me with, I desire that they may be disposed of in the following manner--towit:

I give and bequeath to my beloved wife--Sarah all

--8 (820)--

my property during her life time.

To my son--James Shackelford, after the death of my wife, I bequeath twenty four shillings.

To my son Edward Shackelford, one bed.

To my daughter--Sarah Hicks, I bequeath one cow and calf, and ten pounds.

To my daughter--Betsy Sanders, I bequeath ten pounds.

To my daughter--Ann Beasley, I bequeath ten pounds; and to my son--James Shackelford, twenty shillings. All of which is to be taken out of my estate after the death of my wife.

The residue of the whole of my property is to be equally divided between my sons--James Shackelford, Edward Shackelford, and Betsy Sanders, Sarah Hicks, and Ann Beasley, to them and their heirs forever.

And I do hereby certify this to be my last Will and Testament, and all others to be void given before this date, March 10, 1795.


Signed--James x Shackelford.


Thomas John Chilton, witness.

Will Book A, page 98, Madison County, Ky.

Probated August 4, 1795.

All we know of this family is that they lived in Madison County, Ky., in the year 1795. There is nothing in the Madison County records to indicate where they came from or where they went to. And we have never found the marriage records for Sarah Hicks, Betsy Sanders and/or Ann Beasley. Therefore any additional information of this family would be a very valuable addition to the record.


This is Vol 9, No 7. Remember we must have additional new subscribers if we are to continue publication after the completion of this volume.

Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you.


We note that we have made an error in the above mentioned Will of James Shackelford. We show above that the first son named was James, which is an error. His first named son was John, not James. So please note. John Shackelford 24 shillings.

Until next month, Adios--The Editor.


Transcribed by Sandra A. Shackelford

July 26, 1998

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